New solar face Biotherm 2018

Biotherm for the next one summer 2018 promises to give the skin a wonderful summer complexion with two new treatments specific sunscreens .

Brume Solaire Hydratante SPF50 , a moisturizing solar water that protects the skin, followed by Gelée Réparatrice , A refreshing after-sun gel, designed to sublimate the brightness of our tan.

Biotherm solar face 2018

Biotherm solar products


Summer 2018 second Biotherm will be in the name of a radiant tan and uniform but always in the name of protection of the skin in order to effectively combat the damaging action of UV rays.

Lancia so a two-phase treatment specifically designed for the skin of the face, characterized in particular by the Brume Solaire Hydratante SPF50 , a moisturizing and protective solar water. It follows the innovative Gelée Réparatrice , After sun gel from watery and refreshing texture that soothes the skin sublimating the natural brightness of the tan and prolonging it effectively over time.

Innovative and ultra-sensorial, i new solar Biotherm face they have the common denominator Life PlanktonTM , a natural active which helps protect the skin during sun exposure by preserving it from the phenomenon of photoaging.


The first phase of the solar treatment proposed by Biotherm is represented by the Brume Solaire Hydratante SPF 50 , ultra-fresh and moisturizing face spray.

This latest generation solar uses one repairing technology which helps protect the skin from the sun, sea water and wind.

A sunscreen ad refreshing effect that preserves the skin of the face from aging caused by UV rays thanks to a formula is enriched by i moisturizing and protective ingredients .

Among these stands out the Life PlanktonTM with a repairing action and again Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E able to keep the skin perfectly hydrated during and after exposure.

Characterized by a SPF 50 offers a texture similar to water and perfectly transparent which progressively intensifies the resulting tan suitable for all types of skin .

Biotherm spf face spray 50


The second phase sees instead the protagonist Brume Gélée Biotherm Rèparatrice , Regenerating gel with a soothing action, designed to offer intense hydration, allowing the skin to prolong the tan.

Watery, fresh and moisturizing, it gives relief to the skin after sun exposure and returns the right degree of hydration, compensating for the loss.

Formulated with Aloe Vera from the refreshing and soothing properties combined with the Life PlanktonTM represents the winning combination to repair and renew the epidermine by carrying out a antioxidant action thanks to Vitamin E.

It also gives a pleasant one calming effect which helps to soothe any burning, red, or nuisance caused by prolonged sun exposure.

There fresh and dark texture offers all the comfort that the skin needs by providing the right hydration for up to 48 hours and preserving the tanned color in the long run.

Biotherm after sun gel


The two new features of this year are to be added and to complete the collection of solar products from the Biotherm range, which will obviously be available in stores.

Among these we remember Waterlover Sunmilk , the first line of solar Biotherm face and body of conception ecological which has been a great success. You can choose between sunscreens SPF 15, 30 and 50. In addition there is the line of after sun products, sun spray, sun milk, face / body creams and even the new boxes that contain two products (sunscreen and after sun).

Solar Biotherm

Solar Biotherm


The new face sun proposed by Biotherm for the next summer 2018 they are available for purchase at the best perfume shops of the brand distributed throughout the country.

And what are you used for sun before exposing yourself to the sun? Are you curious about the Biotherm news?


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