Pronovias 2018 formal wear: Collection catalog

Pronovias presents the new collection of ceremonial dresses 2018, a line that focuses on classic models valued, however, by a rich one color palette which is between classic and pastel shades very bright.

A new collection of elegant clothes that ranges between long and short formal dresses, dressed in lace , long dress in mikado e cocktail dresses with floral embroidery in the most beautiful pastel shades, warm and enveloping.

Let’s find out all the new arrivals Pronovias 2018!

Pronovias formal dresses
Two-colored cocktail dress with rhinestone bodice, Gremia model


Dressing every woman in the most important occasions of life with clothes that enhance the natural femininity that each of us possesses. From this necessity comes a collection of timeless but highly versatile dresses for ceremonies, a line of elegant dresses for women witnesses of wedding, the bridesmaids but also for the simple invited . Among simple and classic clothes and more modern and jaunty clothes, today we show you the new proposals of the Pronovias catalog for 2018.

Pronovias pink formal dress
Grael, crepe ceremony dress with bateau neckline
Pronovias long formal dress
Glorymar, model with mikado skirt, lace bodice and belt with bow
Pronovias pleated formal dress
Gramoe, pleated dress with an American collar and bow on the back
Pink cocktail dresses
Gremo, ceremony dress with jewel bodice
Pronovias long-sleeved dress
Grove, elegant pink mermaid dress


The short cocktail dress is definitely ideal for a wedding, a confirmation, a communion or a baptism that is celebrated during the day. Pronovias, to meet the needs of those who fear that a long evening dress is too formal or too demanding for a simple invitation, inserts in the new catalog too many colored sheath dresses is elegant minidress with a full skirt.

Applications embroidered in rhinestone , ample necklines in chiffon on the back, corsages in lace and Floral decorations make these short dresses unique and special.

Pronovias short cocktail dresses 2018
Gladio, pink crepe sheath dress with neckline and buttons on the back
short cocktail dress
Gruir, dress in chiffon and crepe with applications in tulle and crystal
Pronovias short cocktail dress
Gradilana, coral-colored sheath dress
Sheath dress
Red long-sleeved pencil skirt with long sleeves, Grune model
Pronovias colorful formal dresses
Glace, purple dress with lace bodice


The long dress for the ceremony is always a great classic and for a brand like Pronovias is a workhorse, it is no coincidence that most of its lines of clothing almost always focus on long dress . Impossible to resist the elegance of chiffon and lace, to soft skirts some empire dresses that glide over the silhouette and suddenly open with bold slits but sought after, even if to impress you will surely be this palette of fresh taste colors ideal for religious services, but also for the elegant parties .

Pronovias long formal dresses
Cries, pastel green dress with chiffon bodice and olimpic neckline
Pronovias 2018 long formal dresses
Water-green jewel dress with tulle bodice and rhinestones
Pronovias long cocktail dress 2018
Glaciar, long coral pink dress with belt at the waist
Pronovias backless dress
Grenoble, mermaid dress with neckline on the Keyhole back


Soft lines, slightly flared skirts and mermaid cuts for the Pronovias 2018 cocktail dress line. On the one hand there are more classic garments with long skirts with a perfect slant in crepe and chiffon, and on the other, cocktail dresses with more structured lines with mikado skirt. Obviously in the new catalog of elegant clothes Pronovias could not possibly miss the classic long dress in lace that the Spanish brand offers us in a variety of nuances that oscillate between neutral nuances and strong pastel tones, such as green or orange tones.

Pronovias cocktail dresses 2018
Grupen cocktail dress with chiffon bow
Pronovias cocktail dresses
Grainy flared fuchsia dress in chiffon
Pronovias Pink dresses
Gloria, dress with large Mikado skirt and belt with bow
Pronovias orange dress
Glass, long dress with orange mermaid in lace and chiffon


The red , but in a less heated and more bon ton version, once again protagonist of the Pronovias collection of dresses, even if there are models in tulle is chiffon of a more passionate red, to wear even during the winter, while the most romantic shades are certainly more suitable for a summer wedding. Straight lines e very light fabrics for these evening gowns accompanied by small flares and slight hints. dall ‘ long one-shoulder dress the charm of the pleated tulle skirt, if red is your color you will have different models to consider and try.

