Mascara Vamp! of Pupa: review

Pupa Mascara Vamp review Most women look for one mascara really able to create volume .

The mascara Vamp! of Pupa It was born precisely to meet this need, bringing this capacity to volumize to the extreme, to create an effect indeed exaggerated , with eyelashes measureless .

We have tried it and today we present ours review , to let you know all the features of the mascara Pupa Vamp and show you the photos of makeup tests.

First of all you must know that it is already possible to buy the mascara Vamp! because he arrived in the perfumeries in March 2012. Pupa he proposed it with an introductory offer to the price € 11.90 but in some authorized dealers you can also find it at price about 10.00 euros.

Pupa Mascara Vamp review

You can choose from six shades, starting from the classic black for arriving to the tonality with a spectacular effect:
– BLACK, in the texture there is the carbon black that enhances its intensity, it is an extra black;
– BROWN, well defined that unlike other mascara does not turn into red or gray, but retains its color for a long time;
– VERDE SMERALDO / ACQUA MARINA, for those looking for unique, original and trendy colors, to be the center of attention;
– ELECTRIC BLUE, an electric blue with a bright color for those who like to be recognized;
– BLUE NIGHT, a very dark blue to give depth to the look;
– VIOLA, a color that can not miss in the beauty of a real one Vamp , mixed with red pigments that can light it.

Pupa Mascara Vamp review

Pupa Mascara Vamp review

We come to the review , what are the characteristics that are immediately found with the product test? You immediately notice the softness of the texture, which is rich and creamy.

The product does not dry immediately and this allows you to make more passes, combing the eyelashes to create more volume gradually. After a few minutes the eyelashes dry out but remain flexible and take on a shape and volume that remain unchanged over time.

Probably this is due to the exclusive formula, which contains the polymer Vamp! Full , able to increase the hold and keep the lashes soft.

pupa vamp mascara review

The volume result of the mascara Pupa Vamp! it also depends on the brush and especially on its bristles, which allow you to keep more product in the center. The shape of the applicator is in fact undulated, with greater thickness in the lateral part.

The ” mascara Pupa Vamp ” really creates a exaggerated volume ? Yes, you can see it from the photos. Some of them were taken during the Make up session 2012 Pupa.

Pupa Mascara Vamp review

It is also a volume which can be modulated, as more passes are made the volume increases. In this way each one can choose the desired result. In the blue night mascara test photos below, only one pass has been made for a natural volume effect (see also the green test). In the application, the eyelashes become thick, full and extra thick, like false eyelashes (see photo with black mascara underneath, or with electric blue mascara, brown and violet).

Pupa mascara Vamp

Pupa mascara Vamp

Each mascara can be used or along all lashes, or as french , only on the tips, after first applying the black base. Our review it is extremely positive with these mascara Pupa really create huge eyelashes.

This product is dedicated to feminine and sensual women, true femme fatale, self-confident women who do not like to go unnoticed. Do you recognize yourself? 😉

Pupa mascara Vamp black

If you are ready to dare, try the new mascara Vamp Pupa! We are waiting for yours reviews !
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