Make-up Mirrors and Make-up Workstations: which ones to choose?

We all lovers of makeup want to be able to devote ourselves to our passion with the maximum of comfort and accuracy. However, it is not at all easy to come to terms with reality, and we must admit that having makeup and products spread throughout the home is the norm. What is the solution to this long-standing problem? There makeup station !

That said it seems all too simple, but if we have a small one bright space of which we can take possession, in truth there is only to be earned. But we should go step by step, because revolutionizing one’s habits in one go is challenging, and sometimes what is missing is space.

Perhaps you do not know that they really exist many solutions to have a makeup station: from the larger ones, complete with mirror, base and chair, to the simple makeup mirror that can be kept in the bathroom or in the bedroom. Let’s see together the best alternatives, for all the spaces and the pockets!

Makeup station


Among the determining factors for the perfect success of our make up there is certainly the light , that’s why I talked about a ‘luminous space’. We can not expect to get good results if we work in the dark or with the wrong lighting! Have you ever come out and notice that you have exaggerated with the bronzer? Or to have some color stains that you had not noticed? All depends from the light and from the perception of the color we have when we are making up.

What is the ideal light for makeup? As a rule, the best option is that of natural daylight , or an artificial light that reproduces the natural light of the day.

So if we use one for make-up wall mirror , the ideal is that it is positioned in such a way that our face is illuminated by the external light that comes, for example, from a window. There perfect natural light it’s what you have at lunchtime or anyway from late morning to early afternoon. We also talk about neutral light that is not neither too hot nor too cold .

That said, it is easy that the distribution of spaces in the home does not allow us the luxury of having good lighting from the outside and above all we can not always wear make-up in the light of day! What to do? Opt for one illuminated mirror that he does his job well and has a neutral white light .

best light for make-up

How to choose a mirror with ideal lighting? First of all you must know the difference between warm light, cold light and natural light.

The light emitted from any light bulb or light source (LED, halogen, fluorescent neon etc.) is perceived by our eyes with a gradation of color . If this gradation tends towards the red , the light is defined HOT (in English Warm ); if instead the gradation tends towards the blue , is defined COLD (in English Cool ).

The color temperature of the light is measured in Kelvin degrees (symbol “K”). In conventional terms, according to the UNI 12464 standard, we talk about:
hot light or warm white (Warm White in English) if the color temperature is less than 3,300 K;
natural light or neutral white (Natural in English) if the color temperature is between 3,300 and 5300 K ;
cold light or cold white (Cool White in English) if the color temperature is above 5,300 K.

light color temperature

When you go to choose your light mirror, you will have to verify that it has one neutral white light , better if with degrees Kelvin between 4000 and 5000.

Make-up mirrors

Remember also that the face must be illuminated in the same way in every part , so a front light is needed that you do not create shadow areas that can deceive our perception of color.


Makeup mirrors are generally equipped of two sides : on the one hand we have a classic mirror and on the other one magnifying mirror .

The type of magnifying of the mirror is always indicated in the product data sheet and on the packaging. If you find the writing 2X it means that the mirror will have a magnifying effect that is twice the size of a ‘normal’ mirror. Similarly, 3X will have a magnification of 3 times higher, 4x of four times and so on.

The greater the magnifying effect, the more you will be able to see every little detail of your face. A magnifying mirror is very useful because it allows you to clearly identify small defects of the skin that you will surely want to hide with makeup, but also to see well eyes or lips to better apply makeup (for example to apply the eyeliner or make the lip contour).

magnifying mirror

Usually on the market there are makeup mirrors with magnification 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X, 6X, 7X, 8X, 9X, 10X. It is more difficult to find a mirror with a magnifying effect greater than 10, but it also becomes excessive and useless if the purpose is to make up.

Which one to choose? Already one 3X or 4X they are ideal. Keep in mind that, generally, the magnifying effect is larger more can be expensive the mirror.


Now that we have all the technical knowledge necessary to choose the ideal mirror , we begin our journey to discover all the best solutions available.

If we want to start from the top, the leading Italian company in this sector is Cantoni : the proposals of this brand are many and different, but all based on the i-Light system exclusive of the brand. The LED bulbs of the Cantoni mirrors emit an (adjustable) light that is very similar to that solar , neither too hot nor too cold, perfect for make-up.

Cantoni makeup mirrors

Unfortunately, prices are not for everyone, but we do not despair because there are many other options that we can evaluate! The wall mirrors with built-in light they go to satisfy all tastes and needs.

See for example the models of Modern Mirror Design , very simple and clean, with fluorescent or LED lights:

– Kalika model, 70 cm x 50 cm, with 12 lights fluorescent ( purchases at 140.37 euros );

Wall mirrors for make up

– Calypso model, 60 cm x 60 cm, with light a lED perimeter ( buy at € 143.24 ).

Wall mirrors

Or even the models MIT Design Store : they are really essential but very beautiful!

1. Mirror moon LED, round, backlit , diameter 80 cm.
2. Mirror Sun LED, with perimeter light, 80 cm x 70 cm ( buy at € 185.05 );

Backlit make-up mirror

Prefer the classic style from changing room ? Here is the Broadway mirror (80 cm x 60 cm), designed specifically for make up, with 12 light bulbs with adjustable intensity ( available at 249.00 euros ).

