Nicole spose 2018: Clothing and Prices collection catalog

Alessandra Rinaudo shows us a preview of the new collections of wedding dresses that are part of the Nicole Spose group.

Come on fine lace of the Nicole line at floral patterns of the Colet line, we discover the new one bridal catalog 2018 of the Piedmontese brand. At the end of the article we also give you information on the prices of clothes.


There Aurora line is undoubtedly one of the most classic in the new catalog of wedding dresses designed by the famous Italian designer who in recent years has literally conquered the heart of every woman with a contemporary romance but a child of other times.

Wedding dresses with plissettatature , soft and slipped into chiffon alternate with pompous tulle skirts or wide with trapezium design. Macramé e jewel decorations adorn the bodices with sweetheart neckline or deep neckline. All models, from mermaid to princely ones, are characterized by an iconic element of wedding dresses: the train .

Nicole spose 2018

Nicole 2018 wedding dresses collection

Nicole Spose Collection 2018

Nicole Spose wedding dress collection 2018

Nicole Spose wedding dresses 2018

Nicole Spose wedding dresses 2018


Still a series of apparently very classic dresses that actually hide a predilection for them bride trends more popular than the moment. In this case the skirts are gradually becoming wider and softer and the bodices come to life thanks to the precious workings of the lace that interpret, albeit casually, the trend of tattoo wedding dress .

Floral embroidery precious and removable traits make these dresses marry the perfect combination of classic and modern, for a true contemporary princess.

Nicole Spose Wedding Dresses 2018

Wedding dresses with wide skirt

Princess wedding dresses

Wedding dress with train

Nicole wedding dresses

Nicole brides princess dress

Wedding dresses with flounces


The day of yours wedding you really want to distinguish yourself by wearing something unusual and unexpected ? Then you have to focus on colorful wedding dress perfect both for a civil ceremony and for a church wedding.

This time Alessandra Rinaudo decided to focus on very strong shades like the red , an intense color, warm and also passionate, a perfect shade to represent the love of the future spouses who will soon become husband and wife . It may not please but the red wedding dress is another of the must-haves of 2018 bridal fashion.

Nicole Spose colorful wedding dresses

Red wedding dresses 2018


In the catalog of dress Nicole Spose could not miss the mermaid dress. Together with the princess wedding dress, the one with siren remains one of the most popular models, a catalog of dresses with very tight bodices and more or less long sequels, the result of a perfect wedding ‘ between the silk and the lace.

A line of white dresses where classic shapes are mixed with softer gaits that blend into the silhouette’s curves, to be female and refined.

2018 mermaid wedding dresses

Colet 2018 mermaid wedding dresses

Nicole mermaid wedding dresses

Nicole Spose mermaid wedding dresses 2018

Mermaid wedding dress

2018 mermaid wedding dresses


The new collection of wedding dresses Nicole does not leave aside the dreams of a bride who has always wanted a wedding worthy of a princess and show off a dress soft, sumptuous, rich of tulle and of flounces that move these oversized skirts combined with tight bodices, deep necklines and highly refined lace work.

A special dress to start with a bit of romance married life .

Nicole Spose white dress

Princess 2018 wedding dresses

Draped wedding dress

Wedding dress with rouches

Pink wedding dress


Definitely original these floral wedding dresses , dressed in very classic cuts on which delicate blooms bouquet of flowers that break the monotony of the classic white dress. THE bucolic embroidery i enhance some of the bodices of these dress with an extremely romantic flavor.

Floral wedding dresses 2018

Floral wedding dresses 2018

Floral wedding dress

Floral wedding dress


Even the short wedding dresses, original as they are in the lines, are now an inevitable classic in any bride collection that aspires to be contemporary. At the Jolies line also belong short wedding dresses ideal for women civil wedding , for those who marry in common or for those who simply do not want to wear a long dress.

Elegance also passes from midi dress , be it a sheath with bodice a peplum or a beautiful dress with full skirt from the 50s design.

Short wedding dresses

Short wedding dresses


There Jolies collection without doubt it is the most fashion line, modern , original and ridiculous of the Italian brand. It includes both princely clothes and more unusual and unusual clothes designed for a Czech bride of a sophisticated, classic dress that at the same time does not go unnoticed.

The ideal in these cases is to focus on a wedding dress jewel or rich in embroidery, mermaid, with wide skirt, even with asymmetrical skirt is slit . The beautiful designs of lace, the pearls , le stones and the buttons will make these clothes unforgettable.

Embroidered wedding dress

2018 Jewel Wedding Dresses

2018 jewel wedding dresses

Nicole Spose jewel dress

Wedding dress with slit

Wedding dresses with embroidery


But if you do not want to give up voluminous skirts , with tulle flounces, pleated skirts or ruffles, then you can opt for models with very wide skirts combined with finely crafted jewel bodices, embroidered and embellished with beads and small light points .

