NYX reviewed eye shadows, pencils, cipra, eyeliner, gloss

We present you with a review a brand of low-cost makeup beloved at the international level: NYX Cosmetics . This very cheap American brand has landed for a couple of months in our country, is characterized by colorful, young, fun products and the desire to innovate in the world of make-up and surprise every season.

On the occasion of the last Cosmoprof held in Bologna last March, we were able to get to know all the extraordinary range of products signed NYX, and having received some cosmetics in test today we are finally ready to talk with reviews dedicated to eye shadows, pencils, cipra HD, eyeliner, gloss and illuminating !

NYX is named after the Greek goddess who ruled the night. The cosmetics line was founded in 1999 by the young entrepreneur Toni K. and even today it is based in Los Angeles , Where is she born. Today, NYX is a well-known brand worldwide. Recently it is also available in Italy through the Italian online shop and a single-brand store. All products are cruelty free and made in the USA.

Do you want to know our opinions on NYX products? Get comfortable, let’s go!

A palette of six naked eye shadows designed to bring out the natural beauty of the look. This NYX Cosmetics eye shadow palette includes matt and satin shades that are really beautiful and easy to blend. The range of colors proposed is really perfect for creating light day looks, perhaps emphasized by a touch of vivid-color lipstick like deep red, or fuchsia.
nyx natural palette
natural nyx palette

Since I own this palette I never leave it, I always keep it in my bag because it is very small and compact. The double sponge applicator is very good and allows you to create beautiful soft shades in just a few minutes.
eye shadow palette nyx natural

Pigmentation of the eyeshadows of the The Natural Shadow Palette of NYX it is not excellent, but given the very affordable price of 7 dollars I find it a great palette and I really use it every day and I like it more and more!

swatches palette natural nyx

LOVE IN PARIS PALETTE – n. 12 Mon Cherie
Here is another palette of eye shadows really cute and interesting, nine to be precise, which please the fans of the nude looks and those of the most intense eye make-up. This NYX palette has in fact a good variety of natural shades such as brown and bronze and the most intense nuances such as a beautiful gold from the metallic effect, a nice one deep blue it’s a green with glitter and also a color magenta really special.
nyx love palette in paris
nyx love palette in paris
palette nyx mon cherie

This palette, like the previous one, does not have a small speck in the package, but it is compact and manageable, as well as being equipped with a very good sponge applicator.
eye shadow palette nyx mon cherie

The only flaw of this palette is the powderiness of eye shadows, unfortunately quite important, but that does not however penalize its beauty.

swatches love in paris nyx

The price of the Love in Paris palette is 10 dollars.

LOVE IN FLORENCE – n. 02 Eat, Love, Be Fab
Five eye shadow shades really cute for this palette inspired by the beautiful Italian city Florence, which includes three shimmer eyeshadows, one peach color, one deep beige and one bottle green, as well as one completely opaque brown hazelnut and one opaque dark brown with glitter.
nyx love palette in florence

The pigmentation of the eyeshadows of this NYX palette is quite good, even if these are dusty, except for the dark brown color, with very little pigmentation.
palette nyx eat love be fab

I find the color proposal of these eye shadows very interesting to create fresh and romantic look: the peach color is simply adorable, while the opaque hazelnut is really a passe par tout!

palette love in florece nyx

The price of this Love in Florence palette is 8 dollars.

Here is the transparent HD NYX powder that offers a formula in 100% mineral free powder. The low cost American cosmic house defines this powder as a “miracle in jar” thanks to its mattifying properties, derived from silica, the only component of this fine powder.
transparent powder hd studio nyx
transparent powder nyx

This NYX face powder is very thin, transparent and adheres well to the face by fixing the make up. To apply it is enough a common powder brush or a kabuki, suitable for these powders so special: the result is flawless, fresh and well “correct” make up because this powder has the power to disguise small defects such as enlarged pores and signs of expression. Also, the mat effect on the face lasts for quite a long time, I would say over 8 hours!
transparent powder hd studio nyx

The price of the new NYX transparent HD powder? Only 10 dollars!

