Oysho estate 2018: Collection catalog and prices

The new Oysho summer 2018 collection makes it precious and decorated i heads of daily use like the more models Special . The perforated lace is scalloped becomes the new password together with vintage touch and to classical inspiration.

So let’s find out together all the news of underwear and nightwear Oysho 2018!

Oysho 2018
Oysho 2018 clothing
Oysho underwear 2018
Oysho 2018 underwear, black bandeau bra (cost € 25.99)
Oysho summer 2018
New Oysho summer 2018 collection
Underwear Oysho 2018
Oysho 2018 underwear, triangle top with contrast lace (19.99 euro)
intimate Oysho summer 2018
Oysho 2018 bras, black bra with lace and cross strips (€ 25.95)
Oysho body 2018
Lingerie Oysho 2018
Oysho summer 2018
Homewear Oysho 2018
intimate Oysho summer 2018
Oysho catalog summer 2018
intimate Oysho 2018
Oysho summer collection 2018
Oysho summer 2018
Tulle top with velvet embroidery (price € 25.95)


The Oysho 2018 catalog is full of lingerie romantic is sensual . Complete intimate but also body and nightwear made in tulle black are embellished by 3D floral applications in satin fabrics with chic colors.

Underwear ranges from basic designs and models confort microfiber, up to sexy garments in lace. While the color palette prefers the classic colors of white, black and the different shades of pink.

complete underwear Oysho summer 2018
Perforated flower lingerie set (price € 29.98)
complete underwear Oysho 2018
Microfibre fabric outfit (28,98 €)
Oysho 2018 bras
Comfort bra with high solid color cup (19.99 €) and high modal plain colored briefs (cost 12,99 €)
Oysho bras 2018
Underwired tulle bra (€ 19.99) and classic microfibre briefs (€ 7.99)


The range of bras Oysho starts from basic models a triangle without underwire up to brassiere from design a balconette . Bras with underwire they also present the padded cups or preformed from which, in some models, it is possible to extract the padding.

Comfortable models of bras are also proposed top or band . The garments are made with different workmanships of the lace , from the classic crochet to the tight and frayed lace up to the metallised yarns . Other materials include tulle , modal e microfibre ribbed.

complete underwear Oysho 2018
Classic thick lace bra (price € 25.99) and thick lace high heels (€ 19.99)
slip Oysho 2018
Classic padded bra with rust-colored crochet lace (€ 19.99) and classic briefs in rust-colored crochet lace (€ 9.99)
Oysho slip 2018
Lingerie in tight lace (cost € 45.98)
Oysho 2018
Lingerie set with tulle (cost € 38.98)
Oysho summer 2018
Comfort bra with solid high-end cup (€ 19.99) and plain-colored modal shorts (€ 12.99)
Oysho complete summer underwear 2018
Complete in lilngerie in metallic lace (€ 38.98)
Oysho complete underwear 2018
Ribbed microfibre suit (€ 28.98)
Oysho underwear 2018
Triangular bra in frayed lace and leaves (price € 19.99) and Brazilian briefs (€ 9.99)


Nostalgic notes back for complete intimate Oysho Italia! The shorts intimate and briefs a high waist embrace the style vintage ! Inserts of mélange lace they decorate the microfiber models.

While briefs hipster and to the Brazilian they are made of crochet lace and geometric lace .

Oysho bra 2018
Classic crochet lace bra (€ 19.99)
bra Oysho 2018
Bra with padding on the base with a low-cut horizontal cup (cost € 19.99) and high-top lace geometric (€ 16.99)
Oysho 2018 bandeau bras
Basic band top (19.99 €) and hipster briefs in geometric lace (€ 9.99)
Oysho bras 2018 summer
Triangular microfiber bra with melange lace (price € 19.99) and high-waisted micro-lace pantyhose (€ 16.99)
Oysho intimate summer 2018
Bandeau bra with removable padding (€ 19.99)


THE body Oysho in lace black present deep necklines V shaped highlighted by inserts elastic or chenille. Other models show off a more classic line with cups preformed by ‘padding extractable .

