Orly Color Blast and Color Care, nail polish and nail treatments

From experience Orly, leader in the beauty of natural nails , the new lines of Color Blast enamels and of Color Care treatment .

The passwords to enter the world of gods new Orly glazes I’m imagination and creativity : enamels and treatments Color Blast and Color Care they were created thinking of young and very young , to mantles of the nail art and curious experimenters of the new trends , which, thanks to Color Blast will be able to recreate one of their own nails unique and extra-glam style !

Orly Color Blast and Color Care

Let’s find out these two new Orly lines together!


It’s a new one line of glazes which stands out for color, special effects is creativity .
The Color Blast line includes 72 colored glazes , from creamy consistency is very easy to apply , with 9 different effects and particular textures : Hyper-Bright Neon, 3D Pixel, Chrome Foils, High Gloss Glitter, Ultra-Luxe Shimmer, Satin Matte, Saturated Crème, Flash Glam Chunky Glitter and Color Flip Duo Chrome.

The vial of the new Color Blast is in transparent glass , from 11 ml and is equipped with the patented and award-winning Gripper-Cap : a special rubberized knitted cap that allows enamel to be applied much more easily. Last but not least is the special 3-free formula : Orly Color Blast nail polishes they do not contain Formaldehyde, DBP is Toluene .

Here is a rundown of all the nuances of the new Color Blast Orly line !

new Orly Color Blast line
Color Blast Orly glazes
new Color Blast Orly glazes
Orly Color Blast glazes
Color Blast Orly line glazes
Color Blast Orly


Color Care is the new Orly line for the treatment, there beauty and perfection of nails: includes 12 special treatments for natural nails, formulated to meet all nail needs and problems.
It is Basecoat, Topcoat, reinforcing treatments, treatments for the cuticles and specific treatments: all you need for one perfect manicure .
Also the Color Care line is characterized by the vial in transparent satin glass , from 11 ml , with Gripper-Cap and from the important 3-free formula , which makes the glazes without Formaldehyde, DBP is Toluene.

Color Care Orly treatment enamels


Thursday 20 November 2014 will open at Rinascente Annex , in Milan, the Corner Color Blast : a space entirely dedicated to nail world , with a young & smart style, typical of Orly.
Together with Color Blast and Color Care lines , it will be possible to buy i. at Annex Rinascente Lbh Nail Art products , that is accessories and decorations for nail art spectacular.
Moreover, if you do not lack imagination, the nail artists of the Orly team have created many video tutorial Step by Step , with all the directions to create decorations worthy of the cover : these nail art will be visible at the Corner Color Blast in Annex Rinascente It is on dedicated website .

nail art Orly

Do you like the new Orly nail polish lines?

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