Mineralissima: mineral make-up in Italy

Mineralissima Interesting news for lovers of the mineral makeup : lands in Italy with a mono-brand online shop, the new brand of mineral make-up Mineralissima .

The brand ” Mineralissima “Is Dutch, but boasts an online shop completely in Italian, easy to navigate to find out new products that not only make beautiful, but make the skin bloom again.

Products Mineralissima, in fact they do not contain dyes, synthetic preservatives, glycerin or other irritating substances which cause the skin of many women to redden.

Derived from pure powdered minerals , cosmetics Mineralissima I am absolutely natural and they make the joy of the make up more demanding addicted, including a wide range of foundations, blushes, eye shadows, mascara, powders and even brushes and complete kits for a impeccable make up .

In the last period we have had the opportunity to try some of the products best seller of the Dutch mark of ” mineral makeup to the 100% , and we were pleasantly impressed by the quality of products , characterized by very soft and fading powders .
mineral makeup

The signed kit Mineralissima that we had the chance to test contained a foundation, a blush, an illuminating powder, two eye shadows, a black pencil and a mini-size of another foundation, in short everything necessary to create perfect mineral look in full light .

Here are the swatches , in order, of the sample of Fondotinta Minerale 3.10, Fondotinta Minerale 2.3, Delight Blusher, Afterglow, Beachy eyeshadow, Wave eyeshadow and Mineral Eyeliner Pencil.
Mineralissima swatches
Mineralissima swatches

One of the most interesting products contained in the kit Mineralissima it’s definitely the Mineral Foundation in shade 2.3: it is a shade Medium-clear with yellow undertones with an excellent coverage and an almost creamy powder finish, which blends well with the complexion, avoiding the dusty effect that often characterizes mineral products.

The application with a classic kabuki brush is really simple and fast, the effect is covering but at the same time natural.
Mineral mineral foundation

From the fresh and bright color also the Blush Delight Blusher , a beautiful one pink with undertone peach high blend that gives the complexion a rosy flush, like after a walk in the open air.
Mineralissima blush

Furthermore, it is the multipurpose product to keep an eye on Afterglow always signed Mineralissima : an extremely bright powder, perfect to be used as bronzer, blush or eyeshadow : the neutral color makes it a very versatile product to be used alone or mixed with other products minerals to create plays of light on the face.
Mineralissima afterglow

Turning to eye shadow instead, it is rigorous to point out the extreme brightness of the two that we had the opportunity to try: Wave is Beach , certainly inspired by the beauty of blue waves that lap the beach.

The two eye shadows Mineralissima I’m extremely pigmented , very pearly and sparkling , ideal to be used alone or with other eye shadows minerals both dry and wet.

Wave it is a very light pearly light blue, while Beach It is a beige bronze with gold reflections: perfect to welcome spring!
Mineralissima wave eyeshadow
Mineralissima beach eyeshadow

Of a very strong black and consistency ” perfect “, Not too soft nor too hard, is the Eyeliner pencil mineral Mineralissima : a perfect natural alternative for those with easily irritable eyes. Another advantage: in the transparent plastic cap of the pencil there is a convenient one penknife to have perfect tips at all times.
Mineralissima pencil

All mineral makeup products Mineralissima , being natural, they report one Expiration date , indicated on the bottom of the package, which is about a year from the packaging of the same.
mineral makeup

In terms of price, make-up Mineralissima they are quite competitive: € 13.75 for Mineral Foundations, 14 euros for the Afterglow multi-purpose product, 11 euros the Blush, € 5.95 the eyeshadows e 8.50 euro for the black Eyeliner pencil. It is also possible to buy some sample of each product in smaller Jar or sachets at really affordable prices.

The entire mineral makeup line can be purchased online on the Mineralissima Italia website www.mineralissima.it. It is possible to pay with a Visa, Mastercard and Paypal credit card, shipments are made throughout Italy and charges are approximately 9.50 Euro. Deliver within 5 working days.


You like these 100% natural cosmetics of the Dutch brand Mineralissima ? What are your favourites? Our are undoubtedly the mineral foundation and the beautiful Afterglow, perfect for the summer! We are very happy that Mineralissima has arrived in Italy !

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