Neve Cosmetics Pop Society: spring summer 2015 makeup

It is super colored and clearly inspired by the 80s the new Neve Cosmetics Pop Society makeup collection, which we offer you with photos of all the products, review and look. Neve Cosmetics Pop Society


With Pop Society Neve Cosmetics creates a hymn to carefree , to the desire to dare, to more styles whimsical and audacious that mix, for an amazing result!


As recounted from the house of mineral makeup number one in Italy, this new spring summer 2015 make up line is a world in which the elegance index is given by the personality, the color becomes status-symbol and luxury is a pop expression.


The collection Pop Society Neve Cosmetics It is super colorful and fun, loves to play on contrasts and amaze with over-the-top looks. The line consists of four mineral eye shadows with lively reflections, two mineral blush transparent and modular and four TwoBaci lipstick pencils from reckless contrasts.



The entire collection of Neve Cosmetics summer 2015, like all the products of the Piedmontese cosmetics company, is vegan , free of parabens , petrolatum is silicones .



The Pop Society Neve Cosmetics packaging is the classic of the snow mineral lines, with a touch of color that makes this limited edition collection truly unique.

The lids of the jars are in fact a beautiful one acid green lit with ‘Neve Cosmetics’ of a beautiful purple cyclamen ad ‘pixel’ effect , in full 80s style.

snow cosmetics pop society


Let’s take a closer look at this collection Snow spring summer 2015, with swatches e product test with look !

snow cosmetics summer 2015 collection MINERAL EYES POP SOCETY

The Mineral eye shadows they are four, they have intense and iridescent colors , perfect to better interpret the glam style of the 80s. For this line Neve Cosmetics aims to red, purple, brown and blue , to be mixed without limiting the imagination!

Every nuance is rich in reflections and unique reflections , very difficult to render in pictures, but which are released once the eye shadows touch the eyelids, especially in wet version, because naturally like all the mineral eye shadows in free powder, those of Pop Society are perfect for one wet and dry use .

eye shadows powder snow cosmetics pop society

eye shadows powder snow cosmetics pop society


The eye shadows of the Neve makeup collection, as anticipated, are four: a purple with glitter pink, copper and blue, one coppery red , a blue jeans e d a beautiful one warm brown with green duochrome.

eye shadows powder snow cosmetics pop society

eyeshadows snow cosmetics pop society

Here are the swatches, on the left you see the eyeshadows in dry version while on the right in wet version , applied strictly without primer .

In order, from left to right, the eye shadows are Yuppie , Leggings , Compilation is videogame .

swatches eyeshadows snow cosmetics pop society


The mineral eye shadow Compilation is a red from the copper undertone with strawberry-colored reflexes , a truly new nuance that will bring out the best green eyes . The name chosen by Neve is emblematic: remember the mythical music cassettes ‘Homemade’ in which at the time they were collected hit of the season !

The color is intense, pigmented and vibrant : I would have hoped for a shade of pure red, but this eye shadow turns more to copper, a nuance that however I like very much! As indeed you will surely remember I love red eyeshadows !

eyeshadow compilation snow cosmetics

eyeshadow compilation snow cosmetics

swatch eyeshadow compilation snow cosmetics


Popular in the 80s and back in fashion today, but with a new name ” leggings “, The fuseaux were in the coolest stretch pants of the decade of reference for Pop Society . The sporty chic style of this cloth relives in the Fuseaux eyeshadow, duochrome aubergine hot with lilac periwinkle reflections .

In this case we find ourselves in front of a very special and intense eyeshadow, of a beautiful one purple color infused with very thin pink glitter , copper and blue, which make the nuance really special.

Applying this eye shadow I noticed that it changes a lot depending on the light and sometimes it almost looks like a brown , especially if compared to others in the Neve Cosmetics Pop Society line.

eyeshadow fuseaux snow cosmetics

eyeshadow fuseaux snow cosmetics

swatch eyeshadow fuseaux snow cosmetics


THE videogame they started to turn heads, our brothers, friends and cousins ​​in the 80s. The mineral brand pays homage to this game, which has become for many a true “philosophy of life”, with a mineral eye shadow from the color golden brown with burgundy undertones, orange and fuchsia pixels, enriched, according to Neve, by interference acid green.

The description for this eye shadow, that is definitely my favorite of the series , could not be more appropriate. The glitter is intense and clearly visible, the color is warm, intense and pigmented , a real lamina of intense color on the eyelids that leaves open-mouthed!

eyeshadow videogame snow cosmetics

eyeshadow videogame snow cosmetics

swatch eyeshadow videogame snow cosmetics


Who are the yuppie ? They were the ‘fighetti’ of the ’80s, those that we could compare today hipster (even if the style is definitely different!), young rampant Career fashionistas who stood out! Just like their dedicated eyeshadow, a duochrome blue jeans with green satin finish.

Yuppie is actually a nice colored jeans , even if compared to the others in the series results lighter and less magnetic . In any case, he thinks he can donate a lot to brown-eyed girls , creating a beautiful contrast.

eyeshadow yuppie snow cosmetics

eyeshadow videogame snow cosmetics

swatches eyeshadow yuppie snow cosmetics


Snow Makeup defines these two cheek blusher ‘Transparent and modular’. The colors proposed are trendy and pop , perfectly in line with the rest of the makeup collection summer 2015 proposal. blush minerals snow cosmetics pop society

blush minerals snow cosmetics pop society

blush minerals snow cosmetics pop society

swatches blush minerals snow cosmetics pop society


The mineral blush Poster recalls the posters of the pop star hanging in the room of every teen of the time, those who, despite everything, still many of us continue to hang with pride! Poster has a color pink orange brick with mauve highlights.

