Naked Smoky Urban Decay Palette: Photo

When Urban Decay launches a new palette on the market the world stops and do not talk about anything else, just like it happened these days with the new Naked Smoky Palette, the latest proposal for eye makeup of the American make-up colossus.

The Naked Smoky palette by Urban Decay is an irresistible novelty for the summer 2015 dedicated to lovers of the intense and fascinating looks , smoky eyes, in the ‘nude’ version.

After the incredible success he had indeed with the Naked classic , replied by Naked 2 and amplified by Naked 3 and from two Naked Basics is Naked Basics 2 , the American brand has decided to give an extra twist to the sober style of the world of the palette of nude eye shadows par excellence , proposing a new intriguing variant characterized by ideal colors to achieve smoky tricks great opportunity.

Naked Smoky Urban Decay

Urban Decay Naked Smoky


Like all the Naked series pallets the pack is in solid and glossy material , gray shaded, and shows the writing Naked Smoky. There closure of the palette is magnetized and very comfortable, moreover this novelty, like the others, contains 12 eye shadows , a maxi mirror e a double eye shadow brush , one for application and one for shade.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette


As already anticipated the shadow of the new Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette is 12, this time arranged in small groups of 4 according to the finish, which are in the Urban Decay palette pearly, satin and opaque : let’s discover them together!


High , beige rose super shimmer;
Dirtysweet , pearly light gold, without glitter;
Radar , medium warm brown with gold glitter (already proposed in the Vice palette 2 );
Amor , pearly dove gray with silver glitter (already present in the Vice palette)


Slanted , satin silver with little glitter;
Dagger , dark gray with micro glitter;
Black Market , black satin with micro glitter (already proposed in the Vice palette);
smolder , purple satin with micro glitter.

Naked Smoky palette


Password , gray with matt brown undertone;
Whiskey , opaque warm brown;
Reaction to fire , matt pinkish beige;
Thirteen , matt white beige.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette


To be able to immerse ourselves even more in the world of smoky palette Urban Decay, the brand offers one spectacular presentation video : let’s watch it and dream together!

Naked Smoky Urban Decay palette


Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette will be available for purchase in the American shops starting from July 2015 , while it could arrive in Italy already starting from August 2015 . As it happens for all the Urban Decay beauty outlets, Naked Smoky will be on sale exclusively at the Sephora perfumeries , as well as on This Page , where you can find all Urban Decay products and also take advantage of special offers and discounts !

How much does Urban Decay Naked Smoky? In USA it will cost around 54 dollars , while in Italy its price will be of around 50 euros , just like the others of the successful Naked series.

The palette inspires you Naked Smoky Urban Decay ? You will buy it or do you prefer to focus on something else? Let us know your opinions in the comments!

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