More particular is the crochet lace body with flounce valance . The model in. Is instead sensual and young tulle transparent with long sleeves and application floral in velvet on the breast. Finally, the intimate body is not missing basic in ribbed cotton with a tank top.

Oysho body summer 2018
Geoemtric lace bodysuit (€ 29.99)
Oysho body 2018
Ribbed cotton body (cost € 25.99)
Oysho body blacks
Body in decorative lace (€ 39.99)
body Oysho summer 2018
Crochet sleeveless body with ruffles (price € 27.99)
body Oysho 2018
Body basic (€ 39.99)
body Oysho 2018
Body essential lace (39,99 €)
body Oysho summer 2018
Crochet body and lace with padding (cost € 29.99)
black body Oysho 2018
Body with removable padding and geometric lace (39.99 €)


The Oysho nightwear line is charged with fantasies floral multicolored. The solid colors they refer to the colors of the land he was born in sea between rust and the mustard until the green water and al blue overseas.

The models short they vary from the classic petticoat smooth shaved to models cross in satin with 3D leaf applications. The leaders in cotton they are detailed by embroidery tone on tone and inserts cut out but also valuable perforated designs . Other details include drapery , curling on the breast and slits side in the models midi .

nightgowns Oysho summer 2018
Short nightdress with solid color braces (price € 29.99)
nightgowns Oysho 2018
Embroidered nightdress with braces (€ 29.99)
Oysho nightgowns
Mauve tropical nightdress (€ 27.99)
Oysho nightgowns summer 2018
Satin nightdress with suspenders and embroidered leaves (cost € 39.99)
Oysho nightgowns 2018
Short openwork nightdress with flowers (€ 29.99)
Oysho nightgown 2018
Plain satin nightgown with straps (€ 39.99)
Oysho nightgown summer 2018
Nightgown flowers green background (€ 39.99)
Oysho nightgown 2018
Nightdress with solid texture (price € 29.99)
Nightgown Oysho
Solid color nightdress with braces (€ 29.99)
Oysho black nightgown
Short nightdress in modal and lace (€ 29.99)
black nightgown Oysho 2018
Lace nightdress (cost € 49.99)


The short wide and soft characterize the summer pajamas. They are combined with them Tank Tops with thin straps edged with lace and t- Shirts with shirt necklines, flounced ruffles or ribbed cotton with front buttons.

The Oysho pajamas are pointing up female colors and spring like the pink , the lilac and the mauve . The fantasies go from country squares up to polka dot 50s passing through delicate prints botanical .

Oysho summer 2018 pajamas
Pink checked short-sleeved shirt (price € 25.99) and pink checked shorts (€ 16.99)
Oysho 2018 pajamas
Lace tank top (€ 25.99) and plain short trousers (€ 19.99)
short pajamas Oysho
Short pants with mauve palms (€ 19.99)
Oysho summer pajamas 2018
Striped sunny shorts (cost € 19.99)
Oysho pajamas 2018
Striped stamèpa t-shirt (€ 25.99) and striped print shorts (€ 25.99)
Short-haired Oysho pajamas 2018
Leaf print top (€ 22.99) and leaf print shorts (€ 19.99)
Oysho polka-dotted pajamas
Tank top with polka dot print (price € 27.99) and polka dot print shorts (€ 25.99)


The Spanish brand is part of the group Inditex like Zara, Bershka, Stradivarius and Pull & Bear. Since 2001 Oysho has established itself in the underwear market with its lingerie, beachwear, sportswear and nightwear lines. In Oysho Italia stores we also find costumes, shoes, accessories and maternity line. Her mission is to dress women in a mischievous way, but always respecting freedom of movement and comfort. The Spanish brand boasts several collaborations, such as the one with the design brand Mr. Wonderful for the creation of a collection of pajamas.


All Oysho summer 2018 news are already available in the points of sale and in the online shop on the official website www.oysho.com , which we recommend to monitor not to lose the fantastic opportunities and offers during the sales period. The Oysho stores are distributed throughout the national territory and in large cities such as Rome, Milan, Turin, Bologna, Padua, Naples, Florence and Bari.

What do you think of the new Oysho 2018 collection? Do you like tulle garments and romantic pajamas? Let us know your favorite models by leaving a comment!


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