Miss Broadway eye pencils and mascara, review

Miss Broadway has launched two super makeup novelties, le new super bright Eyeliner Extreme Eye Pencils and the mascara Titanic Stars that I have the pleasure to introduce you. These are limited edition products for this period of holidays , ideal for making Christmas and New Year’s makeup.

The Italian brand Miss Broadway is famous for its line of cosmetics and make-up accessories low prices and easily available in large retailers. Miss Broadway products represent quality at the right price and are available everywhere, in supermarkets, hypermarkets and large shopping centers.

Miss Broadway pencils

Let’s see together the characteristics of these new makeups and the result of the product test.

Soft and flowing the new Miss Broadway automatic eye pencil is long-lasting and ensures more than 12 hours of life thanks to its formulation waterproof . It is ideal for an intense stroke in the internal or external rhyme eye.

The texture is light and thanks to the format with retractable mine promises an easy application for a precise stretch of intense color. The shape of the mine allows you to choose between a wider or thinner line depending on the inclination.
pencils eyes miss broadway

The new Miss Boadway Extreme Eyeliner eye pencils came out four colors , and with different finishes, two glitter and two metal effect.

For the application better take into account that the color variants glitter black is glitter ametysth they are suitable for application only outside the eye , due to the microglitters present.

Here are the swatches of the 4 colors available:
Glitter Black ;
miss broadway glitter black
miss broadway glitter black

– Metal Sapphyre;
miss broadway metal sapphyre
miss broadway metal sapphyre

– Glitter Ametyst;
miss broadway glitter ametyst
miss broadway glitter ametyst

– Metal Emerald.
miss broadway metal emerald
miss broadway metal emerald

The amount of product in each pencil is not reported on the package, the PAO is 36 months. They are really pencils ad high writing , with gods intense colors and full. They have a good duration, in fact if applied outside the eye they last about 10 hours, while if applied inside the eye they last just over 3 or 4 hours.

The new Miss Broadway eye pencils have a characteristic to keep in mind: they are extremely soft so if you pull too much mine at the time of application, you run the risk of breaking the tip. Being of the automatic pencils without sharpener , once used the shape of their tip will no longer be defined and therefore will not allow the creation of precise fine lines. A solution could be to use a mini penknife to improve its shape in case of need (for application on the outer rhyme). For the application on the inner rhyme instead the problem does not arise.

Despite this, they remain of the excellent pencils for durability and color . Unfortunately they will be present in the stores only for a limited period , being a Limited Edition. So if you want them, hurry up and get them!

Thanks to its special formula, the new limited edition Miss Broadway Titanic Stars mascara intensely colors eyelashes infusing them and adding volume to each subsequent application.
miss brodway mascara

Its long lasting performance promises an impeccable result and the new applicator with thick and untidy bristles gives the eyelashes a fan effect. It Contains collagen which makes eyelashes strong and plastic, preventing them from breaking. Ophthalmologically tested, it is suitable for carriers of contact lenses and to whom he has sensitive eyes and is available in Extra black / black color.

The amount of product is 8 ml, for a 6 month PAO. The Miss Broadway mascara brush made of synthetic fibers, therefore not in silicone, allows one comfortable and homogeneous drafting on all the eyelashes.
miss brodway mascara

The packaging is very elegant and reminds one starry Night . The mascara is not glittery as you might think by noticing the packaging but it is a intense black mascara , like the one in the permanent collection.

It is a mascara that it does not volumize especially the eyelashes but has a very good one extending effect . The eyelashes are well separated, soft and not excessively rigid.

By doing more applications the volume does not increase On the contrary, you risk to make the lashes stick together, so my advice is to make a single pass to get a better result.
mascara miss broadway

The duration of the Miss Broadway mascara is of about 5 hours , during which the makeup remains perfect and the product does not crumble and is not lost on the face. It’s a great one mascara by day , for a make up from natural effect , for those who do not like having voluminous eyelashes. It is a product made in Italy.

I hope that my review has been useful to you and I remind you that the new pencils and the Miss Broadway mascara are already on sale in the large-scale retail chains. For more information, visit the Miss Broadway website.

Let me know what you think of the new pencils and mascara and what intrigued you the most.

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