Nail art with lettering, words, parchment

Nail art with lettering Today I want to present you a very simple Nail Art with written made thanks to the brand new disk Mo You and to the technique of stamping .

A Nail Art with stamping inspired by the poetry of an ancient one parchment written with ink and pen, a poem that today seems so far from us … an old woman parchment that maybe reports a secret message or le words of a distant love.

Nice to travel with fantasy, right?

But now let’s keep our feet on the ground and see how to make this delicious Nail art with lettering made with lo stamping Mo You .

This all you need to make the nail art with writing, like parchment:
– sponge for Nail Art;
– basic enamel;
– mustard polish;
– brown enamel tending to red;
– Mo You black enamel;
– Mo You top coat;
– disk n. 97 Mo You;
– timbrino and spatolina Mo You.
nail art mo you
stamping mo you

Here are the steps to follow in order to recreate this Nail Art with lettering made with the technique of Stamping.

FIRST STEP: roll out the base and let it dry well.

SECOND STEP: dab on the entire nail mustard-colored enamel, blend carefully and with the sponge tapped to create small ripples to give a rough effect.
Nail Art Parchment
Nail Art written

THIRD STEP: with the brown / red enamel and the enamel-colored sponge you go to dab only once in some areas, as if to dirty the mustard without covering it.
Nail Art words

FOURTH STEP: with the black Mo You nail polish, use the pen-style design on the tongue and stamp it on the nails in an imprecise, even a little disordered manner, to give a nice effect of movement to the Nail Art.

FIFTH STEP: pass the top coat Mo you and the Nail Art with the words is made!
nail art cursive lettering

You like this stamping Nail Art Mo You with words and writings like parchment?

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What do you think? You like it?

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