New Eyeshadows Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows


Make Up For Ever for the next one spring 2018 , expands the already extensive range of eye shadows Artist Color Shadows with 121 new shades adapted to the current trends.

We show you all shades Artist Color Shadows in preview : are you ready to play with color, creating modern and glam combinations?

Make Up For Ever Color Artist Shadow Eyeshadows


Make Up For Ever enriches his permanent line with 121 exclusive shades Artist Color Shadows, ready to make our eye makeup unique.

The iconic eye shadows proposed by the brand, already widely known for the very high pigmentation and the long estate has always been the best solution for those who love customize your make up .

Available in fact in the form of refill , can be inserted inside the Artist Color Refillable Palette , to give life to color palettes perfectly in line with our needs.

The Artist Color Shadows eye shadows they use one particular formula which makes the silky texture and easily blendable, almost buttery. This happens thanks to the massive presence of pigments coated in silicone which increases its smoothness, promoting its adhesion and thus determining one long hold up to 12 hours .

Once again Make Up For Ever offers a professional approach to make up, through a huge one range of shades combined with a series of different finish .

Matte, Satin, iridescent , Diamond e Metallic : every proposed shade is united by a high pigmentation which makes the use simple even for those who do not have the manual skills of an MUA.

Create our own favorite palette , versatile and functional, it will not be a problem thanks to the color range proposed by Make Up For Ever and designed to meet every need, giving space to creativity.

We can in fact create infinite color combinations according to our personal taste for a different eye make-up every day, but always impeccable.


Let’s find out all together 121 shades proposed by the brand for the new highly anticipated eye shadows Artist Color Shadows 2018 .

Make Up For Ever Shadow Artist Color Shadow


The shades proposed by Make Up For Ever for its new ones Color Artist Shadow in total 121, divided according to 5 different finishes . Let’s find out in detail!


Characteristic matte finish consisting of a very high percentage of pigments that ensure a high pigmentation and a hue always homogeneous given by an intense and vibrant color.

The shades proposed by the brand for the opaque eye shadows they are in total 40 , here they are:

  • M-100 Black;
  • M-106 Slate;
  • M-126 Chalk;
  • M-208 Baby Blue;
  • M-322 Khaki;
  • M-402 Mimosa;
  • M-405 Straw Yellow;
  • M-500 Ivory;
  • M-510 Vanilla;
  • M-518 Nude;
  • M-530 Eggshell;
  • M-532 Sugar Coated Candy;
  • M-535 Oat;
  • M-536 Milk Tea;
  • M-540 Gray Beige;
  • M-546 Dark Purple Taupe;
  • M-549 Dark Taupe;
  • M-600 Pink Brown;
  • M-603 Cinnamon;
  • M-608 Red Brown;

Make Up For Ever opaque eye shadows

  • M-619 Espresso;
  • M-631 Cappuccino;
  • M-647 Speculoos;
  • M-650 Cookie;
  • M-705 Canyon;
  • M-720 Apricot;
  • M-732 Orange;
  • M-738 Auburn;
  • M-742 Tomato;
  • M-748 Coral;
  • M-806 Antique Pink;
  • M-820 Dark Purple Pink;
  • M-842 Wine;
  • M-847 Burgundy;
  • M-853 Neon Pink;
  • M-856 Fresh Pink;
  • M-860 Powdery Pink;
  • M-924 Purple;
  • M-928 Eggplant.

Make Up For Ever crazy eye shadows


Delicately bright, the satin finish proposed by Make Up For Ever , looks elegant and refined, never excessive and perfect to be combined with the range of opaque shades present.

The shade satin I’m 16 in total:

  • S-228 Petrol Blue;
  • S-238 Blue Cedar;
  • S-300 Pine Green;
  • S-312 Mint Green;
  • S-314 Nile Green;
  • S-324 Bronze Khaki;
  • S-516 Sand;
  • S-542 Pinky Clay;
  • S-560 Taupe;
  • S-606 Pinky Earth;
  • S-616 Chocolate;
  • S-622 Black Brown;
  • S-628 Reptile;
  • S-632 Hazelnut;
  • S-814 Light Rosewood;
  • S-864 Baby Pink.

