Motifs formal dresses and elegant clothes 2018

The ceremony dresses Motivi 2018 bring in the daily style and the creativity typical of the footbridges fashionable. The designer design combined with high quality are made accessible in both clothes stylish long is short as in the complementary coats.

Let’s fuck together new Smart Couture Motivi collection !

motive dresses
Patterns for formal wear 2018


Elegant clothes Motivi belonging to the new line Smart Couture Motivi are created to make the Haute Couture accessible. The intent is to bring high fashion into the everyday life without losing the charm and the author’s signature.

These dresses for special occasions are designed by the famous Italian couturier Francesco Scognamiglio . Among the many names in the designer’s portfolio we remember Madonna , Lady Gaga ed Emma .

motif dresses 2018
Ceremonial dress motifs, long dress (€ 229)
Patterns for formal wear 2018
Elegant motif dresses, pink minidress (169 €)
Patterns for formal wear
Motifs elegant clothes
Motifs elegant clothes
Motif elegant dresses, dress with ruffles (169 €)


The motivi dresses emphasize showy necklines V-shaped with edges of valance . The opening on the back is also decorated with ribbons gros grain to be knotted a bow . The models are Vests or with long sleeves bell or puff also adorned with transparencies, ruffles and cut-out details .

The short formal dresses in lace embroidered wear a line flared and are embellished with micro sequins . A refined curling on the cups together with the zip edged in satin on the back complete the garments.

Lace is also proposed as insert front see-through to veil a deep V-neck. The dresses in question are thought of as a game of asymmetrical flounces interspersed with the front insert and the maxi vertical cut out on the back.

ceremony dresses. Motivi
Dress with ruffles (price € 169)
Motifs for formal wear
Floral dress with ruffles (199 €)
Motifs for ceremonial dresses 2018
Bandeau dress (cost € 169)
Motifs clothes
Embroidered lace dress (199 €)
Motifs clothes 2018
Silk ruffle dress (169 €)
Motivi 2018 clothes
Pure silk dress (price € 199)
flower dress Motifs
Floral dress with lace dress (199 €)
Motifs Fuchsia dress
Embroidered lace dress (199 €)
Motifs sheaths 2018
Sheath dress with ruffle (cost € 169)


The main materials used for the creation of clothes Elegant motives are the silk , viscose with polyester and finally tulle . We have seen similar models among the new ones long formal dresses .

There palette chromatic includes floral patterns , neutral tones like the ivory , but also bright and summery colors tops the green water and the cyclamen .

Long ceremony dresses offer seductive models with jewel neckline is back uncovered . The romantic ladies at Rossella O’Hara will be fascinated by the floral embroidery of the habit with hooded shoulders and contrasting grosgrain belt.

Motifs long dresses 2018
Long round neck jewel dress (229 €)
Motifs long dresses 2018
Long dress in embroidered tulle (price 249 €)
Motivi long dresses
Floral long dress (229 €)


The stoles for ceremonies they recall the elegant charm of past eras. Motivi proposes an ivory variant, made of lace embroidered with micro sequins and dubbed in fluid georgette .

The sporty cut of the bolero is softened by soft or mini lines. overbearing multicolor embroidery or in sequins decorate the transparent tulle . Knitted or ribbed edges and cuffs define the garment by contrast.

Elegant bomber motifs
Bomber in floral tulle (cost € 169)
Ceremony bomber motifs
Short bomber jacket with embroidery (149 €)
Motive stole motifs
Stole in embroidered lace (price € 99)


The entire Motivi 2018 collection of formalwear can be purchased in all the single-brand stores in the country. In addition, for online shoppers, there is an official e-commerce site .

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