I find this unique and spectacular color , really different from all those I’ve tried in the last period. In this blush warm color and cold reflections they blend together for a truly effective result.

mineral blush poster snow cosmetics


Smiles, on the other hand, are the icons that we love to exchange even today smartphone, a smile, a vintage icon that is still current! Here is the Smile mineral blush, from peach color transparent with pink reflections: a great classic always in fashion!

This Snow blush has a almost metallic coppery color , which I find is beautiful for the summer, ideal to do shine the skin kissed by the sun.

mineral blush smile snow cosmetics


Duebaci lipstick pencils are a happy return for the totally natural brand Neve Cosmetics! We had already adored their formulation in the extra dark nuances of the collection Baroque Mystery , and today we can admire them again in four variants pop for summer 2015!

Duebaci lipstick pencils are double: on one side they have one lip pencil , from the harder mine and the darker color, designed to draw the lip contour, and on the other a bigger and bigger one creamy , in a lighter shade, to color the lips. In this way it is possible create effects of ombre lips really trendy!

pencils lips snow cosmetics pop society

There are four nuances: a fucisa – red , a mauve – beige , a peach – apricot it’s a orange – coral .

pencils lips snow cosmetics pop society

pencils lips snow cosmetics pop society


Neve Cosmetics probably cites the pop star Madonna with his famous song “Material girl” with this product lips designed to create shadows pastel peach colored lips . The boundary mine is colored dark warm fishing while the other is light pink peach.

I thought this color would not have been good, but I find it really nice and easy to wear, ideal for spring 2015. The color is pop, but does not create an excessive effect. Also, to be a light color, I find it really long lasting!


swatch duebaci neve cosmetics material

swatch duebaci neve cosmetics material


Opulent and luxurious as the economic boom of the ’80s is the Duebaci Money lip pencil, created by Neve to create shadows lips red orange fluo . The two contrasting pencils include a mine fire red for the side dish and one tropical orange to fill your lips.

This is definitely the most vibrant and summery Duebaci pencil, because it combines two very intense shades of orange . This color, like all those of this kind, tends a little to yellow the teeth, but I think it is fantastic in the summer , with tanned skin!


swatch duebaci snow cosmetics money

swatch duebaci snow cosmetics money


Dazzling and powerful just like its name, Power , suggests, for this combo of Matiton, the Duebaci lips ideal for creating a plumping effect with shadows red lips and fuchsia fluo. The nuances proposed are indeed an intense one strawberry red combined with a cold neon fuchsia.

Also in this case we find fluorescent nuance , really vibrant. If, however, with the other variants I had no problem in bringing the two mines together for one delicate tone-on-tone shaded effect , in this case the color difference is very obvious so I think the mix is ​​more suitable for daring girls or special occasions and looks.

Personally I do not like the contrast so marked between colors, but I think the nuances are beautiful , original and long-lasting, so I bring them both alone on all the lips: they have excellent performances!


swatch duebaci snow cosmetics power

swatch duebaci snow cosmetics power


“Like a Virgin” is another famous song by Madonna of the 80s, maybe this is the call of Snow for the two more color kisses sober and delicate ? The ombre lips effect of Virgin is beige mauve , designed to give a natural but extremely sophisticated volume. The contrasting shades proposed are dark mauve is cold beige .

Virgin is undoubtedly my favorite color: a ‘greige’ tone very useful fashion , which fits perfectly in the category of my “lipstick of dreams”. The color is particular but it does not have a too washed out effect , also on me that I am very clear, it is easy to carry and it lasts a lot, even surviving a light meal.


swatch duebaci snow cosmetics

swatch snow cosmetics virgin


I created different looks using the products of the 2015 summer makeup line Neve Cosmetics, and among all, what I propose is definitely my favorite .

For this make up I used almost exclusively Neve Cosmetics products, such as the eyebrow pencil Manga Brows in the darker color, for marcarle and make them more ‘important’ just as it was done in the ’80s, as well as the concealer concealer , in the variant Guava , perfect to disguise the dark circles, which in my case are very marked.

On the cheeks I applied the beautiful mineral blush Poster Which I must say surprised me for the duration on your face while on the lips I applied my favorite product of Pop Society, the Duebaci Virgin pencil .

make up snow cosmetics pop society

On the eyes, after spreading an eye shadow base, I applied my favorite color on the eyelid videogame , wet version, while in the first part of the eye I faded with the purple Fuseaux . In the outer corner I then faded Dry compilation , to then intensify the attachment of the eyelashes with the Biomatite Pastel Planet , which is part of the Future Perfect eye pencils line.


The new collection Neve Cosmetics make up spring 2015 is already available for purchase on website Neve Cosmetics from April 22nd 2015 . You will find this limited edition also in the shops that sell Neve Cosmetics . The price of the Pop Society make-up products? 7.90 euros for mineral eye shadows, 12.90 euros for the mineral blush is 8.90 euros for the double lips double lips .


As always, Neve Cosmetics loves its consumers, for this reason it proposes the new spring summer collection Pop society in special offer. In fact, at this moment all the products of this 2015 spring summer makeup collection are on special offer with a 20% discount. The mineral eye shadows they cost indeed 6.32 euros , i mineral blush 10.32 euros and i Duebaci lipsticks 7.12 euros . Furthermore, the Shipping fees they cost only 1 euro !

Snow lips pencils

The new makeup collection inspires you Neve Cosmetics 2015 ? Let us know your opinions in the comments!

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