Palette Beauty Uk review and opinions

eye shadow palette beauty uk Are you familiar with the Beauty Uk Palette? Beauty UK it is an English brand low cost very popular in Europe and today we are happy to introduce you with one review a beautiful one palette of shadows the of this brand.

We had the pleasure of seeing all the products of this English brand close up during the event Cosmoporof 2013 , remaining very impressed by the huge range of colorful designer products Beauty UK .

To immediately strike our attention, of course, were the palette Beauty UK of eye shadows , which colored as candy immediately won us over. In fact, the very kind Manager of this brand has decided to pay homage with one beautiful palette of eye shadows super-colored cooked.

For this reason, after experiencing daring and fun looks, today we are here to review the incredible for you palette of Beauty UK eye shadows of the Soho Eyeshadow Collection line.

This lively Beauty Uk palette bears the name of one of the most colorful neighborhoods of London , full of fashionable shops and very popular nightclubs, and is composed of 10 cooked eyeshadows that fully represent the eclectic style.
eyeshadow palette Soho beauty uk
Soho beauty palette uk

The case of the Beauty Uk palette it is rather small and compact, and has a small mirror in the area where it is stored palette, which, however, tends to get dirty eye shadow, so it is one palette comfortable to take with you for touch-ups during the day, but you will also need to have a small mirror to facilitate the drafting of the make up.
eyeshadow palette Soho beauty uk

The 10 pods of the Beauty Uk Soho palette , have the classic round and rounded shape of the cooked eyeshadows and are characterized by an excellent pigmentation and very bright satin finish.

The best application for these eyeshadows, that we remember can be used either from wet to dry , is the one with the sponge applicators, which ensure an optimal draft, by dabbing them.

We must stress, however, that the double applicator present in the case is useful for touch-ups outside the home, but it is not very solid and compact, so for elaborate make-up it is better to rely on different brushes and applicators.
Soho beauty eyeshadows uk

As you can see from the swatches the pigmentation of these Beauty Uk eyeshadows is very good, and the yield on the eyes is really optimal: the makeup is resistant all day, obviously having previously applied a good base for eyeshadow – primer, which as we know should never be missing!

All colors are really very beautiful and writers , surprisingly also that of yellow color, which generally in the municipalities palette it tends to be the least visible color.
eyeshadow palette Soho beauty uk

The tricks that can be created with these Beauty Uk eyeshadows they are really infinite, and my favorite is surely represented by the combination of colors purple and fuchsia : really intense and crazy!

The only flaw of this Beauty Uk palette is the light dustiness, but given the price of sun 3.99 pounds , which is equivalent to around 5 euros I can say that these Soho eye shadows they are really approved!
eye shadow palette beauty uk

We hope our review has been helpful. If you want to discover all Beauty Uk products visit him online shop , which boasts rich colors and affordable prices, and also shipments throughout Europe, and of course in Italy at the price of 11.95 pounds , about 15 euros : a price a little high, but as I always like to remember is a good excuse to organize a nice online shopping session with friends and share shipping costs!

You like it palette Beauty UK Eyeshadow Collection Soho ? Let us know your opinions. In our opinion these crazy colors are beautiful, perfect for summer!

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