Make Up For Ever frosted eyeshadows


The iridescent finish proposed by the brand, it differs from the one satined mainly for the brightness: it represents in fact one balanced compromise between satin and metal , with iridescent effect.

I’m 20 the tone proposed by the brand for this wonderful finish:

  • I-102 Onyx;
  • I-210 Light Turquoise;
  • I-220 Sapphire;
  • I-328 Bronze;
  • I-340 Lime Green;
  • I-414 Yellow Ivory;
  • I-514 Pink Ivory;
  • I-520 Pinky Sand;
  • I-524 Pinky Beige;
  • I-528 Pearl;
  • I-538 Pearly Gray Beige;
  • I-544 Pink Granite;
  • I-648 Golden Fawn;
  • I-662 Amber Brown;
  • I-702 Mahogany;
  • I-722 Mandarin;
  • I-746 Watermelon;
  • I-808 English Pink;
  • I-834 Grape;
  • I-918 Lavender.

Make Up For Ever iridescent eye shadows


The wonderful finish diamond offers an incredible brightness given by a spectacular sparkle finish . The presence of reflective particles makes each multi-faceted eyeshadow and vibrant, almost alive like a diamond.

This finish proposes 19 intense shades :

  • D-104 Black Diamond;
  • D-206 Celestial Blue;
  • D-222 Night Blue;
  • D-236 Lagoon Blue;
  • D-306 Bottle Green;
  • D-308 Aquatic Khaki;
  • D-320 Golden Khaki;
  • D-326 Black Bronze;
  • D-410 Gold Nugget;
  • D-504 Celestial Beige;
  • D-552 Crystalline Gray Beige;
  • D-562 Taupe Platinum;
  • D-652 Celestial Earth;
  • D-712 Crème Brûlée;
  • D-716 Crystalline Papaya;
  • D-750 Frosted Peach;
  • D-826 Fig;
  • D-830 Black Rose;
  • D-926 Blueberry.

Make Up For Ever diamond eyeshadows


Conclude the overview of Color Artist Shadows MUFE , the eye shadows made up of the finish metal : bright and intense offer an intense mirror effect simulating the molten metal on the eyelids.

Available in 26 different shades :

  • ME-108 Steel;
  • ME-116 Silver;
  • ME-122 Snow;
  • ME-202 Iceberg Blue;
  • ME-216 Electric Blue;
  • ME-224 Navy Blue;
  • ME-230 Peacock Blue;
  • ME-232 Turquoise Blue;
  • ME-302 Peacock;
  • ME-304 Emerald;
  • ME-310 Fir Tree Green;
  • ME-338 Acidic Green;
  • ME-400 Buttercup;
  • ME-512 Golden Beige;
  • ME-554 Gunmetal;
  • ME-612 Silver Brown;
  • ME-614 Graphite Brown;
  • ME-624 Black Gold;
  • ME-644 Iced Brown;
  • ME-654 Cauldron;
  • ME-728 Copper Red;
  • ME-734 Tangerine;
  • ME-828 Garnet Black;
  • ME-840 Pink Chrome;
  • ME-912 Orchid;
  • ME-930 Black

Make Up For Ever metallic eye shadows


All the Artist Color Shadows eye shadows proposed by Make Up For Ever will be available starting from January / February 2018 at the Sephora perfumeries present on the national territory.

You can also make purchases online in THIS PAGE where you can also find the Artist Color Refillable Palette , magnetic and customizable with your favorite eye shadows.

The US price for every single refill it is of 17:00 $ , about 16,00 € .

And do you like the new MUFE eyeshadows? Have you already chosen your favorite shades?



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