MyBeautyBox with Deborah Milano, Douglas, Cetaphil, Weleda, Guam

Let’s find out together MyBeautyBox Spring Blossom with Regenerate products, Deborah Milano, Douglas, Cetaphil, Weleda, Guam and Helan.


This MyBeautyBox was designed to welcome the spring . Characteristic of this season is the desire for different shades, a lighter, colorful and more cheerful makeup accompanied by a facial skin care to prepare it for summer and tanning.

mybeautybox spring blossom

The box itself welcomes spring with a ad hoc restyling of the package , now with classic opening to cover, which makes it more convenient to use.

Are you curious to discover the products contained in the Spring Blossom MyBeautyBox? Here they are in detail!

REGENERATE – ADVANCED TOOTHPASTE (Travel Size 14 ml – Full Size: 75 ml – € 13.90)

In the box we find a Regenerated toothpaste with patented technology that can reverse the erosion process of dental enamel.

At each use, the ingredients of the NR-5 formula come together to provide a supply of minerals that surround the teeth and integrate with the surface, making the stronger teeth and a more dazzling smile.

Dentrifricio regenerate

Regenerate is a well-known brand that offers kits for the treatment of tooth enamel and toothpaste that can prevent the normal wear of the enamel.


To enhance our smile MybeautyBox offers us a long-lasting lipstick Deborah Milan.

The Milano Red Long Lasting Lipstick is characterized by a hue that is ideal for giving a touch of color to the face and keeping winter greyness away. fire red , One of the four intense spring shades offered in the range.

On the lips it results very moisturizing and comfortable , with a mat-satin finish and an extreme hold, up to eight hours.

red lipstick deborah

Deborah Milan is an Italian cosmetics company that produces make-up, face and sun care products and cosmetics for men.

DOUGLAS – FIZZER PEBBLE BATH (2 Full Size: 28g + 28g – € 2.50 each)

Effervescent tablets Douglas that transform the bathroom into a fragrant moment of relaxation. In March, the MyBeautyBox contains Coco Vanilla and Cotton Candy fragrances.

douglas bath pearls

Douglas is a chain of perfumeries also present in Italy, which offers many products: from perfumes, to make-up products, face and body treatments for men and women, hair products and many really delicious accessories. For more info and to purchase Douglas products, visit the website

CETAPHIL – FLUID DETERGENT GEL (Full Size: 470 ml – € 25.11)

Facial cleanser Cetaphil with slightly acidic pH able to remove excess sebum from the skin and superficial dead cells. In contact with water, a soft foam is created which, after rinsing, leaves the skin very clean, without the unsightly shiny effect.

cetaphil detergent

Cetaphil is a complete line of hydration and cleansing designed for sensitive skin of the whole family of the well-known company Galderma. We had already talked about this brand by presenting you the line Cetaphil Dermacontrol .

WELEDA – ROSE MOSQUETA TREATMENT OIL (Travel Size: 10 ml – Full Size: 100 ml – € 22.90)

It recalls the beauty and femininity the Treating oil a pink mosqueta Weleda, which moisturizes the skin and makes it soft and fragrant. It is a 100% organic face oil that revitalizes the skin making it soft, supple and smooth, without greasing.

weleda rose oil

Weleda is a Swiss company that produces natural cosmetics and medicines. The company offers numerous products for the face, body, hair, oral hygiene, taking care of adults and children with the lines for men, women and children. We invite you to discover the latest news from the i brand Lip balm Weleda .

GUAM – SEA BATH (Full Size: 200 ml – € 10.50)

Gel douche based on Guam algae , marine water and certified organic phyto-extracts. Bagno Mare Guam presents an iconic fragrance of the sensory notes of the “Scents of the sea” and an extremely emollient and soothing formula on the skin of the body.

sea ​​bath guam

guam is a trademark of the company LACOTE Srl, famous throughout the world for the production of Guam seaweed mud. The products of the Guam brand can be purchased in herbal medicine, pharmacy, drugstore and even in large retail stores.

HELAN – ORTENSIA AND FICO PERFUME (Full Size: 50 ml – € 20.00)

Inebriating and sophisticated: here is the perfume Hydrangea and Fig Helan contained within the box in March 2017.

The Helan fragrance proposes an uncommon combination of very different plants: the Oriental Hydrangea, a lover of humid climates and shaded exposures, and the Mediterranean Fig, prefers dry soils, next to walls burned by the sun.

This fragrance is very particular, almost refined but at the same time simple and light, ideal for this flowery season.

helan perfume

Helan Srl is a Made in Italy company, based in Genoa, which produces natural cosmetics for body and hair. The products of this brand can be purchased in herbal medicine and pharmacy or drugstore.


The subscription to MyBeautyBox it costs € 14.00 per month and are offered 5 or 6 products that can be both in mini and full size. Those who prefer to buy a single box can do so from the online shop at

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