Mango Costumes 2018: Whole collection catalog

Transparencies , flakes and details cut out detail the Mango costumes. The color palette places the elegant at the center black also declined in patterns with white. The clothing embraces instead colors of the beaches and of the sand . A feeling of summer heat is recalled by the processing to crochet and to network .

Let’s have a look together with all the sea ​​fashion news and costumes Mango 2018!

Mango costumes 2018
Mango 2018 swimwear collection, Wavy bikini bra (price € 19.99)
Black costume 2018
Mango costumes 2018, High bikini briefs (€ 15.99)
Mango Costumes 2018
Mango costume catalog, striped monokini (cost € 39.99)
Mango costume band 2018
Printed bikini bra (€ 19.99)
Mango bikini 2018
Mango swimwear 2018, High bikini briefs (price € 15.99)


The Mango bikini plays with fantasies in black and white. TO squares or in version a polka dot comes with bows between the cups and on the sides of the briefs.

The costumes a triangle they maintain a profile basic both in the version suede both in the model with exposed stitching underwear style.

Finally, the women’s swimwear features braces classic or with closure behind the neck . Particularly the red model decorated with showy valance .

Mango swimwear 2018
Mango black bikini, bikini bra (19,99 €) and briefs (17,99 €)
Mango Triangle costumes 2018
Bra (cost € 19.99) and briefs (€ 15.99)
2018 two-piece swimsuits
Bikini bra (€ 19.99) and briefs (€ 17.99)
2018 Mango polka dot costume
Polka dot bikini bra (19,99 €) and briefs (17,99 €)
Mango red 2018 costume
Mango two-piece costume, ruffle bikini bra (price € 19.99) and briefs (€ 15.99)


In the Mango costume collection there are two-piece costumes a band for their touch back . The briefs high waist and the curling on the cups they give vintage references.

Among the Mango swimsuits we note the model with scalloped edges with do not mark the skin and the critical points. Also in many cases the braces I’m removable .

Mango bandeau costumes 2018
Printed bikini bra (€ 19.99) and print briefs (€ 15.99)
Mango bandeau costumes
Mango bandeau costumes, wavy bikini bra (cost € 19.99) and wavy high waist briefs (€ 17.99)


In the Mango 2018 costume catalog we can find more models provocative with deep drains in V ed transparent inserts .

Mango’s entire costumes take inspiration from international catwalks with the tie-dye prints in two color variations.

Other models propose lines navy, colorblock with belt and finally a processing ribbed !

Mango whole costumes 2018
Mango swimsuits, striped costume (€ 39.99)
mango swimsuits 2018
Two-color bow costume (€ 39.99)
2018 Mango swimsuits
Fancy swimsuit (price € 39.99)
Mango whole white costume
White swimsuit (39,99 €)
2018 Mango swimsuits
Black swimsuit with transparent insert (cost € 39.99)


More details the whole Mango swimsuits with asymmetries , like the model shoulder or with cut-out details.

Applications of flakes the costumes in plain colors revived as much as the floral patterns .

Mango swimsuits
Red one-piece swimsuit with V-neck (39,99 €)
2018 whole black costume
Black costume with bows (39.99 €)
2018 whole blue costume
Asymmetric wavy costume (price € 39.99)
Mango striped whole costumes
Striped costume (€ 39.99)
Mango swimsuit whole
Black costume with opening (€ 39.99)
2018 Mango flower costumes
Floral costume (39,99 €)
Mango one shoulder costume
Asymmetrical marine costume (cost € 39.99)


Among the clothes for the sea we also find models see-through . The petticoat dress to the network with short lining is available in two colors, gold or terracotta. While the two-colored dress perforated shows a workmanship crochet .

The models in linen vary from the basic with drawstring at the waist caftan white with tassels and puff sleeves. The midi dress with front buttoning and belt is printed in stripes with a faded effect .

Among the short beach robes are the maxi t-shirt white with tassels along the edge and the mini caftan with embroidery multicolored floral

Mango beachwear summer 2018
Striped midi dress (€ 35.99)
Mango beachwear 2018
Linen dress with belt (price € 49.99)
Mango beachwear
Mango long net dress (€ 59.99)
Mango beachwear summer 2018
Linen dress with embroidery (79,99 €)
Mango long clothes
Crochet dress (€ 59.99)
Mango long dresses
Mango long net dress (cost 89.99 €)
Mango long dresses
Dress with knot (€ 69.99)
Mango long dresses
Striped linen dress (€ 49.99)
Mango, sea fashion
Straight tassels dress (35,99 €)
Mango sea fashion
Embroidered tassels dress (price 69.99 €)


Mango seawear focuses on fresh and clear colors such as cream, ivory , beige , yellow and ocher with dark accents given by blue overseas. The t-shirts are white, in a criss-cross pattern or in crochet cotton.

The jumpsuit they are made of linen or in cotton with wide pants, too cropped , and top to lead from the square necks. The more city style version is enriched by the turned neckline, contrasting buttons and the sash in life.

Ornamental the oversized pull perforated fishnet with batwing sleeves to wear on cropped top close-fitting with a boat neckline or a tank top with ethnic borders.

Mango summer 2018 suits
Striped linen suit (€ 49.99)
Mango summer suits 2018
Striped cotton jumpsuit (€ 49.99)
Mango shirt summer 2018
Crossed linen shirt (cost € 35.99)
Mango beachwear summer 2018
Batwing sleeve pullover (35,99 €)
top Mango summer 2018
Striped top sweater (€ 29.99)
Mango knitted top
Perforated edges (price € 29.99)
Mango summer sweaters 2018
Crochet detail shirt (€ 29.99)
Mango tank tops
Crochet top (25,99 €)
Mango skirts summer 2018
Linen skirt with buttons (cost € 29.99)
Mango shorts
Shorts with adjustable laces (€ 29.99)


All the garments and costumes of the new Mango beachwear line are already available on the website of the brand , where you also find the list of all the Italian stores. Do not lose sight of the site during the sales at the end of the season to buy clothes, accessories and swimwear on sale . Also this year Mango promotes mid-season sales, an excellent reason to immediately jump to the nearest point of sale.

What to wear on summer evenings? Discover also the fantastic collection Mango clothing and all the accessories and bags to match for a perfect outfit!

What do you think of the new Mango sea line? What are your favorite models? Let us know with a comment.


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