New clay masks Pura L’Oreal: anti imperfections and energizing

Skin full of imperfections or off and stressed? L’Oreal Paris expands the range of Pure Clay face masks with two super news, absolutely to try!


Simple, pleasant and effective: new generation face masks , in fabric or not, have entered the skincare routine of every woman.

To the beloved ones face masks Pure Clay L’Oreal Purifying, Exfoliating and Detox, released last year, two new face masks are now added: Anti Imperfections lemon yuzu e Energizing seaweed.

l'oreal pure clay masks

Like the others already in the range, the new L’Oreal masks associate their key assets with special ones mineral clays that give a purer and more beautiful skin day by day.

Specifically, within the L’Oreal face mask we find the Kaolin , which is a very concentrated silicate mineral clay, known to absorb impurities and excess sebum. Then the Montmorillonite which is instead a clay with a high concentration of silicon, which purifies and rebalances the skin, reducing imperfections. Finally, clay is also present in the Argilla Pura masks Ghassoul , of volcanic origin, which is very concentrated in trace elements and is known to help illuminate the color and give brightness.

face masks l'oreal

The two new textures proposed by the French brand enrich the L’Oreal facial treatment line, able to respond more and more to the specific needs of each skin .

Furthermore, mixing the masks of the Pure Clay line you can create a multi-masking ritual which allows you to simultaneously meet the needs of different areas of the face.

The application of face masks then becomes customizable: each specific area can receive a different and specific treatment for its needs.

The five Clay Pura L’Oreal masks can also be used together 2-3 times a week , for a skin free of impurities, smooth, luminous and energized.

Let’s find out in detail all the features of the two new masks L’Oreal Pure Clay!


The Anti Imperfzioni Argilla Pura is the new one ultra-soft mask to the extract of seaweed .

This alga is known for its purifying properties which, associated with the three mineral clays, acts in a targeted manner on the black points and shrinks pores leaving the skin cleansed and perfected, without drying it.

Immediately the skin turns out cleansed, purified and opacified . With constant use, day after day, the pores appear less visible and restricted and the skin breathes, resulting visibly transformed, without imperfections.

the oreal mask anti imperfections


Innovative mask-scrub characterized by the presence in formula of the extract of lemon yuzu , known for its uniforming properties.

This portentous ingredient, together with Kaolin, Montmorillonite and Ghassoul, gently exfoliate the skin of the face, gives an energizing effect, uniforms the complexion and enhances its color natural brightness .

Immediately after the first application of the L’Oreal energizing mask, we note the brighter, uniform and softer skin , with a healthy complexion. After several applications, the skin appears energized, the most uniform and radiant complexion of radiance.

mask the energizing oreal


The brand new face masks of the line L’Oreal Pure Clay they are already available for purchase in a practical jar 50 ml . This format, ideal for 10 applications, is on sale at the recommended price of 10.00 euros .

If you can not find the masks in the shops, we would like to point out that all Argilla Pura L’Oreal products can be made buy online too on Amazon in this page .

What do you think of these new face mask L’Oreal Paris? Have you already tried the previous versions? We await your comments!


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