The classic fairy tale dress that will leave the groom breathless at the altar.

Bridal corsage dresses

Wedding dresses with tulle skirt

Bridal corsage wedding dresses

Wedding dress with ruffles

Wedding dresses with wide skirt


From the most classic to the most imaginative clothes we come to them too, the colorful wedding dresses, a must also for bridal fashion 2018. The color palette chosen by Rinaudo, however, is still very sophisticated.

For the new 2018 bride catalog, the designer has chosen to focus on classic and dusty nuances like the face powder and the light blue .

Pink wedding dress

Blue wedding dress


There Nicole line is obviously one of the flagships of the new catalog Nicole wedding dresses. To this collection belong many types of dresses, from mermaid to princess dresses with tulle skirt and lace bodice, passing through the soft dresses that slide on the silhouette from the minimal taste , without neglecting the charm of the most contemporary trends.

So also space to asymmetrical wedding dresses and to short dresses. Lace and silk are always protagonists.

Asymmetrical wedding dresses

wedding dress with a tail

Backless wedding dress

Wedding dresses in lace

Wedding dress with long sleeves

Asymmetrical wedding dresses 2018


Even the most simple, sober and minimal dress can have the same charm as a pompous dress, especially if it comes enhanced with a very long tail, a real one train , a detail on which Nicole Spose has invested a lot for 2018.

The aftermaths are extensive , courts and roundish in mermaid and column dresses, much longer sumptuous for dresses with tulle skirts. The train in general it is fascinating and the longer the slimmer the lines of the dresses.

Wedding dress with train

Wedding dress with train

Long train wedding dress

Powder pink wedding dress

Long train dress

Pink powder wedding dress

Wedding dress train 2018


An ethereal color, which refers to the fairy world of fairy tales. Nicole Spose bets on pastel blue for a regal wedding dress, covered with a cascade of white petals or refined floral embroidery, like a modern Cinderella.

Blue wedding dress

Blue wedding dress


Romance is a line of wedding dresses that claims to be romantic but that is really a lot sensual . It is not by chance that this collection includes very tight dresses that highlight the curves, seductive enough but also extremely refined.

Dresses that have made lace and dresses macramé processing a workhorse, with very particular bodices that can also enhance a basic tulle or silk skirt. There are clothes with deep sweetheart neckline , very long trains, fluffy skirts and even Empire style models .

Macramé lace wedding dress

Mermaid lace dress

Wedding dress in lace with tail

Backless wedding dress 2018

Bride mermaid dress with jewel bodice

Empire style wedding dress

Alessandra Rinaudo wedding dress

Embroidered wedding dress

jewel wedding dress

Bustier corsage wedding dress

Heart-shaped corset wedding dress

Wedding dress tulle skirt

Bustier 2018 wedding dress

Bustier wedding dress

Wedding dress in lace


Alessandra Rinaudo, Fashion Designer and Creative Director of Nicole Fashion Group heads the wedding dress brand of Saluzzo (Cuneo). The bridal fashion brand was founded 20 years ago by the passion of its founder for wedding design and currently offers accessories, bridal shoes and 6 bridal lines of which a Bridal Couture. Nicole Spose’s designer is also known for writing the book ‘The Dress of Dreams’ and for being the television face of Real Time and ‘Detto Fatto’, a TV program broadcast on Rai 2.


One is not available price list of all Nicole wedding dresses, but we can give you an indicative idea of the figures after having information directly from those who bought and from the boutiques. Unlike many people think, the Nicole brides dresses have affordable prices, in fact we start from approx 1000 euros of the simplest models with few processes and fabrics not particularly sought after.

Then there are really many models that range between 1500 and 2500 euros , which is usually the spending budget expected by most of the bride and groom. Finally the models really elaborate or with extremely fine fabrics and inserts they can exceed 3 thousand or 4 thousand euros . These are models that require a large amount of work by the seamstresses or have precious elements such as stones or swarovski.


All the clothes in the new Spose Nicole collection are available in the brand’s boutiques, authorized sales points and in the Flagship Stores in Milan and Turin. To find the nearest store, we advise you to consult the ’boutique’ section of the official website and book an appointment to try the dress of your dreams.

Do not miss the new collection of Nicole wedding dresses 2019 that we show you in all its beauty!

For us Alessandra Rinaudo’s wedding dresses like almost everyone with a preference for color and clothes with very long aftermaths. All lines in their own way are particular and refined but some clothes will have struck you more than others. If so, let us know what are your favorite wedding dresses in the new catalog Nicole Sposa 2018 leaving a comment.


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