Pronovias red ceremonial dress
Grade, dress asymmetric one-shoulder dress
Pronovias red ceremonial dresses
Graf red long dress with jewel neckline on the back and a voile train
Red elegant clothes Pronovias 2018
Grafia, red dress with tulle and rhinestones on the back
Pronovias jewel ceremony dress
Gregal jewel dress
Pronovias red elegant clothes
Women’s ceremony clothes, Grama dress with draped bodice
Red evening dresses Pronovias 2018
Glaucus, long red dress with tattoo effect bodice


There are also beautiful 2018 long party dresses purple clothes. Soft and mermaid for those who love screwed dresses, smooth and with a structured skirt for those who prefer to bet on a more cheeky and bon ton dress. They do not go unnoticed either jewel dresses simple embroidery with arabesques on the bodice and with just flared skirt.

Many dresses with the covered shoulders that lend themselves to religious rites and formal ceremonies where the label imposes a certain decorum.

Pronovias purple formal dresses
Gradila jersey dress with round neckline on the back and floral embroidery
Pronovias dresses ceremony 2018
Grilia, dress with Mikado skirt with pockets and draped bodice
Pronovias purple prom dresses 2018
Grosela long dress in georgette with a heart-shaped bodice and ethnic embroidery
Purple ceremonial dresses
Gruta, long dress in violets in georgette with round neckline on the back and belt


For someone, however, evening dress almost always rhymes with black dress. The blue it is an even more refined alternative – it is in fact the color of the noblemen that Pronovias reinterprets and declines on soft, lace dresses clothes in tulle just a little flared and on very formal dresses with pleated skirts that perfectly match the lace embroideries of the tattoo effect bodices.

Blue ceremonial dresses Pronovias 2018
Blue electric mermaid cocktail dress, Gradar model
Blue cocktail dresses
Glaymir, blue dress in crepe, satin and rhinestones with three-quarter sleeves
Pronovias dark blue wedding dress
Gracil, night blue empire cut dress with lace bodice
Blue long dress
Gramency, dressed in straight line crepe with blue stones
Blue elegant dress Pronovias 2018
Viscose dress with tonal rhinestone sleeves, Granea model
Pronovias blue long dress
Grizen, nude effect bodice with guipure applications
Long dress Pronovias 2018
Mermaid dress with an olympic neckline and rhinestones, Grenis model


The Emerald it is a regal and lively color, perfect for taking part in evening receptions, receptions or opening ceremonies. There are even more delicate nuances that turn to gradations more bon ton like turquoise. They are all very shaped long dresses in chiffon is mikado . There are also different Pronovias green cocktail dresses formal dresses with long sleeves , straight or slightly trapezoidal.

Pronovias green formal dresses
Ceremony dress in green with drop-shaped neckline, model Glacise
Pronovias green cocktail dresses
Glored, Mikado green mermaid dress with a plunging back
Chiffon formal dresses
Graciela long green dress with a cross-tipped neckline
Pronovias 2018 green cocktail dresses
Gresal, long green dress with deep slit
Colorful cocktail dresses
Grisel, tight-fitting green dress with square neckline on the back
Colorful cocktail dresses
Griselda, long dress with crossed draping
Pronovias colorful cocktail dresses
Groe, green dress with pleated skirt and sequins


Among the Pronovias ceremony dresses there are even the evening dresses with sequins , more suitable clothes for a night party available in a variety of finishes metal effect in gold, silver, bronz. In the catalog there are also different long black dresses that seem dusted by a shower of glitter.

Celebratory dresses with sequins
Gratena, rhinestone mermaid dress inspired by Jessica Rabbit
2018 sequin formal dresses
Gray, dress with golden sequins and flower-shaped stones
Pronovias ceremonial dresses with sequins 2018
Greece, long bronze and gold dress with train
Pronovias glitter ceremony dresses 2018
Greda, long black-silver dress with open back
Pronovias black formal dresses
Grecos, long one shoulder dress with slit
Pronovias black formal dresses 2018
Grace, dress in black lace with big bow that goes down the back
Pronovias black formal dress 2018
Glasgow, black dress with pronounced pointed neckline


Pronovias once again demonstrates this preference for flowers, for the floral embroidery but above all for those sartorial bouquets that bloom on the bodices of colorful ceremonial dresses. They are different models – long, short, medium-long – with deep slits, with and without sleeves, all united by the grace of the flowers that break the monotony of the plain dresses. All evening dresses and cocktails designed for femininity from accentuated romance is bucolic .

