Mascara Mega Effects Avon

Mascara Mega Effects Avon is the super new make up that thanks to the innovative Wonder Brush , a brush never before seen on the market, distributes the 40% more mascara , providing a truly impressive panoramic volume.

Mascara Mega Effects Avon is the result of well six years and 5000 hours of scientific research , which led to the creation of this new product with an innovative shape brush, which allows you to reach all lashes, from one corner to another, with only one application.

The new Avon mascara is also equipped with a special ergonomic handle which makes it easy to apply, as well as a compact and fuchsia and black fashion packaging, which make this particular mascara for summer 2013 a product must have that really arouses a lot.
mega effect mascara avon
Mascara Mega Effects Avon

Mascara Mega Effects Avon promises to make them darker and more voluminous eyelashes since the first pass, although the package is rather small and compact, contains 8 grams of product , less than the quantity contained in the classic mascaras.

Available in three colors, Brown , Brown, Navy Blue , blue and Black , black, Mega Effects by Avon is applied in a simple and intuitive way by gripping the mascara and removing the cap and then extracting the applicator with oscillating movements. Then you can tilt the applicator according to the desired angle and then apply the mascara from the lash to the tips.
mega effect mascara avon
mascara avon

In addition to the truly innovative packaging and the large Wonder Brush , which literally means “brush of wonders”, Mascara Mega Effects Avon strikes above all for the possibility of being able to tilt it autonomously, allowing in this way to comb the eyelashes in the most appropriate way to our type of eye, helping us to “put them in the fold” without the aid of an eyelash crease.

There formula of this Avon mascara, it is very fluid and light, and thanks to the addition of silicone pigments it creates a sort of “lifting” effect on the eyelashes, which according to Avon, remain long, volumized and fold up to 24 hours.

Here is a detailed explanation for using this new one Avon mascara:
mega effect mascara avon
Mega Effects Avon

This innovative mascara, which has definitely aroused our curiosity, is a novelty for the summer 2013 of the American cosmetic company Avon , famous all over the world with the sale of cosmetics by mail order Avon presenters , beauty experts through which you can order your favorite brand products that are generally delivered to your home.

The price of Mascara Mega Effects Avon and of € 14.50 , but in this period, at the time of the launch, it is possible to have it at the discounted price of 8.90 euros ! If you are interested in buying, you can contact the Avon Hostess closest to you.
Mascara Mega Effects
Mascara Mega Effects Avon

What do you think of Mascara Mega Effects Avon , the innovative mascara with Wonder Brush ? We are really intrigued and we hope one day to be able to try it!

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