Make up For Ever Ultra HD new products: review, reviews


Make Up For Ever launched the new one Ultra HD line , a series of professional makeup products designed to characterize one light face base but bright and extremely natural.

We have got to test some of the Announcements proposed by Make Up For Ever and already on sale at the La Truccheria boutique . Now we are ready to provide you with ours opinion dictated by user experience , telling about its peculiarities and characteristics.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD line


Smoothing fluids, primer eyes, liquid illuminants and ultra-pigmented eye shadows: Make Up For Ever through its new range of references Ultra-HD revolutionizes make up by imposing a radiant incarnate but absolutely natural.

Light textures and perfectly fluxes adhere to the skin without ever occluding or drying but contributing to uniform skin tone minimizing any imperfections .

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD products

Accomunated by hi-tech formulas high performance, all Make Up For Ever Ultra HD products are studied for professional use and they are very loved by make up artists from all over the world .

We have got to use the new ones ” must have “Of the line, we had fun playing with textures and colors experimenting with finish and modulating intensity and tones .

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD products


Let’s start from the new one Ultra HD Perfector Make Up For Ever that is a perfecting pigmented fluid able to give the face a delicate color.

It is characterized by one last generation light formula designed to be totally invisible to both cameras and the naked eye and yet gives the complexion a light matte finish.

Ultra HD Perfector Make Up For Ever

The Ultra-HD perfector perfection fluid offers one modular coverage it can be stratified according to need and combining color with an excellent level of hydration for one compact leather and velvety.

Complete the formula, the presence of a SPF 25 solar filter that preserves the skin of the face from photoaging and from damage caused by UV irradiation.

Ultra HD Perfector fluid perfecter Make Up For Ever


Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Perfector is available in 8 different shades : of these I have had the opportunity to use the n.07 Beige Medium Warm, in my case perhaps more suitable in late summer with a slightly more tanned complexion.

In fact, this shade is rather dark and markedly warm: this has unfortunately forced me to mix the fluid with one light foundation particularly clear in order to make it more similar to mine undertone .

Appreciable textures , light and extremely flux, not at all occlusive and perfectly suited even to a warm climate that normally tends to compromise the make-up performance.

Ultra HD Perfector Make Up For Ever it can be easily applied either with a sponge or simply with fingers as if it were a face serum in order to easily modularize the cover .

In this way it is possible to avoid waste obtaining a uniform and impeccable result. Immediately the complexion appears homogeneous , free from imperfections, polished and perfectly opaque remaining such throughout the day.

I recommend it for those who want the right compromise between a high performance foundation it’s a light bb cream and comfortable: the face base it is bright and long-lasting combined with the protection of an SPF25.


Perfecting fluid Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Perfector


Among the proposals Make Up For Ever that we have been able to use is present Ultra-HD Soft Light , an innovative illuminating fluid formulated with a high percentage of flat mother-of-pearl.

It is precisely these mother-of-pearl that gives a bright but natural finish without being sparkling for a complexion sublimated in a discreet and elegant way.

Make Up For Ever Ultra-HD Soft Light

Made up of one light texture and perfectly melting, Ultra HD Soft Light it can be used alone or mixed with our favorite foundation, thus creating a natural one luminous effect without excesses.

Extremely practical also the tube packaging with dispenser nozzle able to provide the right amount of product avoiding unnecessary waste.

Make Up For Ever Ultra-HD Soft Light illuminating fluid


I appreciated Ultra-HD Soft Light since the first applications. I really liked the delicate satin finish but not excessive able to emphasize the natural brightness of the complexion without excesses.

Fluid and easily blendable is perfect if applied directly to the skin and gently buffered like a classic highlighter meditating a sponge.

Even more impactful if mixed in moderate quantities al habitual foundation for a radiant effect widespread all over the face.

Of the four shades available , I’ve got to use the n.20 Hot rosé , delicate and elegant but at the same time extremely discreet, perfect for determining a light weight glowy effect that never tires.

Also appreciable long seal that maintains the satin finish conferred until the time of make-up: a real ” must have “For the next summer suitable to also nicely emphasize the tan.

