Pimkie fall winter 2017 collection

We show you the new catalog Pimkie autumn winter 2017, one of the brands low cost more loved by the young and not only. The entire collection is inspired by current trends: flowers , paintings is faux leather skirts they are among the must-have for this season.

Let’s go and discover the entire collection Pimkie for this winter!


The new Pimkie collection contains all the trends of the period and is designed for women who love fashion without wanting to renounce a sober and simple style.

In the new Pimkie catalog we find basic sweaters , long dresses and many skirts, thus confirming the brand as a reference point for all fashion victims who love women’s clothing low cost .

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Pimkie autumn winter 2017
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Pimkie clothing autumn winter 2017
Pimkie autumn winter 2017 2018
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Among the first Announcements of the Pimkie Fall 2017 collection we can only tell you about the warmest garment par excellence: the coat.

Pimkie coats have a straight cut, minimal is male with zip and rounded collar, but in our winter wardrobe you can not miss the long coat in woolen cloth or the classic trench coat , an evergreen that never goes out of fashion.

pimkie coats
Pimkie style teddy coat (€ 59.99)
pimkie coats
Pimkie medium-length coat with zip (cost 69.99 Euro)
pimkie coats autumn winter 2017 2018
Checked coat in houndstooth pattern (79.99 Euro)
pimkie coats autumn winter 2017 2018
Long coat in woolen cloth (price 79.99 Euro)
trench pimkie autumn winter 2017 2018
Long trench coat (€ 55.99)
pimkie coat with fur
Caban with ecological fur (price 79.99 €)


The Pimkie parka for this season are classic in terms of lines, but the brand adds fun details like the hood in colored ecological fur or the return of the bimaterial parka , with sweatshirt sleeves and patches.

parka pimkie autumn winter 2017 2018
Long parka with hood and yellow faux fur (€ 89.99)
pimkie parka
Parka with ecological fur (cost 89.99 Euro)
pimkie parka with colored fur
Hooded bomber in faux electric blue fur (price 49.99 Euro)
pimkie military parka
Army bi-material parka (price € 49.99)


Among the jackets of the new Pimkie collection we also find the classic and comfortable duvets, perfect to wear during the first cold.

The Pimkie duvets range from the versatile light down jacket , in long or short version, with duvet double face , perfect for a dynamic woman who always wants to change her look from classic black to silver.

duvets pimkie autumn winter 2017 2018
Pimkie long thin down jacket (cost € 45.99)
reversible pimkie quilts
Pimkie double face down jacket (price 45.99 Euro)
pink pimkie quilts
Light pink down jacket (29.99 Euro)
bomber pimkie
Pimkie soft bomber jacket (€ 12.99)


The Pimkie dresses of this new collection are suitable for all needs and all styles. In the new catalog of the brand we find from mini dresses in velvet , one of the trends of this season, up to those more casual like the sweatshirt dresses with laces in satin .

Pimkie clothes conquer all of them, even the most romantic ones, with long models with flowers and details in lace, the bell sleeves and the straps with ruffles.

pimkie dresses
Pimkie dresses, black skater dress (25.99 Euro)
pimkie dresses
Crisscross color dress behind (price 25.99 Euro)
pimkie dresses in velvet
Pimkie pink velvet dress (€ 19.99)
pimkie velvet dresses
Pimkie dress with peekaboo sleeves (cost € 35.99)
pimkie clothes
Pimkie dress with peekaboo sleeves (cost € 19.99)
pimkie clothes
Pimkie dress with peekaboo sleeves (price 19.99 Euro)
pimkie clothes autumn winter 2017 2018
Long pullover dress with laces (25,99 €)
clothes pimkie autumn winter 2017 2018
Soft red dress with flared sleeves (cost € 25.99)
dresses pimkie autumn winter 2017 2018
Shirt dress (35.99 euros)
pimkie dresses autumn winter 2017 2018
Denim shirt dress (€ 29.99)
dresses with pimkie lace
Close-fitting dress with lace (22.99 Euro)
pimkie striped dresses
Dress with high collar (cost 8.00 Euro)
black pimkie dresses
Sweatshirt dress with ruffles (price 15.00 €)
black dresses in pimkie lace
Long lace dress with bell sleeves (20,00 Euro)
pimkie patterned dress
Floral voile long dress (€ 45.99)


Pullovers and sweaters are definitely among the most versatile and easy to match garments. Pimkie sweaters are mainly from basic style , ideal to combine with everything, but jump immediately to the eye with the sweaters choker collar and those with i valance on the sleeves, models that true fashion victims can not say no.

Furthermore, among the Pimkie pullovers are the models in lurex , those with motivational writings on the wave from Girl Power ‘And the models with i jewel collars .

Pimkie sweaters autumn winter 2017 2018
Fuchsia pull with pagoda sleeves (35.99 Euro)
Pimkie Sweaters autumn winter 2017 2018
White oversize pull (€ 25.99)
pimkie winter sweater 2018
Pimkie sweater fuchsia (price 35.99 Euro)
pimkie sweater autumn 2017
Pimkie sweater in lurex (cost € 19.99)
pimkie sweater winter 2017 2018
Pimkie pullover with writing (€ 25.99)
pimkie sweater winter 2017 2018
Pimkie pullover with choker collar (price 25.99 €)
pimkie sweater autumn 2017
Pull with slit and side laces (25.99 Euro)
pimkie sweater with ruffle
Pull with ruffles (€ 22.99)
fuchsia pimkie sweater
Sweater with snap buttons (cost 15.99 Euro)
yellow pimkie sweater
Yellow pull (19.99 Euro)
striped pimkie sweater
Striped sweater (price 19.99 euros)
pimkie sweaters
Jewel neckline pull (€ 29.99)
pimkie openwork sweater
Peach-colored pierced shirt (cost 19.99 Euro)
pimkie striped pullover
Striped basic basic pull (price 12,99 €)
pimkie pullover with collar
Red sweater with collar claudine (cost 29.99 Euro)
pimkie sweater with shirt
Pull with shirt (29.99 Euro)
pimkie sweater with shirt
Sweater with shirt (€ 29.99)

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