Nail Art mixer for those who love music

Music for the ears, for the heart and above all for the nails ! Does it seem impossible? You have not yet seen the music-themed nail art I created with Faby Music nail polishes!

Faby Music it is in fact one of the most beautiful collections of enamels of the last period because it not only unites with the musical theme bright colors and details, but also excellent performance .


As you have already seen in my latest nail art Pink Floyd, music fascinates me a lot, just like this collection of enamels , so I thought about creating a new nail art with a drawing of a super colorful mixer I hope you like it!

nail art beautydea tutorial

nail polish faby music


The Faby Music nail polishes are 12 and include joyful and profound nuances , just like the music and stories that only she is able to tell, coming straight to the heart.

Like all Faby nail polishes, even those of this limited edition 2015 are cruelty free is 5 big free , or made without using DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate), Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.

nail polish faby music

Fabrics faby music

swatches enamels faby music


What are the glazes I have chosen to make this unusual and super colorful nail art inspired by music? The beautiful red Sweet Tunes , orange Keep on the Sunny Side , the delicate yellow Marry Me Robbie !! , the bright green shimmer Rockabilly and the super feminine Dedicated to Brigitte .

nail art enamels sponged technique FIRST STEP: After applying a reinforcing base, we apply the enamel Faby Music That’s jazz , a beautiful cream color with golden reflections. gold polish faby international
SECOND STEP: For protect the cuticles from the color in excess and make the work faster by removing it without acetone, we apply a cuticle on the cuticle “Homemade gel” .

How do you create this protective gel for cuticles homemade? It is simply obtained with two thirds of vinyl glue and one third of water. We can simply create it joining the two compounds in a empty enamel flask and cleaned up, which will allow us to mix well the solution and apply it easily thanks to the enamel brush. protective gel for homemade cuticles
THIRD STEP: We await the protective gel to dry well becoming completely transparent as you can see in the image below. nail art tutorial step by step
FOURTH STEP: Next we take one clean make-up sponge and the beautiful glazes already mentioned: Sweet Tunes, Keep on the sunny side, Marry me Robbie !!, Rockabilly and Dedicate to Brigitte. We prepare the colors and run the simple ‘sponged’ technique , which consists in dabbing the glazes with a sponge, obtaining without effort a beautiful gradient effect .
nail art tutorial sponged effect
SIXTH STEP: After removing the film created around the nails thanks to our protective solution, with a very thin brush we draw vertical lines of different length using the ultra dark nail polish Are you AC or DC ?. nail art tutorials faby
SEVENTH STEP: Then we close the lines with horizontal dashes and in this way we create the columns of our color sound mixer! nail art tutorial
EIGHTH STEP: Always with Are you AC or DC? fill the background of the mixer with a dark tone, coloring the background of the columns previously drawn.
nail art 2015
NONO STEP: We trace other columns within these columns horizontal dashes .
nail art music mixer
DECIMO STEP: To end naturally we apply the top coat , and here is ours Supreme musical nail art with a nice sound mixer! nail art music sound mixer

You like mine nail art with musical theme ? I really hope I can inspire you: let me know what you think and if you try to create similar jobs creating mine protective gel for homemade cuticles !

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