Illuminating pearly cream with a “glow” effect to the face: the creamy formula is ideal for those who have dry skin, because it helps to shine, however the consistency of this product is very light, and applying it in strategic points I find can be used without problems even by girls with mixed or oily skin.
illuminating in nyx cream
illuminating nyx born to glow

The perfect areas to sparkle with NYX’s Born To Glow are the eyebrows, the upper area of ​​the cheekbones and why not, the bow of cupito to give extra volume to the lips thanks to the beautiful game he created by this product.
illuminating cream nyx born to glow

I really like this product, but I would like to point out the presence of small glitter, a component that for many girls is a must, while for others it is a bit excessive.
illuminating nyx born to glow

The price of this illuminante in cream is 7 dollars.

NYX COLLECTION CHOCOLATE – Eyeliner and Eye pencil
On the American NYX site there is a line of products for eyes inspired by the most delicious chocolate, and we have had the opportunity to test two of these products: liquid brown liner n. 06 and Satin finish brown liner n. 03, respectively a very thin-eyed eyeliner and a soft-eyed eye pencil.
pencils eyes nyx chocolate
eyeliner nyx chocolate

Both the pencil and eyeliner of this line are priced at 6 dollars and as far as I’m concerned they have an extraordinary remains, really superior to the average, and for this they have nothing to envy to more expensive products.
nyx chocolate

Both colors have a cool shade and for this they are really easy to wear and match any look. The eyeliner brush is very thin and flexible and easy to use, even from me that I do not have a particularly firm hand, and in the same way the pencil has a beautiful stretch that lasts a long time and allows you to contour the eye in a very natural.

NYX’s butter glosses are very particular glosses with a creamy consistency that once applied are “sublimated” by covering the lips with a very thin layer of very natural color. The shades I tried are the number 08 Apple strudel, a delicate peach pink color and number 12 Cherry pie, an intense red. The names of these glosses are very appropriate, because these glosses have a really delicious smell of freshly baked cake … really sweet
nyx butter gloss
nyx butter gloss

Moreover, these American low cost brand glosses have good durability on the lips, are not sticky and cost only $ 5!
nyx butter gloss
nyx butter gloss

Here is the revelation product of the whole NYX series that we are presenting to you today: a corrective pencil perfect for the inner eye rim and for the lip contour, a sort of magic wand that opens and illuminates the look as well as making the lips more beautiful to prevent the lipstick from drooling. This pencil is available in three colors to suit all skin tones, and the one I tested is n. 01, the clearest in the series. The texure of Wonder Pencil of NYX is creamy and flowing, it does not smudge, it lasts a very long and makes the look fresher and rested in the application in the eye area, while optimally defining the lips outlining them outside the edge. In this way an optical illusion of “volume” is obtained and it is made so that the lipstick does not smudge. nyx wonder pencil
nyx wonder pencil

The yield of this corrective pencil is amazing, and the price in dollars is only 4.50, it is useless to say that we hope soon arrives on the Italian site to be able to stock up!
nyx wonder pencil
nyx wonder pencil

Unfortunately, the products that we presented in this review are not available on official Italian website of NYX, on which however you can find many famous products of the brand, such as the famous ones compact blush , of which the “Taupe” variant is very sought-after, and the eye pencils Jumbo Eye Pencil as the beloved ” Milk “, Perfect as a base to bring out the color of the eyeshadow. Also find the wonderful curved eyeliner!

Shipping costs on the NYX site are of € 5.90 , but for a purchase of 40 euros, these will be free!
NYX make up

Maybe you do not know yet that a real one has just opened physical store NYX in Calabria.

Have you already tried the NYX make up? We were really impressed: the Chocolate eye line and the Wonder Pencil in particular are really good products to not miss!

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