Parah Costumes 2018: new catalog

Intense vibrations, color energy e tropical gardens enriched with explosive details. These are the basic elements of the Parah 2018 swimwear collection.

We want to be kidnapped by animal prints ? Abandon us to the textures in which they dominate elements of the earth ?

Let’s discover the new beachwear collection together!

Parah Costumes 2018
Parah swimwear 2018
Parah Costumes 2018
Parah Costumes 2018
Parah costumes summer 2018
Parah beachwear
Parah beach costumes 2018
Parah swimwear 2018
Parah Costumes summer 2018
Parah costume catalog 2018


The Parah bikini with applications of charmeuse dubbed and lasered follows geometric patterns . The rectangular studs create luminous reflections that stand out on the monochrome shades .

The padded bra wraps and highlights the shapes highlighted by floral patterns is glitter details . The Roses model with removable cups and self-tie laces on the neck has a romantic mood. The rose stand out on solid color as if they were true!

Parah bikini 2018
Underwire padded bra Color Emotions (117 €)
Parah bikini 2018
Saint Tropez Bra Emotions of Colors (cost € 123) and brief Emotions of Colors (€ 39); bra fixed cups Emotions of colors (price 130 €) and drawstring drawstrings Emotions of Colors (850 euro)
Parah triangle costumes 2018
Pull-out bra with removable cups Roses (128 €)
Parah swimwear 2018
Roses comfort fixed bra cups (price € 125); padded bra with roses (130 €) and Roses briefs (€ 44.01)
Parah costume 2018
Saint Tropez Roses bra (117 €) and Roses slip bows (cost 55 €)
Parah swimwear 2018
Saint Tropez bikini and Optical Jungle briefs (162 euros); bikini scarf and briefs Fashion Optical Jungle (173 €)


Parah women’s costumes with tropical patterns are embellished with embroidery fluorescent macramé is multicolor beads .

The triangle swimwear from the Parah mare collection is in charmeuse fabric and finished with velvet petals . The matt-glossy effect creates a refined play of light.

The sliding triangle of the Marrakech line it is combined with brazilian or drawstring slip and characterized by a texture silk effect as well as soft lines, made unique by applications to beaded beads black and gold.

Parah costume 2018
Push-up bra Colors of Parah (cost € 136.01) and drawstring briefs Colors of Parah (52 €)
Parah triangle costumes 2018
Triangle bra removable cups Parah colors (price € 87) and Brazilian flakes Parah colors (cost € 52); sliding triangle bikini and brazilian Marrakech (151 €)
Parah costumes 2018
Push-up bikini and drawstring briefs Marrakech (201 €); push up bikini and Marrakech lace slip (194 euro)
Parah flowery costumes 2018
Paradisea extensible cup bra (151 €)
Parah flower costumes 2018
Paradisea push up bra (price € 173); Paradisea tri-up bra (158 €) and Paradisea briefs (50 euro)
Parah flower costume 2018
Triangle bra triangle sliding Paradisea beads (cost € 156) and Brazilian Paradisea laces (58 €)


Among the two-piece costumes can not miss the models a padded band or with underwire to support décolleté. Combined with Brazilian slip or with bows, they ensure a sophisticated look in which all the originality of the brand emerges.

The innovative animalieur print , the color mix and the relief work embellished with studs and beads make Parah swimwear unique.

Parah costume 2018
Padded bandeau bra Emotions of Colors (price 130 €)
Parah black costumes
Briefs flakes Emotions of colors (€ 46.99); bra band removable cups Parah colors (cost € 117)
Parah bandeau costumes
Underwired padded underwire bra Parah colors (136.01 €) and slip bows Colors by Parah (cost € 52)
Parah bandeau costumes
Marrakech padded bandeau bikini (€ 206); bikini band underwire and slip Marrakech flakes (179 euro)
Parah bandeau costume 2018
Bandeau bikini with underpants and slip Marrakech (162 €)
Parah costumes 2018
Paradisea band bra (€ 156) and Brazilian fashion Paradisea (€ 76.01); bra padded bandage for underwire Paradisea (162 €) and slip-flakes for Paradisea (price 71 €)
Parah costume 2018
Perlin Paradisea bandeau bra (206 euro) and Paradisea slip-up bra (71 €)


Sweetheart neckline , glitter and mesh inserts make the entire Parah 2018 sensual costumes. The lacing at the neck and the deep necklines embellished with beads and roses emphasize and give sinuosity to every shape.

The Parkini trikini with porthole on the sides with embossed workmanship will give us an original, yet elegant look.

