New Avon Gel Finish glazes

Our hands talk about us, they tell us who we are! The way we move them, the care with which we take care of them, the color of enamel we choose … all these elements reveal to the world the most hidden secrets of our personality. This is why it is essential to dedicate the necessary time to them, so that they can represent us in the best possible way!

Avon , absolute leader in Italy and in the world in the direct sales of cosmetic products, is once again alongside women and takes care of their beauty: they are born in this way brand new Gel Finish glazes that guarantee , already from the first application, a beauty salon finish , for a perfect manicure, summer proof!

The extraordinary ultralucid gel effect gives the nails an impeccable appearance and a full-bodied and shining color as never seen before.
New Avon Gel Finish glazes

The new ones Avon’s Gel Finish glazes they guarantee amazing manicures and pedicures, thanks to 5 elements / benefits that characterize them :
Formula 3-in-1 : base, intense color and top coat in a single product;
Gloss gel effect : super glossy finish that strengthens nails;
Rich color : full coverage and intense shade in one application;
Without UV lamp : gives a surprising finish gel effect without the need to use the UV lamp;
Removable with a normal polish.

Avon Gel Finish glazes are available in 18 beautiful shades fashionable, to satisfy all tastes and meet all the needs.
New Avon Gel Finish glazes

Let’s discover together these 18 eye-catching nuances of Avon’s Gel Finish glazes:
Barely There ;
Dazzle Pink ;
Envy ;
Fabulous ;
New Avon Gel Finish glazes

Firecracker ;
Glimmer ;
Lavander sky ;
limoncello ;
New Avon Gel Finish glazes

Marine Blue ;
Mudslide ;
Orange Crush ;
Parfait Pink ;
New Avon Gel Finish glazes

Purplicious ;
Roses are Red ;
Royal Vendetta ;
Sheer Love ;
New Avon Gel Finish glazes

Sterling ;
Wine & Dine Me .
New Avon Gel Finish glazes

Below are the swatches of three of the new Avon glazes: New Avon Gel Finish glazes  New Avon Gel Finish glazes  New Avon Gel Finish glazes

THE new Avon Gel Finish glazes I’m already available at a price of 8.50 euros each . for 12ml of product . If you are interested in buying, you can contact the Avon Hostess closest to you.

What do you think of these glazes from the gel formulation? Have you already tried them? Let us know your opinions!

New Avon Gel Finish glazes

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