Nail Art dedicated to Paris with Pupa Paris Experience

You are a fan of the Pupa Paris Experience collection and you want ideas to better interpret your own so magnetic loook and elegant? Follow me in the creation of two beautiful Nail Art chic Parisian style, a simpler for those who are beginners with the nail decorations and one a little more complex, for those who love to dare and put themselves to the test!

The Pupa Paris Experince glazes are among the most beautiful for the autumn winter 2014 2015 : the colors are intense, trendy and trendy. In order to better interpret this elegant Parisian spirit, I decided to create two different Nail Art dedicated to all, to give you inspiration for your seasonal Nail Art, regardless of your familiarity with this art that I adore!

Are you curious to discover my Nail Art proposals dedicated to Paris with Pupa Paris Experience? Follow me to their discovery with step by step photo tutorials, if you like this style do not miss this sensual makeup with Pupa, to match the hands look!

Here are the Pupa Paris Experience glazes in all their glory!

glazes pupa paris experience

I show you also the swatches of these glazes: if you want to see them in detail do not miss our review with swatches Pupa Paris Experience !

glazes pupa paris experience


FIRST STEP: after putting one reinforcing base that protects the natural nails, I dare and put all the colors of the new fall limited edition collection Pupa Paris Experience, one on each nail. nail art nail polishes pupa paris experience

SECOND STEP: with the acrylic color and a dotter I start to make simple dots; if you do not have the dotter you can use items you have at home like the head of a pin or the tips of a simple hairpin.

nail art pupa paris experience

Here are some examples of the effects that can be achieved with gods dotter from Nail Art and of the objects of common use that we all have at home! In fact, in order to achieve good results, it is important to set the imagination in motion đŸ™‚


THIRD STEP: I continue to do white dots neighbors to create a flower.

nail art simple pupa paris experience

FOURTH STEP: after creating the delicate fantasy of simple flowers but romantic, on the medium I make a crescent enriched by Pois.

nail art pupa paris simple experience

FIFTH STEP: on the nulare drawing with the acrylic color a simple A, the base of our Eiffel Tower, which then complete with other dashes.

nail art chic paris

nail art Paris

SESTO STEP: finally I apply the top coat and I can add some glitter to make it all brighter: so we have a very simple Nail Art with delicate flowers that accompany a romantic and symbolic Eiffel Tower and some colored elements that break everything, style bohemian . nail art Paris


Paris is one of the most beautiful and romantic city in the world and of course the first element you think of is yours Eiffel Tower . To best represent this Pupa collection with a spirit sophisticated I thought of an elegant and fancy Nail Art to make our nails shine thanks to the Paris Experience enamels and a beautiful gold color.

FIRST STEP: after laying out a very good one base coat and the Pupa Paris Experience nail polishes, a different one for each nail.

nail art chic paris elaborate

SECOND STEP: we draw a small bridge on which our tower will rest starting with horizontal dashes with two arches.

nail art chic paris elaborate

SECOND STEP: we draw the foundations of our tower and we continue to raise it by drawing an A. If we want we can make some small dashes to enrich it with details.

nail art chic paris decorated nail art eiffel tower

We continue the nail decoration until the structure is complete.

eiffel tower nail art

FOURTH STEP: let’s draw a rhombus with Baroque decorations.

elegant nail art pupa

FIFTH STEP: to finish the plot we add details: with the dotter (if you do not have it you can use the tip of one very well hairpin , or other small objects, as I explained previously) then decorate with a polka dot.

nail art elegant pupa paris experience

SIXTH STEP: let’s continue by creating three more nearby.

Parisian nail decoration

SEVENTH STEP: let’s enrich the others nails with the same plot.

nail art Paris

EIGHTH STEP: and within the golden polka dots , with the same color that we used as a base, we draw little polka dots and close together.

nail art Paris

NONO STEP: at every corner of the golden figures we make dashes with acrylic, to enrich the composition. Finally, of course, we set the work with a good one bright top coat.

nail art chic elegant pupa paris experience

And here is the final results of this Paris Nail Art with Pupa Paris Experience!

nail art chic Parisian pupa paris experience

I hope these two Nail Art can please you and can please the lovers of the complex jobs as well as those of the simplicity ! Let me know which one you would like to bring, and of course if you reproduce them!

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