Nail Art Valentine 2018: 60 beautiful ideas

Need a perfect look for one special evening in the company of the person we love. The theme decorated nails can not miss, for this we offer a roundup of beautiful Valentine’s day nail art ideas .

We have collected a selection of the most original nail art dedicated to Valentine’s Day , all in the name of romance and love!

Valentine's day nail art

Nail art Valentine's Day

Nail art Valentine's Day

Valentine's day red nail art

Valentine's Day nail art 2018

Valentine's day decoration nails 2018

Valentine's Day nail art 2018

Valentine's day red gold nail art


THE hearts I have always been synonymous with love, affection, passion, tenderness, desire. This is why the heart becomes the protagonist of the nail art more suggestive dedicated to Valentine’s day . From the drawn hearts, to the 3d hearts, concentric hearts and hearts with Cupid’s arrow.

The common thread of nail art with hearts? They are all strictly proposed in pink and red , perfect colors to celebrate this romantic anniversary !

Nail art hearts Valentine's Day 2018

Nail art pink hearts Valentine's Day

Nail art Valentine's Day 2018

Micropittura hearts nail art

Valentine's Day nail art 2018

Valentine's day nail art

Valentine's day nail art

Valentine's day nail art red hearts

Valentine's day nail art accent

Valentine's day nail art heart fimo

Valentine's day nail art fuchsia heart


Valentine’s day it is not only represented by the classic, more or less stylized hearts. They are particularly suitable for more sentimental manicures , also the flowers, strictly proposed in pastel shades .

The most used flowers are definitely the roses definitely symbol of love and of the passion between engaged couples. Red roses or pink roses combined with french manicure . Which are made in micropittura with one stroke technique, created through the use of nail stencil , or simple decals, represent one elegant and effective nail art .

Valentine's day nail art flowers

Valentine's day nail art rose

Nail art roses Valentine's Day

Nail art flowers Valentine's Day

Nail art micropittura Valentine roses

Nail art red flowers Valentine's Day

Valentine's day floral nail art

Nail art Valentine decals

Nail art decals Valentine's Day


Simple to achieve, the nail art with lettering for Valentine’s Day, they represent a decidedly original idea.

Through the manicure, we can indeed communicate short messages of love , ready to hit the heart. Among the most used words we find: love, love, I love you, kiss, save me, like. The letters they can be drawn with a thin nail art brush or with a stencil.

Valentine's day nail art with lettering

nail art with Valentine's day lettering

nail art Valentine's day lettering

St. Valentine's Day Nail Art

text Nail art Valentine


Delicate, elegant and refined romantic nail art depict extremely feminine decorations such as bows, bears, little hearts, stars.

Accompany often from glitter and crystal applications , they are versatile and discreet but always of considerable aesthetic impact. Once again pastel shades characterize these very light decorations, suitable to make fall in love with anyone of our hands!

Valentine's day romantic nail art

romantic Valentine's nail art

romantic nail art Valentine hearts

romantic nail art Valentine's bows

romantic nail art Valentine's Day bear

Valentine's day bear art nail

romantic art nail pattern Valentine's Day

Valentine's pastel nail art

nail art stars Valentine's Day

nail art purple hearts Valentine's Day

Valentine's day pink pastel nail art


The gel nails they are among the most versatile, perfect to make Valentine’s day nail art . Accomplice the considerable length of the nail bed , offer the possibility to free the imagination, creating more complex and complex decorations.

If you have very short nails, ruined or with problems of onychophagia you can resort to nail reconstruction with gel to immediately get a perfect manicure.

Hearts, out, teddy bears, lips or delicate shaded shades , give life to elegant manicure perfect to celebrate the February 14th !

Valentine's day nail art gel

Valentine's day stiletto nails

Valentine's day nail art gel ombré

Nail gel Valentine's Day

Nail gel Valentine's Day

Nail gel Valentine's Day

Valentine's day nails gel square

Nail art gel San Valentine

Nail art gel Valentine

Nail art microplate gel hearts Valentine's Day

Let’s unleash our creativity, let’s take it brushes, colored enamels or semi-permanent enamels and acrylic colors and let’s free our imagination.

A minimum of manuality will give us Valentine’s day romantic and delicate nail art , certainly successful for the party of lovers!

And you have found inspiration for your nail art for Valentine’s Day? Let us know which nail art idea you liked best!


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