Nail Polishes Studio Nails Fashion Sticker by Essence

 There sticker mania is now depopulated: in how many of you can no longer do without the adhesive glazes ?

They are easy to apply, they do not splinter, they are shiny and always perfect, they do not even need to be dried and lasted for weeks.

Together we have already discovered i Sephora Nail Patch and the Only You Nail Sticker by Marionnaud, today we present the new and colorful patterns Studio Nails Fashion Sticker of Essence , which are described with one word: irresistible!

Each pack contains the necessary to make a complete manicure, ie 14 different sized stickers that are suitable for all fingernails, from the thumb to the little finger. They are 14 instead of 10 because, in case of error, we have stocks to remedy.

Essence offers colorful designs to choose from: zebra, spotted, blended, striped, multicolor … there is something for everyone. Studio Nails Fashion Sticker they are not only beautiful but also cheap, they cost about 2.00 euros per pack.

Once the fantasy has been chosen Studio Nails what you want is nothing left but to proceed with the application. It is important that the nails are dry and clean and that they have no residues of creams or lotions, so that the stickers can adhere to the best and last longer.

As a first step you have to choose the most suitable size for the nail from which you want to start, then you will gradually join the stickers remaining to the remaining nails. So it is necessary to withdraw it sticker from the package and apply it from the rounded part right to the root of the nail. With a slight pressure you have to spread the adhesive on the nail making it adhere perfectly. The adhesive part in excess of the size of the nail must be bent by pressing on the end of the nail and then eliminated. You can help yourself with a lime, gently filing down. The procedure must be repeated on all the nails and you’re done!

Sometimes it can happen that the adhesive glazes they are too big compared to the size of their nails, in these cases it is good to cut the stickers with a scissors before applying them. How to eliminate them? THE Nails Stickers they are easily removed with acetone, like the classic liquid glazes.

Studio Nails Fashion Sticker of Essence guarantee a perfect seal for 5 days and allow you to create a manicure with an intense, bright and uniform color. In the pictures you can see the many design varieties among which you can choose. So what do you think?

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