Oysho spring summer 2017: intimate line

From the sexy lace of the lingerie to the technical comfort of sportswear , from the practicality of the morals to the sensual functionality of the nightwear , the Oysho spring / summer 2017 collection is a riot of styles, with a single mission that is definitely respected: glamor comfort !


The Oysho underwear for the beautiful season 2017 is characterized by a single fil rouge: the lace ! On bras, tops, briefs, dressing gowns and bodysuits, there is never a small application in it macrame , among the various transparencies of tulle. Among the trends of the summer season is the Fleurs Lingerie characterized by floral embroidery romantic, but do not miss the Classic Essentials, the models with a retro fabric flavor antique pink velvet .

Oysho spring summer 2017
Oysho spring 2017, Top satin (25.99 Euro)
Oysho briefs spring summer 2017
Oysho summer 2017, Lace hipster briefs (cost 12,99 €)


The Oysho 2017 catalog includes a wide variety of bras. Models range from push up to bands , passing through triangle bras and Bralette , very popular among teenagers. Some models even become top , in a weave of light fabric that can serve as a jacket underneath.

Lace and tulle remain the absolute protagonists, but among the Oysho bras we also find the velvet , here in a soft pink hue.

Oysho bra spring summer 2017
Underwear Oysho, Black triangle lace bra (price 22.99 Euro)
Oysho embroidered bra
Tulle bra with embroidery (cost 25.99 Euro)
Oysho bras 2017
Oysho catalog 2017, antique pink triangle velvet bra (25,99 €)
Oysho lace top
Blue lace top bra (25.99 euros); Brazilian lace briefs (9.99 euros)


Not just intimate in cotton basic microfibre , but also in lace , material that is clearly the protagonist of this Oysho spring / summer 2017 collection. Neutral but never banal colors that leave room for macrame floral processing.

A lot of models in the catalog: from classic briefs, loincloths and thongs, to more details like the a high waist, the culottes, the Brazilian and the model hipster . There are no shortage of them modeling briefs of the shape line that guarantee an impeccable silhouette even with the most adherent clothes.

Oysho Brazilian briefs
Oysho Brazilian loose-fitting brief with lace (cost 8.99 euros)
Brazilian Oysho
Brazilian gray Oysho with lace in floral pattern (8.99 €)
Oysho lace underpants
Mauve lace briefs (12.99 euros)
Oysho high-waisted briefs
Oysho high waist briefs blacks (19.99 euros)
Oysho flower underpants
Brazilian low waist with lace and floral print (8.99 euros)
Oysho lace briefs
Hipster briefs in gray lace (16.99 €)
Oysho Black briefs
Black satin briefs with lace (12.99 euros)
Oysho lace briefs
Oysho hipster pant in lace (9.99 euros)


Great return of underwear body in 2017! In the new Oysho i collection bodies I’m sensual , with lace and transparencies. We find the classic models with padded cups , but also those without padding or underwire that leave the décolleté covered only by a light one embroidery . There is no shortage of the most particular bodies like the single-shoulder model which will certainly be useful with formal clothes.

Oysho body spring summer 2017
Blue body in lace with cups (price 29.99 Euro)
Body with Oysho flowers
Body tulle with floral embroidery (price 39.99 Euro)
Oysho 2017 one-shoulder body
Oysho Body one shoulder in black lace (39.99 Euro)


Very light top with long sleeves in tulle and embroidered bodices, jumpsuite with short in floral print Oriental-inspired, semi-transparent embroidered tops. The Oysho summer 2017 lingerie is a riot of sensuality! All this without renouncing the goal of comfort and practicality, basic to the Spanish brand.

Jumpsuite Oysho summer 2017
Jumpsuite suit with flower print (39.99 Euro)
Oysho Lingerie spring summer 2017
Lingerie nightdress in lace and tulle (49.99 Euro)
Oysho 2017 underwear
Lingerie top in long-sleeved tulle with embroidered flowers (27.99 Euro)


Even the Oysho nightwear combines sensuality and practicality. On one side sexy jumpsuite with romantic embroidery on the hems or the bold nightgown with worked bodice and transparent skirt. On the other a wide pajamas with palace trousers and a smooth tank top in a delicate nightgown satin , which features lace embroidered on the décolleté.

