Pimkie Catalog spring summer 2018: Photos and Prices

The Pinkie 2018 summer collection lets us experience the maritime atmosphere through the lightness of the textiles , the movement of ruffles, drapes and crosses. fantasies delicate and female details they give charm and character to each garment!

Let’s find out all together then Pimkie news spring summer 2018!

Pimkie spring summer 2018
Pimkie spring summer 2018, polka dot dress (€ 29.99)
Pimkie summer 2018
Pimkie black dress in plumetis (price 25.99)
Pimkie 2018 clothing
Pimkie fashion women 2018, cross dress (cost € 35.99)
Pimkie clothing summer 2018
New Pimkie summer 2018 collection
Pimkie clothing summer 2018
Pimkie lace t-shirt in different colors (price 19.99)


The Pinkie proposals of the new 2018 collection are inspired by the style of the French Riviera. From long dresses crossed to shoulders off shoulder with cuffs and perforated screeds up to the front buttoning.

The Pinkie 2018 catalog also boasts many leaders more chic for occasions between lace , tulle and discovers. Also there color palette reflects the hot season. Red , white and yellow alternate with colors and pastel fantasies for the day, while the evening is characterized by the classic black .

Pimkie 2018 clothing
Pimkie summer wear 2018, denim skirt (17,99 €)
Pimkie 2018 clothes
Pimkie black dress in lace (price 29.99)
Pimkie Dresses 2018
Long crossed dress (cost € 35.99)
Pimkie black dress with thin straps (cost € 17.99)
Pimkie 2018 clothing
Embroidered white dress (25.99 euros)
Pimkie dresses 2018
Pimkie red dress with ruffles (price € 25.99)


A touch of romance features the Pinkie summer 2018 dresses! We find indeed necklines bordered by valance , implications off shoulders but also female fantasies like flowers is polka dot .

The taste of the maritime coasts is reflected in the crossed clothes and in the drapery . While the clothes in lace in pastel colors are perfect for the most elegant occasions.

Pimkie dresses summer 2018
Plumetis dress (price € 25.99)
Pimkie lace dresses 2018
Lace dress (€ 35.99)
Pimkie clothes summer 2018
Dress with bardot collar (€ 29.99)
Pimkie clothes 2018
Floral print dress (cost € 17.99)
Pimkie dresses 2018
Lace dress (€ 29.99)
Pimkie dresses 2018
Dress with thin straps (17,99 €)
Pimkie clothes 2018
Dress with bardot neck (price 25.99 €)
Pimkie long dresses 2018
Crossover dress (€ 35.99)
Pimkie dresses summer 2018
Short sleeved skater dress (€ 35.99)
Pimkie long dresses summer 2018
Long floral dress (€ 39.99)
Pimkie long dresses 2018 summer
Long dress with open back (cost € 29.99)


The shirts and tops of the new Pinkie clothing collection show off one short line , sometimes characterized by a node final 90s.

delicate floral patterns conquer the scene next to lines is solid colors summer, such as the yellow and white. Do not miss the attention to chic detail like the jewel collar and the ruffles.

The Pinkie 2018 T-shirts have a basic design enriched by perforated workings is scalloped lace .

top Pimkie summer 2018
Soft top (€ 12.99)
Pimkie blouses summer 2018
Jewel collar blouse (price € 19.99)
Pimkie top summer 2018
Soft printed top (€ 15.99)
Pimkie shirts summer 2018
Sleeveless shirt (€ 12.99)
Pimkie blouses summer 2018
Blouse with bardot collar (€ 15.99)
Pimkie summer t-shirt 2018
Printed t-shirt (cost € 6.99)
Pimkie summer t-shirt 2018
V-neck T-shirt (12,99 €)
Pimkie top summer 2018
Top with peekaboo sleeves (17,99 €)
Pimkie jerseys 2018
Lace T-shirt (17,99 €)
Pimkie 2018 t-shirt
Lace T-shirt (price 10 €)
Pimkie 2018 t-shirt
Printed t-shirt (€ 9.99)


The Pinkie 2018 clothing catalog offers a rich variety of spring coats . The sportier section sees jackets military style and in denim but also jackets biker embroidered .

