Orly Surreal Smalti: swatches and review

After previewing the new collection of Orly Surreal glazes, today we present the review and the swatches.

The fall at home Orly is far from the classic standards, upsets the rules and abandons the idea of ​​the usual autumn colors. Already with the name of the collection, “Surreal” promises us a journey in a different dimension.

A decidedly chic and unusual autumn that we really like so much. Evocative enamels inspired by mysticism, fantasy and virtuality. We can paint nails with fairy dust, rain of angels and digital glitter.
orly surreal glazes

Here are the Orly Surreal glazes with the relative swatches:
Pixie Powder, a fairy flaps her wings and, as if by magic, a thousand glitterini lilac shimmer invest in it … it is the iridescent fairy dust with a thousand reflections. Now we can fly too;
polish orly pixie powder

Pink Waterfall, in a magical forest of a fairy world the colors are unusual, the waterfalls are pink, a creamy pink full and incredibly shiny;
orly pink waterfall

Angel Rain , the angels fall down like drops of water and play among the blue and soft clouds … it’s a riot of metallic blue sky with mystical magenta reflections;
polish orly angel rain

Purple Poodle , the poodles are purple and full of glitter, cheerful and certainly unmistakable;
polish orly purple poodle

Teal Unreal , is dressed in blue or green depending on the light the finish is not shiny, but not even opaque … it is unreal!
enamel orly teal unreal

Digital Glitter, multicolor glitter metallic effect, in the virtual world they are the protagonists!
glaze orly digital glitter

Orly slightly modifies the packaging, presenting the usual glass bottle made of precious glass 18 ml with the practical and award-winning “anti-slip cap” made of rigid rubber, but the latter is black, no longer gray and the logo of the logo varies, the iconic “o” replaces the entire name of the brand. Suggested price € 16.00.

The surreal glaze brush allows great precision in drafting, it is small and precise, ideal for the realization of French, the composition of the glazes is perfect: ideal balance between the liquid and the dense. All Orly glazes, including new collections, are 3-Free : do not contain formaldehyde, DBP and toluene.
orly surreal glazes

Before application I always recommend a layer of Orly Bonder Basecoat . This basecoat, a top seller for many years, promotes the adhesion of the enamel and contains rubber extracts to make the color more flexible to prevent chipping. Before applying, shake the bottle well to perfectly mix the pigments and obtain a greater depth of color.
orly surreal

The glazes from the Orly Surreal collection have really extraordinary colors and for a better success I recommend it for everyone two passes . They have one very quick drying so it will not be a problem to do the double draft.

For maximum brilliance, faster drying and color protection, spread a layer of Orly Polishield Topcoat “3 in 1”. Innovative Orly top coat that combines the characteristics of 3 treatments in one product: enamel protection, superior shine, fast drying.
orly surreal glazes

I am a real fan of fairies and “magical worlds”, you can imagine mine enthusiasm for this Orly collection?

In every little bottle there is fantasy and joy , the idea of ​​being inspired by the surreal world involved me so much that now I do not see only a glaze, but in that color I really see a magical forest made of glitter, angels and fairies.

The choice of textures and tones of Surreal glazes is truly magnificent, the only one that is perhaps a bit ‘seen is the rose Pink Waterfall , but the rest is very original enamels, it is incredible to think that despite the myriad of colors in circulation Orly always manages to amaze us!
orly surreal glazes

All the enamels are of excellent quality, easy to apply and long lasting.

My favorites?
Pixie Powder (even just for the name I love it madly) is a rain of shimmering glitter, it is magnificent to combine on all the glazes of the collection.
orly pixie powder

Teal Unreal , impossible not to love it is just the green point that meets the blue and its finish is really special, it seems almost opaque beautiful is nothing short.

Angel Rain has some amazing reflections, although unfortunately it is not very opaque, I recommend 3 passes or you can put it on top of Teal Unreal, a perfect combo! (For this glaze I recommend two layers of base, being a high pigmentation color could stain the nails).
orly angel rain and teal unreal

I can not help but recommend the entire collection to mix and play with colors and create creative and surreal nail art. Autumn will drop the leaves, but with Orly you will see fairies and pink waterfalls on their nails.

All nail care products and Orly collections are distributed exclusively in Italy by Ladybird house and are available at the Orly VIP Centers, Ladybird Nail STORE, Ladybird house Authorized Nails Centers and in the best beauty centers, day spa, city spa. To find the nearest store, consult store locator .

It is also available Shop Online Orly , where you can buy all the glazes, the collections and the Orly treatments.

And which color do you prefer? 🙂

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