Pupa eyeliner with Jumbo, Wing, Skinny and wheeled tip!

Do you love graphic tricks? You will go crazy for the new line of eyeliner Pupa Milano for many different styles and results!


The new sensational Pupa Milano eye collection is dedicated to the most used cosmetic but also the most difficult to use, the eyeliner .

This exclusive line includes four new formats designed to make it easier and faster to apply the black eyeliner, the must-have for a self-respecting graphic make-up.

The new Pupa eyeliner are characterized by one water based formulation , which allows a quick drying and guarantees a light and fluid texture and a super-adherent film. Furthermore the high percentage of pigments inside, it ensures an extra black, pure and intense color.

pupel eyeliner

eyeliner pupa

eyeliner pupa 2017

The Pupa Milano eyeliner is formulated a low risk of allergies , I’m Ophthalmologically tested is Paraben Free . Let’s find out in detail all the eye proposals signed by the Italian brand!

WING LINER PUPA (price 16.00 euros)

New eyeliner with tip to cut : its ergonomic shape makes it perfect for drawing in a single gesture a precise line along the eyelash rhyme and a perfect tail in the outer corner of the eye.

How to use the Wing Liner Pupa? Expertise advises to apply eyeliner starting from the inner corner of the eye outwards. In fact, its angled tip, if supported diagonally starting from the foreign corner of the eye, immediately draws a small tail.

angled eyeliner pupa

pupa wing liner

wing liner pupa

JUMBO LINER PUPA (cost 16.00 euros)

Do you love the strongest looks? You will love the new one Jumbo Liner Pupa!

Her tip big size from the characteristic oblique cut it allows you to draw both thick and decisive sections that are thinner and more precise. The perfect accessory to recreate graphisms of multiple dimensions.

jumbo eyeliner pupa
Pupa jumbo liner
jumbo liner Pupa

ROLLER LINER PUPA (price € 17.50)

One of the most interesting products of the new Pupa eye line is undoubtedly the Roller Liner .

This is an innovative eyeliner with wheel applicator which ensures a super defined trait with zero inaccuracies. The wheel, like that of the pizza, flows with ease on the eyelid by drawing very precise lines intense black color. It is important to shake the product before use.

Extremely easy to use, it is perfect for girls who are less used to using eyeliner.

pupa roller liner

pupa roll liner

pup liner roll

pupel eyeliner roll liner

PUPA SKINNY LINER (price 16.00 euros)

The Pupa makeup line dedicated to eyeliner ends with the new one Skinny Liner . Characterized by one ultra-slim felt tip and with an elongated shape, it allows you to draw very thin strokes with extreme precision.

It is perfect for intensifying the attachment of eyelashes and for recreating geometrical traits graphic look of strong impact thanks to the precise and flexible tip.

pupel pen eyeliner

pupa skinny liner

skinny liner pupa


The new ones eyeliner Pupa Milano will soon be available in all the perfumeries of the Italian cosmetic brand.

If you have any difficulty with the application of the eyeliner, read our useful and practical tips for learning how to wear eyeliner in a simple and fast way!

What do you think? What is your favorite eyeliner and what attracts you most among these new releases? We await your comments!


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