Neogothic Neve Cosmetics makeup collection: review, swatches

The new one arrives Neogothic Neve Cosmetics collection that reveals us the dark side of beauty through original and mysterious tones.

A trick line from Gothic style that will accompany us during the cold season.

Discover with us, in preview, the new make up collection Snow autumn winter 2017 2018 with live photos, reviews, opinions and swatches.

Neogothic Neve Cosmetics

Neogothic Neve Cosmetics

Neogothic Neve collection

Neogothic Neve Cosmetics


The magic is in the eye of the beholder “. From here the inspiration of Neve Cosmetics for the creation of the new mystery Neogothic collection .

Magic, occult symbols and spells are the ingredients of one fantasy fairy tale dark and sensual. Thus, deep, dark and enveloping shades become the protagonists of a make-up collection Fall Winter 2017 that sees the eye in the foreground and magically intense and vibrant lips.

The new Neve Cosmetics Neogothic collection leads us between dark and decidedly rock atmosphere perfectly in line with current trends. neogothic she is ready to unveil the character and personality of each of us through the spell of color.

Pastel eyes and lips intense and determined ready to enhance our make-up. New vibrant and dark pods in wafer perfect to achieve the most daring combinations.

Blush that enhances an ethereal and regal complexion accompanied by a iridescent gloss absolutely magical.

Once again Neve Cosmetics it amazes, breaking the mold and turning every rule into an elegant exception. Let’s find out all the products of the new collection Neogothic Neve Cosmetics .

Neogothic Neve Cosmetics

Neogothic Neve collection

Neogothic Snow

Neogothic Neve Cosmetics

Neogothic Snow Pencils


The collection Neogothic Neve Cosmetics opens with a Gloss Vernissage that makes you believe in spells!

It is proposed in the only shade The Magic Circle , a bronze duochrome with gold pearlescence on a black base. It can be used alone for a bright and vinyl lips make-up or applied over a lipstick or Pastel Lips to enhance the color with a very bright effect.

Gloss Neogothic Neve Cosmetics

Neogothic Neve Cosmetics Gloss Vernissage

Its comfortable formula, enriched with Macadamia nut oil and pomegranate extract, deeply moisturizes giving turgidity to the lips.

Looking at the swatch you can see the particularity of the nuance, its brilliance and the fullness of the color. It is not sticky. Once applied to the lips there is a feeling of absolute comfort and softness. The Magic Circle it’s definitely the gloss Vernissage that will make everyone fall in love!

Neogothic Neve Cosmetics Gloss Vernissage


In each Neve Cosmetics collection can not miss the pastel lips pencils , which combine the intensity of the typical color of a lipstick with the precision of a pencil.

Soft and flowing, the pastel lips ensure optimal color release and a always homogeneous application . There renewed formula of the new Snow pencils sees the seal increased for an even more intense and vibrant color.

Neogothic snow pencils lips

There Neogothic Collection offers three new beautiful shades :

Symbol: light beige with warm amber undertone. A light nuance but very intense, beautiful when combined with a dark smokey eyes. Perfect also for a fall or winter day makeup.

Symbol lip lips Snow

Swatch Symbol Snow pencil

Witch: intense purple with magenta undertone. A sophisticated shade, not for all. A dark and vibrant color, beautiful for a gothic makeup made of pale complexion.

Witch lip pencil Snow

Swatch pencil Witch Snow

Mandrake: nude rosé meat. A simple color to wear, which easily combines with any look and complexion.

Mandragora lip pencil Snow

Swatch pencil Mandragora Neve


Neve Cosmetics , in its NeoGothic Collection proposes a new shade also for what concerns i Blush in pod .

There Court shade , an original red sunset with ruby ​​undertone, extremely modular, is the perfect shade to characterize the classic ” effect bonne mine “Enhancing a diaphanous and regal incarnation. Has a satin finish .

Blush NeoGothic Snow

Blush NeoGothic Snow

The pressed powders thin and impalpable allow a optimal release of pigments , as you can see from the swatch, guaranteeing perfect color construction.

It can be blend and stratify easily to obtain a more or less accentuated coloring. IS’ very writing so it is good to proceed dosing the color carefully. It is a beautiful color to be applied to light skin tones.

Swatches Blush Neogothic Neve Cosmetics


The Eyeshadows in pods proposed for the collection Neogothic Neve Cosmetics born to make an intense, magical and mysterious eye make-up. Silky textures and very bright finish determine unique nuances of their kind and ready to enchant.

Never like in this collection the writing is at the highest levels . Each waffle contains 3g of color. They can be used for dry or wet (wet & dry). There are three shades proposed, let’s see them closely.

HERO EYESHADOW: duochrome on black base with intense blue reflections. The color of the nights of waning moon. Satin finish.

Hero NeoGothic Eyeshadow Snow

Hero NeoGothic Eyeshadow Snow

Give her photo you can see the extreme pigmentation of this eye shadow. His colour night blue it is super intense and opaque. This result is obtained by applying the dry eyeshadow.

You succeed in blend easily and has excellent resistance. It is an ideal color for those with black or brown eyes and allows to create a glacial makeup on blue, cerulean or gray eyes. It lends itself very well to smokey eyes .

We show you the swatches both in natural white light, where the fullness of the color is noticed, and under the light of the sun where the blue / blue reflections emerge.