Parah summer costumes 2018
Underwire swimsuit Emotions of Colors (162 euros)
Parah 2018 swimwear
Underwire padded swimsuit Emotions of Colors (167.01 €); whole costume fixed cups color emotions (cost € 167.01)
Parah costume 2018 whole
Parah swimsuits, model body Roses (167.99 €)
Parah full costumes 2018
Parah full costumes 2018, full model Ferretti Roses (price € 151); removable deconstructed swimsuit Roses (136,01 €)
Parah 2018 whole costume
Optical jungle padded one-piece swimsuit (184 €)
Parah full flower costumes
Optical jungle one-piece swimsuit (164 €); padded swimsuit in Marrakech (206 euro)
Parah trikini 2018
Trikini Colors of Parah (162 €)
trikini Parah 2018
Parah one-piece swimsuit Colors of Parah (cost € 149); full-length fashion costume Colors by Parah (184 €)
Parah full costumes with embroidery
Underwire padded swimsuit Colors by Parah (151 €)
trikini Parah summer 2018
Swimsuit in Marrakech headscarf (201 euros); trikini bandeau padded Ferretti Marrakech (205 €)
Parah trikini summer 2018
Swimsuit fashion removable cups Paradisea (212 €)
Parah full flower costumes
Swimsuit fashion Perline Paradisea (cost € 255); one-piece swimsuit from the Paradisea foulard (€ 238)


Roses, daisies is tropical flowers give an intense and decisive mood to Parah beachwear. THE bright and intense colors they come on under the sun’s rays for an energetic and vibrant look.

For a walk on the water’s edge, the pareo can be transformed into a practical kilt embellished by multicolor fringes .

Parah pareo summer 2018
Pareus headscarves Roses (€ 76.01)
Parah pareo summer 2018
Pareo foulard Colors of Parah (cost 76.01 €)
Parah beachwear summer 2018
Sarong Colors of Parah (97 €)
Parah beachwear 2018
Pareo pashmina Marrakech (price € 63)
Parah seemed 2018
Pareo fringes Paradisea (€ 107.99)


In the Parah 2018 beachwear collection the inevitable items are the kimono and the caftan . Lines, optical prints and animalier, embellish the clothes that – with the addition of belts – become practical clothes to show off in the long evenings on the beach.

The must have is the sarong to be draped around the body and matched with the sea ​​bag of the jungle style to have a lively and tropical look.

Parah sea fashion 2018
Roses waistcoat (128 €); Roses cardigan (price 130 €)
Parah kimono summer 2018
Kimono Colors by Parah (106,99 €)
Parah beachwear 2018
Gilet Marrakech (cost € 71)
Parah dresses 2018 summer
Roses 3/4 Sleeve Dress (152 €)
Parah caftani 2018
Caftan dress Emotions of Colors (128 €); caftan Emotions of Colors (123 euros)
caftans Parah 2018
Roses caftan dress (141 €)
clothes Parah summer 2018
Maxi T-shirt Emotions of Colors (118 €); short-sleeved dress. Emotions of Colors (price 130 €)
Parah dresses summer 2018
Roses wide shoulder dress (cost € 162); Roses flared dress (€ 136.01)
caftan Parah 2018
Kaftan Optical Jungle (206 €)
Parah 2018 dresses
Roses shirt dress (€ 156); Optical Jungle dress (price € 184)
Parah clothes 2018
Optical Jungle wide shoulder dress (184 €)
Parah 2018 beachwear
Caftan Optical Jungle (123 €); sarong Paradisea (cost € 97)


Beach cover with bardot neckline and ruffles on the sleeves are transformed into practical clothes to show off even from the beach. Ton sur ton details, degrade effect prints and removable jewelry accessories embellish the minidress.

Those who love comfort can not renounce the pantsuit . Cropped with drawstring, soft trousers with side vents and embroidered shorts will give us a practical, yet elegant style!

Parah summer 2018
Maxi t-shirt Colors of Parah (130 €)
Parah dresses 2018
Parah one-shoulder dress Colors (137.99 €); fashion dress colors of Parah (price € 185)
Parah 2018
Top colors of Parah (130 €)
Parah floral dresses
Parah 3/4 sleeve dress Colors (141 €); Parah voulant sleeve dress Colors of Parah (cost € 156)
Parah fancy clothes
Caftan dress Jewel Marrakech (141 €)
Parah beach clothes 2018
Marriage dress Marrakech (125 euros); Marrakech jewel dress (151 €)
Parah caftan 2018
Caftan sarong Marrakech (123 €)
Parah beach fashion 2018
Paradisea voulant dress (179 €); Paradisea shoulders uncovered dress (184 €)
Parah caftani 2018
Caftan Paradisea (cost € 123)
Parah long dresses 2018
Paradisea fringed dress (€ 216); long dress voulant Paradisea (184 €)
Parah trousers summer 2018
Trousers Emotions of Colors (price 65 €)
Parah trousers 2018
Roses Caftan (€ 136.01) and Roses splits trousers (€ 141); caftan pareo Parah colors (123 euros) and trousers Parah colors (117 €)
Parah trousers 2018
Roses V-neck top (97 €) and Roses cropped trousers (156 €)
jumpsuit Parah 2018
Marrakech Jewel Suit (€ 172); Paradisea chemisier (price € 259.99) and Paradisea trousers (€ 194)
Parah summer 2018
Paradisea embroidery tank top (141 €) and Paardisea shorts (cost € 136.01); 3/4 optical jungle blouse (201 €) and Optical Jungle trousers (65 euro)


The Parah 2018 swimwear collection is already on sale in all stores monobrand of the brand and on the official website where you can directly shop online or look for the nearest store to us!

What do you think of the new Parah summer 2018 costumes collection? Which models do you like best? Let us know with a comment!


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