Pinko fashion collection fall winter 2017

Bright colors , lurex , sequins is animal fantasies are the key elements of the new Pinko catalog for the winter season for a woman who loves keeping up with trends, but does not want to give up a unique and personal style.

We show you all the new Pinko Fall Winter 2017 collection!


The new Pinko collection draws on one underground style and to music proposing garments that are inspired by pop and techno culture, made of lights and colors that capture the look and attention of every woman.

Within the new catalog we find unstructured heads and oversize that combined with details like lace , feathers, crystals and a floral patterns they manage to give that extra touch of femininity to garments of inspiration street style .

Pinko autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko autumn winter 2017
Pinko clothing autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko clothing autumn winter 2017
Pinko catalog fall winter 2017 2018
Pinko catalog fall winter 2017 2018


The Pinko winter novelties come directly from the scratchers 80s with fur from animal fantasy is tartan jackets, come back in vogue for this season.

Short furs and enveloping, but also hyper voluminous and oversized, and coat double-breasted are the proposals for the new Pinko coats, perfect for any occasion and need, without sacrificing the rock style that the brand offers for this winter.

Pinko long down jacket autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko long pink down jacket (320 Euro)
Pinko fur autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko spotted fur (price 360 ​​€)
Pinko coats autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko coat in tartan (cost 465 Euro)
coats Pinko winter 2017 2018
Pinko merino wool coat (1600 €)
Pinko fur autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko fur (price € 340)
Pinko coat fall 2017
Double-breasted coat (cost € 450)


The street style marries the couture style thus creating garments from Neo romantic rock look as we see in the Pinko jackets of the new collection.

Military jackets with rouches and asymmetric hems, leather biker with flounces , but also structured blazers of masculine inspiration is bomber are some of the proposals of the new arrivals Pinko autumn 2017 which confirms its desire to reinvent classic items with trendy details.

Pinko jacket autumn 2017
Pinko military-style jacket (price 445 Euro)
Pinko jackets autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko blazer in fantasy (380 €)
Pinko military jacket
Pinko black jacket (cost 395 euros)
Pinko black jacket 2017 2018
Pinko jacket with laces (cost € 365)
Pinko jacket autumn 2017
Blazer Pinko with laces (420 Euro)
Pinko bomber autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko bomber with star pattern (€ 340)
Pinko leather jacket autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko jacket in black leather (price 490 Euro)


The Italian brand for the winter of 2018 points to two major trends of the moment regarding clothes: the floral and the tricot .

There floral fantasy and the tulle they give that allure and femininity more to the Pinko dresses of this collection contrasting with the dressed in knitwear , with frayed edges and soft lines. Trend details like plumage , lace is sequins then emphasize the retro and contemporary style of Pinko dresses.

long dress pinko autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko dresses, Long dress in black tulle (cost 340 Euro)
pinko dress autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko dress with print (220 €)
clothes pinko winter 2017 2018
Fringed grayo Pinko dress (price 250 Euro)
pinko dress autumn 2017
Pinko wool dress (cost € 225)
Pinko dresses fall winter 2017 2018
White Cashmere dress (225 Euro)
Pinko dresses autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko silver dress (650 €)
Pinko winter dress 2018
Pinko 100% cashmere dress (price 395 Euro)
Pinko dressed
Pinko longuette dress (cost 295 Euro)
Pinko dressed in wool
Pinko wool dress (350 Euro)
Pinko dressed in feathers
Pinko dress with feathers (price € 690)
Pinko dress in lace
Lace dress (cost € 350)


The trend of prints and oversize is also repeated among the Pinko sweaters of the new 2018 winter catalog sweaters with puff sleeves , to sweaters with laces up to the contrasting and luminous colors that are combined with metallic fabrics .

Also pullover Pinko align themselves with the trends of the period with oversized cuts and maxi pull give her geometric patterns with lurex inserts .

Pinko sweaters autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko merino wool sweater (295 Euro)
Pinko sweaters winter 2017 2018
Pinko black pullover (cost 245 euros)
Pinko sweaters fall 2017
Pinko wool pullover (195 €)
Pinko sweaters autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko sweater 100% cashmere (price € 390)

sweaters Pinko winter 2017 2018

sweaters Pinko autumn 2017
Purple pullover with laces (185 Euro)
Pinko sweaters
Burgundy cashmere sweater (220 €)
Pinko black sweater
Pinko sweater black (cost € 125)
Pinko striped sweater
Pinko striped pullover (price 175 Euro)
Pinko fancy sweater
Pinko sweater in fantasy (195 Euro)
Pinko sweaters
Pinko blue pullover with volants (175 €)
Pinko sweaters autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko heavy sweater (price 195 Euro)


Faux leather trousers is in velvet are among the most popular trends for this fall 2017 and among the Pinko pants we find all the models. Come on skinny faux leather pants to flared pants , a model that we also find among the Pinko jeans of the new collection.

These trousers and jeans are perfect to combine with the new Pinko Bag, the Love bag that in a short time has become one of the most iconic bags thanks to its versatility in terms of colors and fabrics: from skin , to the tweed until velvet.

Pinko jeans autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko denim cropped (cost 160 Euro)
Pinko black jeans
Pinko black paw jeans (price € 155)
Pinko trousers autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko faux leather trousers (cost € 160)
pants Pinko winter 2017 2018
Pinko black leggings (155 €)
Pinko velvet trousers
Pinko trousers in velvet (price 195 Euro)
pants Pinko autumn 2017
Pinko elegant trousers (185 Euro)
Pinko pants
Pinko elegant trousers (175 €)
Pinko trousers autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko pink trousers (cost € 245)


To conclude the novelties of the new catalog Pinko A / I 2017 2018 we find the skirts, a large one must have of this period.

The Pinko skirts are midi and romantic inspiration: flowers , lace , rouches is tulle they are essential elements, but there is no shortage of them leather skirts is in tartan , the most popular press this fall.

The big trends like flowers and pearls – as well as skirts – we find them in the new Pinko bags, where there are new models with floral patches , studs is pearls that point to glam rock style of the brand.

Pinko long skirts autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko long floral skirt with tulle (cost 380 Euro)
Pinko skirts autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko ribbed longuette (175 €)
pinko skirts autumn winter 2017 2018
Pinko wheel skirt (190 Euro)
skirts Pinko autumn 2017
Pinko longuette with flounces (price € 195)
skirts Pinko winter 2017 2018
Pinko skirt with slit (cost 150 Euro)
pinko skirts
Pinko skirt in tartan pattern (195 Euro)


Where can I buy the Pinko news? The Pinko Fall Winter 2017 line is already available online , which at the single-brand stores.

And do you like the style inspired by the 80s of the new Pinko collection? Leave us a comment below to let us know!


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