Illuminating Fluid Make Up For Ever Ultra-HD Soft Light


Step 1 Base Yeux & Levres Make Up For Ever, it is instead a primer eyes and lips which sees an innovative protagonist triple action formula .

Prepare the skin for the next one make up application , visibly reduces wrinkles and imperfections and creates a smooth and polished base promoting the adhesion of both creamy and powdered textures.

Her transparent formula adapts easily to any type of skin tone and is designed for increase makeup retention eyes up to 24 hours and lips up to 12 hours.

Make Up For Ever Ultra-UD Primer eyes and lips


I think I can say with determination that Step 1 Base Yeux & Levres primer eyes and lips proposed by Make Up For Ever is among the multifunction primers that I have enjoyed most recently.

Her light and non-greasy texture it adheres perfectly to both the eyelid and the labial mucosa, creating the ideal base for the subsequent application of make-up.

A modest quantity ensures a smooth and smooth skin surface, without any roughness, thus optimizing the performance of both eye shadows in powder or cream that of lipsticks.

The same eyeshadow, regardless of the texture, remain unaltered throughout the day without depositing in the eyelid folds determining imperfections .

Same speech for i lipsticks, both liquid and stick, which are fixed on the lips in an impeccable way, resisting adequately to classic meals, aperitifs and coffee.

The particular hi-tech formula significantly increases the duration of the make up, in a visible way promoting it color rendering .

In short, the classic primer ” Nevermore without “That really keeps what it promises!

Make Up For Ever Ultra-UD eyes and lips primer


So we arrive at the new one Refillable Makeup System proposed by Make Up For Ever, characterized by practical modular pallets in which to store the new ones Artist Color Shadow MUFE eyeshadows proposed in refill.

The protagonist in this case is the Artist Rechargeable magnetic palette S (price 2.00 €) , which thanks to its practical magnetic support allows you to comfortably hold our favorite pair of eye shadows.

Make Up For Ever Refillable Makeup System

The extremely compact dimensions, make this mini eye palette very practical, perfect to store comfortably in the beauty bag, ready to use for any on-the-go adjustments!

Refillable Makeup System Make Up For Ever

Inside we have inserted two Artist Color Shadow refill , in shades of copper and delicately frosted chocolate, both of which share a very high pigmentation and a long seal.

Magnetic Palette Make Up For Ever

To make the Eyeshadows Make Up For Ever unique is definitely the formula, characterized by a high concentration of spherical pigments that ensures a color that is always full, alive and saturated.

Eyeshadow Refill Make Up For Ever

Refill Make Up For Ever Eyeshadows


I find the Refillable Makeup System as it offers the possibility to choose between different formats. It is therefore possible to create a totally customized palette according to your needs.


Particularly robust and cared for in the mime details, the mini palette S allows you to have it at your fingertips two eye shadows of your choice essential for any tweaks during the day.

The same magnetic support retains the refills in an optimal manner, significantly reducing the possibility of damage due to impact or damage accidental falls .

Nothing to complain about quality of the eyeshadows , intense, saturated and extraordinarily intense pigmentation.

There soft texture silky, almost creamy, allows the color to easily adhere to the eyelid while maintaining the intensity and saturation unaltered until the time of make-up.

The particular satin finish gives a unique, almost metallic brilliance for a glam make-up and perfectly in line with the latest trends.

Refill Make Up For Ever Eyeshadows shades


Make Up For Ever once again, tip on professional quality meditating a line of essential high performance products where each reference sees as peculiarity a long estate combined with a natural finish .

The trend goes back to the origins with a natural trick that is there but can not be seen through one ultra-light face base but still covering, characterized by one soft brightness but not excessive.

THE’ dewy effect to which we are accustomed, it gives way to delicate glazings that enhance the natural beauty making it extremely practical and affordable for everyone!


All the products of the Ultra-HD line proposed by Make Up For Ever they are already available at the world famous La Truccheria boutique where the make-up artists from all over Italy are supplied! It is possible to buy the products either at the store in Bologna or through the online shop.

Alternatively, they can be purchased on Sephora website in This Page .

We hope that our review has been useful to you. And you have already tried the cosmetics of this new line proposed by MUFE? Which product intrigues you the most? We await your opinions!



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