Pupa Christmas Glaze, Diamond Deco

Pupa Christmas enamel After the preview of the new Christmas makeup collection by Pupa, today we present the review and the swatches of the Pupa Diamond glazes Lasting Color which are always part of the Deco Collection.

A collection dedicated to the elegance of gold and bronze colors and to the light of diamonds.

Micro glitter animate and warm every color of the glazes Pupa Deco and the result of this line is really surprising, ideal for parties, but too beautiful to give up on their working days.

Let’s see in detail the new ones Pupa enamels Christmas 2012 !

Four enamels glitterati, a tribute to the memory of the ’20s and 30′ cinema for a sensual and sparkling look.
– Color: 809 copper gold, its micro glitter make it bright and charming, but not excessive. In light it is iridescent with some delightful multicolor reflections.

Nail Polishes Pupa Deco
Nail Polishes Pupa Deco

– Color: 810 red with a thousand golden reflections, but its iridescent micro-glitter transform it into a refined and refined enamel.

Nail Polishes Pupa Deco
Nail Polishes Pupa Deco

– Color: 811 dark green, invested with micro-multicolor glitter that leave very little space to the green, but the result is bright and original.

Nail Polishes Pupa Deco
Nail Polishes Pupa Deco

– Color: 812 plum, faceted and iridescent an intense and elegant enamel, it is impossible not to love its reflexes.

Nail Polishes Pupa Deco
Nail Polishes Pupa Deco

The line of Diamond enamels of the collection Deco Pupa Christmas 2012 has the classic elegant packaging of all the Lasting Color, small glass bottle formed by 5 ml, this time the cap is gold with the inscription Pupa in black. Suggested price € 6.00.

Pupa Christmas enamel

The medium-large brush allows an easy drafting and a good precision. Only flaw: Unfortunately the composition of the enamels this time it is slightly denser given the presence of the glitter that slightly complicates the draft.

Pupa Christmas enamel

I recommend two passes, a very light first and a second only in the central part, drying times despite the 2 passes are fast, but be careful not to create an excessive layer. A good base is recommended before application and a good top coat is added to intensify the brightness and prolong its life.

There Pupa Deco is undoubtedly a splendid line: I love the glitter and the enamels “Sbrillucicosi” then the new collection of Pupa nail polishes is promoted with a high grade, but I think it is incomplete: the ideal would have been to have 2 others enamels lacquered or maybe iridescent to be added to these “fantastic four”, just to give choice even to those who are not fans of glitter.

Nail Polishes Pupa Deco

For the rest nothing to say, I’m satisfied and I already know that for the parties this year, when we play cards, my friends will be distracted watching the parade of my Pupa Diamond glazes and I will win everything!

I have something to add and reveal, in this collection there is a perfect dupe of one nail varnish much more expensive, remember the OPI Muppets Collection Warm & Fozzie? Well the n. 809 is the perfect dupe!
Judge by the photos … what do you think?

Pupa and OPI glazes
Good to know no? Saving is guaranteed!

Pupa and OPI glazes

But that’s not all, in reality another dupe is suspected: it seems that the n. 812 is very similar to one nail varnish MAC, unfortunately I’m not sure because I could not compare them yet, but I’ll keep you updated on ours Facebook page .

Meanwhile, I leave you with a small dedication to the Pupa style Deco which inspired me by tracing the lines of that period: a Nail Art that could be a good idea for New Year.

Pupa Diamond Deco nail polishes

First name Diamond of Decò
Brand Pupa
Price 6.00 euros
Advantages colors
Disadvantages Only glittery colors, slightly more dense formulation
VOTES (scale from 1 to 10)
Quality 8
Price 9
Quality price 9
Effectiveness 10
Packaging 10
Overall rating 9

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