Mascara L’Oreal Paradise Extatic and kajal

Intense, seductive, magnetic look? L’Oréal launches the Paradise Extatic mascara and the kajal Paradise Extatic , a winning combination to complete eye make up making it so unique and even more intense.

L'Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara and Kajal

Paradise Extatic Mascara and Kajal L'Oreal

Mascara and Kajal L'Oreal Paradise Extatic

Mascara and Kajal Paradise Extatic L'Oreal


The look is undoubtedly the strength of every woman. Intense and seductive, says a lot of us!

In makeup, the main rule is undoubtedly enhancing it, exploiting an authentic beauty routine able to make it even more seductive and feminine.

L’Oréal launches for this the volumizing mascara and the kajal Paradise Extatic , destined to become our faithful allies for one impeccable eye make-up and a sensual and enigmatic look like you’ve never seen it before!

Paradise Extatic Mascara and Kajal L'Oreal

L'Oreal Paradise Extatic Mascara and Kajal

Paradise Extatic L'Oreal Mascara and Kajal

The natural eyelashes they become protagonists and the eyes are valued, intense and expressive, able to speak about us transmitting character and a bold femininity.

And if the Paradise Extatic volumizing mascara helps to texturize the eyelashes by intensifying the look, the new one kajal Paradise Extatic it further increases its action by making eye makeup, a pleasant beauty ritual.

L'Oreal Mascara and Kajal Paradise Extatic

Mascara and Kajal L'Oreal Paradise Extatic

Mascara and Kajal Paradise Extatic L'Oreal


The Paradise Extatic mascara proposed by L’Oréal born to scroll on natural eyelashes coating them in a light and natural way but emphasizing the volume.

This happens thanks to its particular formula characterized by one creamy texture enriched with nutritious oils
and reinforcing which contribute to making the application smoother.

The presence of ultra-concentrated pigments they help to intensify eyelashes, making the eyes look very magnetic thanks to the intense black pigmentation .

There microcrystalline wax instead it helps to make the desired shape to the eyelashes, conferring not only volume but also one greater body .

L'Oréal Paradise Extatic mascara

L'Orèal Mascara Paradise Extatic

THE’ application is sensory and facilitated thanks to the particular consistency of the product , which covers each eyelash individually, making it voluminous and perfectly separate.

It contributes to give an unprecedented result the unpublished pipe cleaner made up of over 200 flexible and soft bristles that embrace the eyelashes, distributing the mascara in an always homogeneous way.

Forget lumps and loss of definition : the mascara Paradise Extatic L’orèal it’s ready to represent paradise for our eyelashes!

L'Oreal Mascara Paradise Extatic


L’Oréal completes his “beauty ritual” with the Kajal Paradise Extatic able to make the look magnetic and extremely deep and expressive.

Her ultra-creamy formula and particularly melting, it is extremely smooth, thus facilitating the application which is always homogeneous and a long hold up to 14 hours .

L'Oreal Kajal Paradise Extatic

Kajal Paradise Extatic L'Oreal

Kajal L'Oreal Paradise Extatic

The Kajal Paradise Extatic adheres perfectly by giving the eye a saturated color , full and intense with a perfectly opaque finish.

There tip with a conical and rounded shape It is designed to easily make up both the lower and upper rims and the inside of the eye.

No deburring and an impeccable duration for the ” must have “Intended to complete ours eye makeup making it extraordinarily magnetic!

L'Oreal Kajal Paradise Extatic


The volumizing mascara and the new one kajal Paradise Extatic L’Orèal they are already available at the best perfumeries and retail stores such as Tigotà, Lillapois, Acqua & Sapone.

They can also be purchased online on Amazon Italy in THIS PAGE .

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