Swatch eyeshadow Hero Snow
Hero Snow Eyeshadow in natural light
Neogothic Snow Hero Eyeshadow
Hero Snow Eyeshadow in sunlight

MELUSINE EYESHADOW: creamy black accompanied by reflections anthracite . Has a satin finish with soft and delicate brightness.

Melusine NeoGothic Eyeshadow Snow

Melusine NeoGothic Eyeshadow Snow

If you like to use the black eyeshadow for eye makeup, you will love Melusine very much. It’s a black – anthracite dark gray really intense, extremely writing at the first touch.

It is not an opaque eye shadow: its color is vibrant and luminous if placed in the sunlight. This feature, however, does not compromise the fullness of the color, as you can see from the swatches.

It is an ideal shade for any color of iris : from green / blue eyes to black / brown eyes.

Melusine mineral snow shadow with white natural light
Melusine Snow Eyeshadow
Melusine eyeshadow Snow under the sunlight

EYESHADOW PROPHECY: bronze with burgundy undertones with golden micro-sparkles and green pearlescence. It has a sparkling, brilliant finish.

Prophecy NeoGothic Eyeshadow Snow

Prophecy NeoGothic Eyeshadow Snow

The eye shadow more particular of the collection is undoubtedly Prophecy. It has not a single color but on the contrary it is characterized by many facets that you notice based on how light reflects on the texture. Only tilting the wafer the change in tone is perceived: from bronze to very bright green.

We have achieved different swatches to show you how the eye shadow looks like in natural light and how it changes subject at the light of the Sun . In the latter case, the green pearlescence and the color becomes vibrant and bright. We fell in love with this eye shadow, a real must have!

Prophecy eye shadow Snow in natural light
Prophecy eye shadow Snow in natural light
Prophecy eyeshadow Snow sunlight
Prophecy eye shadow Snow in sunlight

All the eye shadows of the new Neve Neogothic collection have one creamy texture , soft to the touch, It looks like butter , super sensory. The smoothness and fading of the powders is incredible, despite the dark colors. Plus the pigmentation is extreme for all the shades of the line.

Here are the swatches of the three eye shadows juxtaposed with natural white light. A marvel for our eyes!

Snow Neogothic swatches


They conclude the Snow makeup collection fall winter 2017 , three new ones Pastel Kajal Eyeliner with vibrating nuances and perfectly matched with capsule pods eyeshadows.

A flowing formula with high pigmentation determines a remarkable shading and the optimal adhesion to the eyelid. They can be used both as kajal or eyeliner to intensify the look or how bases for eyeshadow applied later.

Neogothic snow pencils eyes

The three new shades available are:

Knight: green tobacco combined with black sepia.

Knight Neogothic Snow Eye Pencil

Snow Knight Pencil

Sword: gold with neutral / cold undertone with opal reflections.

Sword eye pencil Neogothic Snow

Gold eye pencil Snow Sword
Gold eye pencil Neve Sword, natural white light
Sword pencil Snow gold color
Pencil Sword Neve, photography in the sunlight

Dagger: intense green agate with bronze reflections.

Dagger eye pencil Snow Neogothic

Green Dagger Snow Eye Pencil


With the new winter collection, Neve recommends using the customizable palette , very useful for storing i eye shadow and blush refill . It is practical and compact, comfortable to carry in a bag, resistant and also super fashion with its purple – lilac color. It is part of the permanent line.

Neogothic snow

All the products in the line are Made in Italy , vegetarian & vegan, without silicones, petrolatum and parabens. Also they are cruelty-free : absolutely not tested on animals!


Neogothic Neve is a collection sophisticated and from high performance verifiable for all the products in the line.

Neve Cosmetics has raised the bar of quality of its cosmetics, thanks to the new formulation of pastel lips and eyes and to the hyper-pigmentation of eye shadows and also of the blush. In addition it has introduced a gloss Vernissage with irresistible coloring, a shade never seen before, absolutely unique .

The Magic Circle it is definitely the product must have of the collection. But it is not the only one.

Eyeshadows Hero is Melusine they have a creamy and nuanced texture that makes the application and an unmatched writing easy. These features make them perfect for smoky eyes. Those who love this type of strong makeup can not let them escape.

Prophecy is the dedicated eyeshadow to those who love refinement : an iridescent shade that changes according to light, very particular. Like The Magic Circle, it has a truly unique coloring, for true beauty addicts!

Pastel snow pencils replace a long-lasting lipstick. This is their great strength. Thanks to the new formula they are more pigmented, more durable and more flowing. Which one to choose among the new releases? It is only for the organic lip pencils and for the pastel eyes a matter of taste related to colors. The same high quality distinguishes each color. Surely the most original are the lip pencil Witch and the eye pencil Sword .

Finally, the blush, although very intense and dark enough, its tone is fine on clear or very light incarnates . In general the whole collection is ideal just for the winter period when the skin is lighter and the tones are duller. It is the perfect collection for those who appreciate the dark look from gothic lady , for those who use dark colors and for those who have a diaphanous skin!

We fell in love with this new Snow make-up collection and we would like to recommend you every product!


The new Neogothic Collection proposed by Neve Cosmetics It can be purchased from 7 November 2017 on the official site of the brand and at all Snow retail store .

The output is accompanied by a launch offer that with all the products 15% discount and shipping costs only 1.99 euros ! The promotion will be active until November 20th.

We hope ours review with swatches of all the cosmetics in the collection you can use it to choose your favorite products.

What do you think of this new Neve Cosmetics collection? Let us know your opinions!


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