Pandora Valentine’s Day 2018: gift ideas and prices

The new Pandora collection for Valentine’s Day 2018 is ready to conquer ours hearts ! With i symbols and colors of love Pandora jewelry is the gift perfect for Valentine’s Day! There are also designs that pay homage to the friendship , trust and sentiment in general.

So let’s find out together the new Pandora San Valentino 2018 line with pictures and prices!

Pandora Valentine's Day 2018
Pandora, the Valentine’s jewels


Pandora Valentine’s Day Jewelery 2018 symbolize the magic of two hearts they beat in unison! For the February 14th Pandora offers precious and romantic thoughts for celebrate love every day – especially on Valentine’s Day!

A new and romantic version of the Pandora bracelet it gives us the opportunity to express our feelings through quality details.

The new pendant for Valentine’s Day it is shaped like key because giving the perfect gift is always the key to getting to the heart of the beloved!

Pandora Valentine's Day collection 2018
Pandora 2018 Valentine’s Collection
Pandora Pendant Valentine's Day 2018
Pandora necklace with modular pendant (cost € 149), small charm lock of love (price 10 €)
Pandora bracelet Valentine's Day 2018
Pandora Charm Valentine’s Day


The emotions and the joy of lovers are enclosed in the new Pandora jewels of the line Explosion of Love .

The new collection of Valentine gives contemporary twist to the great classics finished by hand. The pink and the Cherry red, besides being the trend colors of the season, they symbolize the affection and the passion . The chromatic nuances are enhanced by the nail varnish applied by hand and by crystals multi faceted fuchsia.

The sweetest way to say “I love you” is choosing a Pandora gift with a heart-inspired design. An example is the new charm Pandora with heart-shaped cut stones. The elegant can not be missing solitary Pandora with stone cut heart, spring and symbol of love.

Other jewels are finally dedicated to friendship and trust, like the pendant depicting the tree of love.

Pandora collection Explosion of Love
Pandora jewelry collection 2018 Valentine’s Day
Pandora bracelet Valentine's Day 2018
Charm round hearts (75 €), red heart charm (49 €), heart-shaped charm (45 €), clip with hearts (35 €), tree charm of love (45 €)
Ring with Pandora heart
Pandora Ring You & Me (price € 45)
Pandora Valentine's Day Necklace 2018
Tree of love necklace (79 €)
Pandora heart charm 2018
Charm of Love (cost € 45)
pandora san valentino 2018 charms
Valentine’s Day Pandora Charms (price from € 10 to € 79)


The Pandora collection Seal of Love provides a romantic parure customizable.

Lock your promise , or seal your promises of love with jewels with extraordinary designs inspired by padlocks of love ! The new line is a perfect mix of craftsmanship and innovation. Each piece, made of silver sterling 925, wants to underline the importance of celebrating love all year long!

The modular pendant shaped like a key decorated with stones and available in two dimensions represents an eternal promise of love.

Even the earrings Pandora, like the Pandora ring, are decorated with a heart-shaped padlock!

Pandora Sigillo D'Amore collection
Pandora Surprise Her, Seal of Love line
Pandora Parade Valentine's Day 2018
Pandora Parade Valentine’s Day 2018
Pandora ring Valentine's Day 2018
Ring of Love Padlock (cost 39 euros)
Pandora Valentine's Day Earrings 2018
Padlock Earrings of Love (39 €)
Pandora Valentine's Day Necklace 2018
Pandora Valentine’s Day Necklace 2018
Valentine's Day Pandora
Pandora Valentine’s charms (price from 10 to 69 €)


In the new I Love You Pandora collection, jewels are transformed into a real one love declaration . Necklaces and charms bear the letters of the word “Love” associated with cuoricini e romantic writings .

Two hearts beat in unison in the new rings is earrings Pandora. Each piece has a design in the shape of double heart in metal or crystal. Silver, rose gold and yellow gold are the colors of the jewels on which they stand out red stones and diamonds.

pandora valentine rings
Two hearts ring (€ 59)
pandora valentine earrings
Two hearts earrings (79 €)
valentine's day pandora earrings
Pure love earrings (59 €)
pandora valentine necklace
I Love You Necklace (69 €)
pandora charms valentine's day 2018
Pandora Valentine’s Day Charms (price from 29 to 69 €)


The iconic is inevitable bracelet with Pandora charms! For February 14th the new Pandora bracelet is enriched by one padlock closure interchangeable and removable! In fact it is even possible to use the lock in the shape of a heart like pendant for necklace!

To create a real personalized gift, the Pandora catalog offers a wide selection of all charms dedicated to love and to the couple. Between Pandora 2018 news we find pendants like the key combined with the small lock washed in gold!

Pandora Valentine's Day Gifts 2018
Pandora bracelet Valentine’s Day 2018
Pandora padlock Valentine's Day 2018
Silver bracelet with padlock closure with cubic zirconia (€ 69)
Pandora Valentine's Day Pendants 2018
Cli with hearts (35 €), key pendant charm of my heart (69 €)


Pandora is a large company with thousands of stores around the world born in Copenhagen from a small family-run jewelry store. To date, the brand is a major distributor of jewelry and an established international brand known primarily for its own customizable bracelets to which are added several lines of rings, earrings, necklaces and even watches. Pandora trades its products in over 80 different countries through a sales network that counts over 10,000 points of sale between single-brand stores and official distributors and for many women has now become a real point of reference.


The Pandora San Valentino 2018 collection is already available in all the brand’s single brand stores, in all the authorized jewelers and obviously online in the official website ecommerce .

If you buy online Shipping fees I’m free for a purchase equal to or greater than 75 euros and possibly, in the event that a jewel does not match your taste, the return is free. You can also request express shipping that allows you to receive your jewelry directly at home within 24 hours, in which case the shipment will be free in case of an order equal or higher than 100 euros.

What do you think of the Pandora collection For Valentine’s Day? Which jewel would you choose? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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