Prada bags spring summer 2017: Photo Collection

We present the beautiful Prada spring summer 2017 bags. Directly from footbridges come the models that will be on sale for the hot season , to the delight of the most aggressive fashion addicts!

Prada bags collection spring summer 2017

Prada bags 2017

Prada summer 2017 bags

Prada summer 2017 bag


The summer collection of Prada bags is mainly characterized by squared top cases and clutch bags. The historic fashion house also gives its vintage, but it does so without sentimentality and recovering the best from past eras, starting with geometric shapes and come on pop colors .

Yellow, pink and blue with contrasting closure for the summer mini bags of the Italian brand.

Prada handbags summer 2017 collection

Prada Summer bags 2017

Yellow bag Prada summer 2017

Prada pink and black bag
Prada plex ribbon bag in calfskin (1850 euros)
Prada jewel bag
Prada jewels ribbon bag in calfskin (2300 euros)
prada crocodile bag
Prada jewels ribbon bag in calf leather and crocodile (2800 euros)
Prada small bags
Prada metal ribbon bag in calfskin (1750 euro)
shoulder bag prada fantasy
Prada metal ribbon bag in printed Madras leather and calfskin (1950 euro)
prada fantasy shoulder bag
Prada metal ribbon bag in printed Madras leather and calfskin (1950 euro)


Versatile, modern, feminine bags. Prada clutches become maxi, le geometric prints is floral they become protagonists, while very bright contrasting colors stand out.

on maxi clutch applications appear jewel or hairy with golden hardware, for the Kitsch chic touch much loved by Prada.

Prada clutch

Prada Clutch

Prada Handbag

Prada Clutch summer 2017

Prada Clutch summer 2017

Prada Maxi Clutch floral print

Prada Maxi Clutch

Prada bag with fur

Clutch bags Prada summer 2017


The handbag like the historic Bowling Bag they come back, refurbished. Cases Prada presented both in multicolored and solid color in typical skin tones. Blue and brown are made dynamic by colored details on handles and zip. Do not miss the typical summer bag in fabric and raffia, obviously made original with the unmistakable Prada style.

Prada handbags summer 2017

Prada bag summer 2017

Prada Bauletti summer 2017

Prada wicker bag
Raffia fabric shopping (1500 euros)
Prada bag in raffia
Raffia fabric shopping (1300 euros)
Prada summer 2017 bag
Wicker and hemp fabric shopping with flowers in plex (1400 euros)
summer bag 2017 Prada
Wicker and hemp fabric shopping bag (1200 euros)
shopping bag in hemp
Hemp fabric shopping (850 euros)
prada shopping bag
Small hemp fabric shopper (750 euros)


Prada straps for summer 2017 are very elegant thanks to the refined and shiny materials, to the jewel applications and at shoulder chains with small meshes.

The maxi clutches that can be transformed into comfortable shoulder bags they are the must-have piece that the lovers of the brand were waiting for: a bag that can be used both in the evening and during the day, to match in harmony or in contrast with the bright colors of the bag itself.

Prada Shoulder Bags

Prada shoulder bag summer 2017

Prada shoulder bags summer 2017

Prada shoulder bag
Prada cacher bag in calfskin and saffiano (cost 1900 euro)
Prada black shoulder bag
Prada cachier bag in velvet and calfskin (price € 1900)
prada leather bags
Prada cachier bag in calfskin (1350 euros)
prada velvet bags
Prada cahier bag in velvet and calfskin (1350 euro)


The Prada P / E 2017 bags are on sale in the boutiques of the Italian brand and online in the official website store.

What do you think of the Prada Spring Summer 2017 bags collection that we have previewed? Write us your opinion in the comments!


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