More urban chic I’m the bomber with oriental print and the blazer long with side slits and floral pattern. The inevitable trench is characterized by the soft line and the tenuous pink coloring.

blazer Pimkie summer 2018
Printed blazer (€ 25.99)
bomber Pimkie 2018
Flower bomber (cost € 29.99)
Pimkie 2018 jeans jacket
Short denim jacket (€ 19.99)
Pimkie jackets 2018
Army jacket (39,99 €)
Pimkie jackets 2018
Embroidered motorcycle jacket with studs (30 €)
Pimkie 2018 nail jacket
Leatherette motorcycle jacket (price 39.99 €)
Pimkie trench 2018
Soft trench (€ 55.99)


The Pinkie skirts 2018 show off one soft line is light . The elastic bands and the drawstring in life they allow an adjustable wearability and give movement by draping the fabric.

Crossings is valance characterize the miniskirts like the side gap defines the long skirt. The colors vary from red to the military green passing through micro pattern flowers and faded patterns.

Pimkie skirts summer 2018
Skirt with ruffles (€ 17.99)
Pimkie skirts 2018
Flower print skater skirt (price € 17.99)
Pimkie skirts summer 2018
Light skirt (€ 14.99)
Pimkie miniskirts 2018
Bodycon miniskirt (€ 12.99)
Pimkie long skirts summer 2018
Long skirt (cost € 17.99)


The jeans proposals of the Pinkie line summer 2018 vary from the models skinny with effect push up to wearability mom fit . Perle is jewel applications make the garments embellish the effects destroyed between rips and frayed edges.

THE trousers Pinkie 2018 choose one instead soft line . Carrot cuts with pleats and models culotte cropped are the most particular and fashionable garments.

Pimkie jeans summer 2018
Jans push-up (€ 19.99)
Pimkie jeans 2018
Push-up jeans (price € 19.99)
Pimkie 2018 jeans
Jeans mom (€ 25.99)
Pimkie jeans summer 2018
Skinny destroy jeans (€ 29.99)
Pimkie 2018 jeans
Jeans mom with beads (cost € 39.99)
Pimkie jeans
Jeans mom with pearls (30 €)
Pimkie summer 2018 trousers
Skinny push-up (€ 19.99)
Pimkie 2018 trousers
Carrot trousers (€ 19.99)
Pimkie trousers 2018
Striped soft trousers (price € 19.99)
Pimkie pants summer 2018
Soft trousers stamapto (€ 19.99)
Pimkie trousers 2018
Soft trouser skirt (cost € 25.99)


Pimkie is a chain of low cost women clothing stores born at the beginning of the ’70s with a precise mission: to exploit a brand new garment for female fashion, the pants ! The French brand therefore begins to produce skirts and trousers in real time, to adapt to the frenetic times that the women’s fashion of the time lived. The first shop was “Pimckie”, which was then turned into “Pimkie”. At the end of the eighties, Pimkie boasts a hundred stores in France and decided to make its debut on the foreign market, from Germany to Italy, to Spain. In 2017 the era of online sales arrives and, alongside the 753 stores spread across 26 countries, it is also added to an e-commerce site. Today in Pimkie Italia stores we not only find the line of women’s clothing, but also bags, shoes, accessories, jewelry, glasses, lingerie, swimwear and even a sports collection and a home line for the home.


The French brand boasts stores all over the world and an efficient website, so to buy the items from the Pimkie Spring Summer 2018 collection you can look for the nearest store address on the official website www.pimkie.it or buy directly from the Pimkie online shop. On the e-commerce site you will also find fantastic deals with outlet prices during the sales period. In addition to clothing, there are also accessories, bags and the Pimkie shoes line.

What do you think of the new Pinkie 2018 clothing collection? Which models do you like best? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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