Prada 2018 Summer Bags: Photos and Prices

The Prada summer 2018 bags are characterized by strong rock accents Which studs and color contrasts. The comics American of the last century relives through the allover prints and the applications in relief. The models classics of the brand are proposed in summer colors alongside seasonal materials like the perspex and the fabric .

Let’s take a look at all of them new arrivals bags in the Prada house!

Prada bags 2018
Prada 2018 handbags, shoulder strap (€ 1,800)
Prada bags 2018
Prada bags 2018
prada summer 2018 bags
Prada bags catalog 2018
prada summer 2018 bags
Prada bags, bag with shoulder strap (cost € 1,980)
Prada shoulder strap 2018
Prada shoulder bag, elektra leather shoulder bag (1,800 euro)


The Prada 2018 bags pay homage to the world of American comics ! An example is the a trash can in hemp with comics patch 50s and logo in applied leather.

The tote they are made of perspex transparent or / and in fabric and show off the maxi logo framed by navy ropes printed on the front.

Also inevitable classic handbag in skin hammered, ostrich and in the resistant processing saffiano . monocrome or duocrome show off the colors of the earth among different shades of Brown , ocher , bordeaux but also pink face powder, light blue and black and white combinations.

Prada handbags summer 2018
Handbag in wicker with patches (price € 1,300)
Prada handbags 2018
Handbag in fabric and plex (800 €)
Prada bag 2018
Handbag in fabric (cost € 800)
Prada bag 2018
Prada concept bag in calf leather (€ 2,000)
Prada hand bags 2018
Prada dual bag in calf leather (€ 1,700)
Prada bags 2018
Handbag in printed leather (price € 1,750)
Prada bags 2018
Handbag Prada diagramme in leather (€ 1,680)
Prada blue bag
Handbag in calf leather (€ 1,050)
Prada bicolor bags
Prada leather bag esplanade (cost € 2.100)
Prada bags in ostrich
Prada bag paradigme in ostrich (€ 6,000)
Prada summer 2018 bags
Prada double bag in saffiano leather (2.400 €)


Prada summer bags are made of skin but also in waterproof fabric . The models range from open shopper with contrasting interior up to the closure a zip passing through the buttons a magnet.

The shopping bags have a minimal design , with clean and essential lines. Even the colors reflect the theme office style . The solid colors prefer neutral colors such as blue, burgundy and Grey next to the inevitable White is black .

Prada shopping bag summer 2018
Prada etiquette leather bag (price € 1,850)
Prada shopping bag 2018
Leather shopping (1,500 €)
Prada black bag 2018
Shopping bag in leather (€ 1,280)
Prada bag 2018
Shopping bag in fabric (cost € 750)
Prada shopping bag 2018
Prada etiquette leather bag (€ 1,750)


The minibags monochrome with flap triangular and embossed Prada logo are accompanied by chain metal with leather shoulder. The color palette reflects the colors of spring from the rose peach blossom to the Cherry tree , from the blue sky to the tiffany .

Recall the soul rock of the collection the Prada bag a coffer with corners and metallic details . There are not less prints with lips and the maxi studs metal applied on the patte.

Prada shoulder bags in printed leather comics all over are proposed both with i pastel colours typical of the middle of the last century both in nuances with the typical tones of the pop art .

Prada shoulder straps summer 2018
Prada monochrome bag in saffiano leather (1.550 €)
Prada shoulder strap 2018
Prada bag ligth frame in saffiano (price 1.850 €)
Prada shoulder strap 2018
Ligth frame bag in printed leather (€ 1,980)
Prada shoulder bags 2018
Prada cahier in calfskin (1,600 €)
Prada shoulder bags 2018
Prada etiquette bag in denim (1,450 €)
Prada white bags 2018
Prada etiquette leather bag (price € 1,750)
Prada shoulder bags 2018
Prada etiquette bag in printed leather (€ 1,980)
Prada shoulder bags summer 2018
Prada cahier leather bag (2.400 €)
Prada shoulder bags 2018
Prada shoulder bag leather diagram (850 €)
Prada 2018 yellow shoulder bag
Prada elektra leather bag (1,600 €)
Prada two-tone shoulder bags
Shoulder bag in two-tone leather (cost € 1,650)
red Prada bags
Explanade bag in saffiano pelel (1,450 €)


Prada clutch bags range from the effect printed leather model tompe l’oeil to the most classic black cahier with golden metal details e coconut print .

Among the ceremony bags we find the clutches in perspex embellished by jewel applications or flowers 3D leather. In metal-rock style are the bag in wire mesh and the model in velvet with fringed metal.

clutch prada 2018
Clutch in printed leather (€ 1,900)
pochette prada 2018
Prada cahier leather bag (price € 15,000)
clutch prada summer 2018
Plexiglass clutch (1,800 €)
prada clutch 2018
Plexiglass clutch (1,800 €)
prada summer clutch 2018
Plexiglass clutch (cost € 1,800)
prada pochette summer 2018
Shoulder bag in wire mesh (1,950 €)
prada clutch bag 2018
Shoulder bag in velvet (€ 1,950)


A strong rock vein is also reflected in the backpacks. Give her geometries of the theme backpack robot phono at studs decorative studs and the model in skin of python .

There drawstring gives a sporty look as well as doubles front pockets and the chisure with buckle . Suitable for physical activity and trekking the model in nylon with quilted inserts and ergonomic backrest.

Prada backpacks summer 2018
Backpack in fabric and leather with robot (€ 1,350)
Prada backpacks 2018
Prada backpack black nylon (price € 1,250)
Prada backpacks 2018
Leather backpack (3,600 €)
Prada backpacks summer 2018
Nylon backpack (€ 1,050)


Prada S.p.A. is an Italian holding company operating in the fashion world since 1913, when Mario and Martino Prada founded the fashion house. Initially the Prada brothers opened a shop at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan for the sale of leather, declined in bags and luxury travel accessories. The shop was a great success, to the point that it became an official supplier of the royal house of the Savoy. Currently the Italian brand is under the guidance of the designer Miuccia Prada , nephew of Mario, and founder of the brand Miu Miu . It is to her that we owe the growth of the family label, which over time has expanded its lines adding also Prada Uomo and Sport and trespassing in the market of cosmetics with perfumes and in that of jewelry with watches. The company is listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. Furthermore, the brand is sponsor of the Luna Rossa sailing boat and promoter of contemporary art through the Prada Foundation.


You can find the entire Prada spring summer 2018 bags collection at all the physical boutiques on the national and international territory. In addition there is an online store where returned and shipping are free. We remind you that the brand is present in many outlets, where you can find many discounted Prada bags among the collections of the past years.

What do you think of the new Prada bags collection? Do you like comics prints and rock details? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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