OPI Hawaii glazes: photo collection, Wow Nail event

Directly from American market , twelve proposals for the next season, new fashion fantasies that come in fluo or evanescent colors for a decidedly different manicure: here are the Opi Hawaii nail polishes, which we present with photos of the exclusive event of the Italian launch !

In recent days Wow Nail, brand of the nail spa sector , presented an Italian preview in his space in the center of Milan the collection of glazes Opi Hawaii for the next spring summer 2015.

Wow Nail is an expanding reality, with several nail spa centers in Milan, all certified by a prestigious quality certificate American company Opi, who has chosen Wow Nail for the presentation of the new color range Spring / Summer 2015.

wow nail opi wow nail opi wow nail opi wow nail opi milano

wow nail opi milano

“For Wow Nail it is a great honor to belong to the Opi world and organize this event exclusively for Italy”, he comments Eric Chen , the young creator and owner of the brand of spa manicure , which will hold other beauty projects in the pipeline for the next season.

make hawaii make hawaii

Like the colorful palette of a painter, the Hawaii color palette ranges from bold colors, ranging from Navy blue to red, to a precious one golden and glittery , that recalls Klimt and its warm and opulent atmospheres.

This new line of Hawaii glazes evade in pink and look for a delicate shade of dove or a unusual green , from aquatic fantasies. Opalescent and strong colors combined with the sobriety of light and opaque.

Opi enamels anticipate the fashion trends spring summer 2015, combining bold proposals with the lightness of pastel tones for an easy pairing of manicures with new fashion outfits, based on delicate nuances of blue and green water , or neon, neon and pop, which recall the 70’s.

make hawaii make hawaii make hawaii glaze opi gel


Wow Nail is a brand of nail spa, born in 2012 in Milan from the idea of Xiao Cai Chen . Second-generation Chinese, born in 1986, fascinated by the American style nail during one of his trips to Shangai , has decided to open its business to bring this trend to Milan. Eric, this is the Italian name, is a young entrepreneur with new investment projects in the pipeline. To date, they count four stores Wow Nail and others in anticipation of opening.

These centers offer services of traditional manicure , but also applications of semi permanent nail polish and gel , combining the quality of the service with the safety and splendor of the Opi glazes, among the world’s most popular glazes!

Where are the Wow Nail centers in Milan? in progress Corso Vercelli 51 , in the Conciliation area, Via San Giovanni sul Muro 15 , Cairoli area, Via Parmigianino 11 , De Angeli area e Corso San Gottardo 21 , Porta Ticinese area.

Do you want to make an appointment for a personalized Opi manicure? call the numbers 393 2776913 and 366 4607727, le very kind girls from the centers they will be at your disposal!

glaze opi hawaii glaze opi hawaii


As we have already anticipated the Opi Hawaii nail polishes are 12 and include fluo and eccentric tones approached lighter and more delicate nuances . Here they are below!

That’s Hula-rious !, very light pastel green;
My Gecko Does Tricks , pearly green grass;
Do You Take Her Away ?, nude beige;
Is Mai Tai Crooked ?, apricot orange;
Go With The Lava Flow , pearly mallow;
Aloha From Opi , red fluo coral;
Suzi Shops & Island Hops , pastel pink;
Just Lanai-ing Around , light plum;
Hello Hawaii Ya ?, purple off;
This Color’s Making Waves , green peacock duochrome;
Lost My Bikini In Molokini , electric blue;
Pineapples Have Peelings Too !, mustard yellow with multicolor specks.

glaze opi hawaii glaze opi hawaii glaze opi hawaii


On this special occasion also the singer Martha Rossi , launched by the talent Amici, who chose the enamel for his manicure Opi Suzi Shops & Island Hops, a delicate pastel pink, feminine and sparkling like her!

martha rossi eric chien opi martha rossi enamel opi martha rossi enamel opi OPI Hawaii nail polishes martha rossi enamel opi OPI Hawaii nail polish


During the presentation, together with the other journalists who intervened, we enjoyed a manicure created by expert nail artist by Wow Nail!

wow nail milan wow nail milan

Here is our color: This Color’s Making Waves, a lovely metallic peacock green color!


The Opi Hawaii glazes, as well as those of the permanent line of the brand and the limited editions , like the one dedicated to the film 50 shades of Grey , are available for purchase in the Sephora perfumeries and in the best beauty centers and nail bars, like the Wow Nail in Milan.

wow nail milan

Have you ever been a manicure in a specialized nail bar like Wow Nail ? And what do you think about the Opi Hawaii glazes ? Write us all in the comments!

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