Mirror with light bulbs

Even more affordable for all budgets, and very original and nice, the wall sticker with mirror effect with 3D lights! It is a wall adhesive made of vinyl material, waterproof and resistant to moisture, which can be applied on any surface clean and easy to remove ( buy at a price of 29.90 euros ).

Adhesive mirror with lights


If among you there are those who find themselves wearing makeup in a different room each time, depending on your needs, or if your wall mirror does not give you a pretty close reflection, the table mirror it’s the best choice!

Even in this area now there is only the embarrassment of choice, there are really many alternatives for size, magnification and price. Let’s see some of them.

1. Black table mirror Wenko, mirror surface of 14 cm x 20 cm, inclinable and with rubberized base ( buy at 12.49 euros );
2. Danielle double cosmetic mirror with magnification, normal side and 7x side, adjustable inclination, dimensions of 19 cm x 16 cm ( buy at € 14.05 ).

Table mirrors for make-up

Between brand names more popular and required for the mirrors to put on make-up, there is certainly Babyliss . It is a French brand known internationally and specialized in the sale of equipment for hair and body care. There are numerous models of Babyliss mirrors, including the best seller in absolute, the double mirror with a normal side and a magnifying one 8x , with a diameter of 20.5 cm. It is equipped with circular light that illuminates in 3 shades : cold, warm, natural ( buy at a price of 49.90 euros ).

Babyliss table mirror

1. Babyliss double mirror, normal and 8x, with circular light adjustable, diameter of 20.5 cm ( for sale at € 24.99 );
2. Belle rectangular mirror (16.5 cm x 22.5 cm), illuminated with 16 natural white leds, inclinable, with compartment on the base ( buy at 38.99 euros );
3. Beurer illuminated cosmetic mirror with natural white led light, with double side – normal and enlarged 5x -, diameter of 11 cm ( buy at 19.99 euros ).

Table make-up mirrors

1. Macom magnifying mirror 10x with suction cup (diameter 17.5 cm), adjustable and usable both on the wall and on the table, illuminated with 24 leds ( available at 23.47 euros );
2. Macom Solar Sensation, mirror with 4 suckers at 5x magnification, illuminated LED, diameter of 18 cm ( buy at a price of 17.90 euros ).

Makeup mirrors with suction cups


Another solution for those who have little space , are the mirrors that they are fixed on the wall . They are generally equipped with a mobile “arm” that allows the mirror to be moved closer or further away from the wall to which it is fixed. There are many variations, let’s see the nicest!

– Velma, cosmetic mirror square with magnification 5x , with lighting a lED white perimeter and anti-glare. The product is completely adjustable , the support is in solid brass and its dimensions are 22 cm x 22 cm ( for sale at a price of € 249.00 );

Square wall make up mirror

– Velma, makeup mirror round on the wall, with two sides of which one with magnification 3x , illuminated with lED whites in both faces ( buy at a cost of € 198.00 );

Round wall mirror

– Velma, mirror round wall with magnification 7x , with lights lED white, adjustable. The structure is in solid chromed brass ( available at € 269.00 );

Adjustable wall mirror

– Enzo Rodi, makeup mirror round , with enlargement 5x and wall mounting. Illuminated a lED , is extensible and resealable ( purchases at 134.14 euros );

Illuminated wall-mounted makeup mirror

– Wenko, cosmetic mirror telescopic with magnification 3x , from the round shape and illuminated to lED , adjustable and adjustable in height ( buy at 35.98 euros ).

Wall-mounted magnifying mirror


If you are lucky and have space to create yours makeup station , do it because it is really the best solution: comfortable, airy, tidy. You can basically choose between two options different: one console table in front of which hang the mirror (or on which to place the portable mirror), or a real one vanity table ‘Prepackaged’, already built and designed specifically, with built-in mirror.

Vanity table

What matters is that you have space to store the products, the advice is always to keep the essentials on sight and take advantage of the drawers for everything else, the important thing is to be careful and constant with the order because laziness does not bring anything good. For the same reason, look for gods dividers for the inside of the drawers, they are salvation!

From this point of view the products Ikea they are exploitable, the Alex and the series are now famous Malm , in particular the latter proposes a delicious one minimal toilet , with glass top panel and large drawer that can be arranged through the various Godmorgon containers.

Ikea Malm beauty table

Ikea Malm makeup station

Also Maisons du Monde offers valuable alternatives, perfect for those who love the workstations dressing room style ! Look at it Mirror Loge , inspired by the movie sets, with 10 lights, which can be combined with the Cinema chest of drawers, for a true Hollywood result!

Mirror with lights Maisons du Monde

Maisons du Monde makeup station

For those who want a real thing makeup station of super luxury, also ideal for professionals and make-up artists, we return to talk about Cantoni !

Here is the mirror couple and black consoles, equipped with 9 I-Light lights , in polished acrylic. The suspension table has compartments on the surface and a large drawer in the lower part. Of course, this is not a low-cost option (the price is 956.00 Euro), but it is magnificent! You can take a closer look on the official shop .

Make up station Cantoni


So girls, you found the ideal solution for you? I know, it’s not easy, often space, time and desire are lacking, but know that to apply some small changes that improve yours beauty routine it will make life a little easier, it is worth making a little effort if the results are seen then, it is a general rule!

Take this opportunity for regroup , you will discover that putting on make-up will be even more fun! If you like multipurpose creations, then discover it too jewelry mirror !

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