Floral formal wear
Glayo, long pink dress with humeral neckline and floral motifs
Pink cocktail dresses
Grafito, dressed in antique pink tulle with embroidered flowers
Pronovias 2018 colorful party dresses
Gradea, short dress with golden mikado skirt and purple embroidered flowers
Pronovias colored ceremonial dresses 2018
Griala, yellow tulle dress with multicolored floral bodice
Pronovias ceremonial dresses with flowers
Grondal, long coral pink dress with embroidered red roses
Pronovias dresses with flowers
Gretel, dressed in flared skirt and multicolored bodice
Pronovias colorful party dresses 2018
Gluten, fuchsia dress with tulle skirt and bodice with multicolored floral embroidery
Pronovias short formal dresses
Gleda, short cocktail dresses with a bare neckline
Pronovias lace formal dresses
Glama, dress in fuchsia lace with purple flowers
Pronovias lace ceremony dresses 2018
Gladiolus purple lace dress
Pronovias formal dresses with slit
Griega, green dress with a plunging neckline on the back


Elegant dresses that sparkle and reflect light. Long models in very particular shades and in a sense also audacious. THE’ gold and the bronze they are two nuances that certainly will not let your dress go unnoticed, enriched also by the geometric patterns of the fabrics and the animal fantasies .

Pronovias pink gold wedding dress
Grata ceremony dress with sequins in rose gold
Pronovias long animal dress
Grau, dressed in animalier gold rhinestones
Pronovias formal dress with bolero
Groscal, formal dress with bolero


There are also plenty of new Pronovias 2018 ceremonial dress catalogs mermaid dresses ideal for those who want to enhance the silhouette by highlighting the curves. Some of these mermaid dresses are dark, others meticulously embroidered with bouquet of flowers in contrast to the rest of the total black dress.

Pronovias long mermaid dress
Embroidered black tulle dress, Glachel model
Pronovias floral mermaid dress
Grivan, dress with bodice worked in crystal tulle with rhinestones and flowers
Pronovias mermaid dresses 2018
Gragaria ,. long black dress with floral embroidery in strasa


With black you’re never wrong. Focusing on the powder pink, one of the most romantic and bon ton colors par excellence, Pronovias tries to dampen the extreme rigidity of this color and offers us a series of bicolor ceremonial dresses definitely interesting. Alternatively, you can also fold up another great classic, the blue evening dress.

Pronovias dressed for ceremony 2018
Granent, flesh-pink black dress
long dresses Pronovias 2018
Granada, long dress with side slit
Clothes for Pronovias 2018 ceremony
Stoneware, mermaid black dress
Pronovias long evening dress
Gregor, long dress with a sweetheart neckline and precious rhinestone bodice


From pastel colors to neutral shades, from plain-colored dresses to floral ones, passing through sought-after embroidery in lace and true oversized flower prints . Me too’ flowered dress for ceremonies it’s a great classic and Pronovias does not seem to miss the trend. They are floral dresses with large skirts in mikado that reflect the volume of the patterns, but there are also more simple dresses with a solid skirt and embroidered bodice in a multicolor version.

Flowered formal dresses
Flared dress with floral print, Global model
Pronovias flowers formal dresses
Glendy, black and white wedding dress
Pronovias flowers formal dress
Greta, long black dress
Floral prom dresses Pronovias 2018
Graciana, short black short dress with white flower print
Long flowers dresses
Grilas, long Mikado dress with bow on the back
Pronovias embroidered evening dress
Grivan, dress with a tatoo-effect bodice with flowers


The ceremonial dresses we showed you are on sale in all Pronovias stores. To find the nearest store you can consult the list of boutiques on the website .

If you want stay enchanted … also discover the wonderful new collection of Pronovias formal wear for the next year !

Did you like cocktail dresses and evening dresses? Do you prefer mini dresses or long dresses? Give us your opinion, leave a comment below.


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