Oysho nightdress
New Collection Oysho, Lace nightgown with embroidery (49.99 Euro)
Black jumpsuite Oysho
Sleepwear Oysho, Jumpsuit with lace details (39.99 Euro)
Oysho underwear for 2017
Oysho Pajamas, Undercoat with American style (39.99 Euro)
Nightdress Oysho 2017
Oysho nightdress in mauve satin (39.99 Euro)
Oysho Pajamas spring summer 2017
Oysho pajamas with T-shirt (27.99 Euro) and satin trousers (29.99 Euro)


Dressing gowns purely Oriental , models a kimono from the cut Japanese and floral patterns that recall cherry blossoms, symbol of Japanese culture. Light materials decorated with fringes and fabric belts, Oysho dressing gowns give us refined outfits even within the walls of the house.

Oysho dressing gown spring summer 2017
Kimono dressing gown with fringe (49.99 Euro)
Oysho dressing gown 2017
Oysho Pink voile dressing gown with belt at the waist (39.99 Euro)
Oysho dressing gown kimono 2017
Kimono dressing gown with flower print (39.99 Euro)


Sportswear that does not renounce femininity. Oysho sportswear marries comfort and practicality thanks to the wide lines, but cut out strategic for not giving up the glamor even when you play a sport! Tank tops in technical materials alternate with garments with superimposed meshes in the new one Sport Collection Ohanami signed by the Spanish brand.

Oysho sport tank top
Oysho Sport Collection, White and Blue Tank (19.99 Euro)
Oysho tank tops sport spring summer 2017
Tank top with openings and golden stretch tape (19.99 Euro)
Oysho knit sport
Sporty T-shirt with integrated top (25.99 Euro)
Tee sport Oysho 2017
Sport T-shirt with net (22.99 Euro)


Fitness, running, yoga, tennis, swimming or surfing. Whatever the sport activity that we practice breast support is crucial, so Oysho devotes a lot of attention to sports bras. Versatile, adjustable, overlapping garments, with removable straps or applicable in different ways.

Oysho allows us to choose also the support we want – light, medium or high – depending on the sport to practice.

Oysho sports bra 2017
Three-colored sports bra with padding (27.99 Euro)
Oysho sports bra 2017
Top strap with high support (27.99 Euro)
Oysho black sports top
Black Top Bra without rings and crossed straps (39.99 Euro)
Oysho top sport spring summer 2017
White top with removable padding (27.99 Euro)
Oysho sports tops spring summer 2017
Medium blue medium top (29.99 Euro)


Leggings e jumpsuite in technical fabrics, waterproof, adherent. The Oysho sports catalog really offers everything you need to practice different sports activities, using only one garment! Also in this case, the Spanish brand does not give up style, as we can see from the optical prints , with black & white inserts but also with transparent fabric panels.

Oysho leggings spring summer 2017
Goldfish sports leggings (29.99 Euro)
Oysho sport leggings 2017
Black and white striped leggings (29.99 Euro)
Oysho sport 2017 leggings
Leggings sport collection Ohanami (39.99 Euro)
Oysho sports pants 2017
White leggings sports collection Oysho (39.99 Euro)
Oysho outerwear 2017
Long sports suit (49.99 Euro)
Oysho sports suits 2017
Black sports suit with straps (49.99 Euro)


Sport jackets that protect against wind and rain, perfect for sports outdoor sports even during bad weather, but also breathable sweatshirts. Oysho includes in its catalog garments truly essential if you love sports!

Oysho sport jacket spring summer 2017
Double face sports jacket (49.99 Euro)
Oysho sports jacket
Jacket with hood perforated on the sides (49.99 Euro)
Oysho anorak
Long windbreaker with hood and drawstring at the waist (49.99 Euro)
Oysho sports sweatshirt
Sport bomber jacket with band on the sleeves (39.99 Euro)
Sweatshirts Oysho sport 2017
Gray sports sweatshirt in breathable material (27.99 Euro)


The sporty body is a fundamental leader when practicing sports such as cycling, especially in cold and wet areas, for this reason it is a garment that Oysho proposes in its 2017 sportswear collection . Unfailing then i morals , obviously sports but rich in style, allowing you to swim both in the pool and at the sea in a comfortable and safe way.

Oysho 2017 sports body
Technical body with long sleeves and zipper (59.99 Euro)
Oysho body sport
Ohanami technical body collection (59.99 Euro)
Oysho sportswear 2017
Oysho one-shoulder sports costume (39.99 Euro)


The Oysho collection for spring / summer 2017 is on sale in shops and in the online shop on the official website www.oysho.com.

A very varied collection that of Oysho for the spring summer 2017 season, full of versatile, functional, comfortable and sexy garments: what do you think of this new line of the Spanish brand? Leave a comment!


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