Make up Collistar summer 2013

A sophisticated, warm and bright make-up: it is Bronze Look , the proposal make up Collistar summer 2013 , which we present today with one full review.

The Italian brand n. 1 in perfumery presents effect tanning lands three-dimensional , eyeliner from the finish metallic , delicate gloss and glazes jewel , full of glitter and reflections. The Collistar summer makeup line is really sophisticated and bright.

Are you curious to know our opinions on make-up Collistar summer 2013? Read on this article!
Collistar make up summer 2013


There Collistar 3D Tanning Earth It is a very silky and luminous land, with an elegant and refined packaging, distinguished by a relief work that recalls the waves of the sand and the beautiful Collistar logo on the entire surface of the product.
collistar tanning ground

3D Tanning Earth has a bright finish , blends well on the skin giving a “sun kissed” effect, like skin kissed by the sun. The shades we tested are the number 2 Biscuit and the number 4 Cocoa , whose names are very faithful to the color of the product.
collistar tanning ground

The variant number 2 Biscotto is of a beautiful warm shade which tends to orange and is able to warm up the slightly dull skin tones and revive those already naturally tanned, while the number 4 Cocoa is rather dark , of a decidedly colder shade, perfect for darker skin or even to carry out one good contouring.

Collistar make up Collistar make up

The 3D Tanning Earth finish is bright, but not glittered Therefore, it is possible to sculpt the face volumes with a precision brush or give a healthy look by applying the product on cheekbones, nose and forehead with a soft brush. The compact powders of this product have a moisturizing action thanks to the squalane vegetable present in the formula, and in fact apply this earth on the face is really a pleasure!
collistar tanning ground

tanning ground collistar 2 biscuit

Here she is Collistar 3D Tanning Earth in the variant 2 Biscuit with the relative swatches:
tanning ground 2 collistar biscuit
tanning ground collistar biscuit

And also the number 4 Cocoa:
tanning ground collistar 4 cocoa
tanning ground 4 cacao collistar
tanning ground collistar cacao

The professional glitter eyeliner by Collistar for summer 2013 they are a real must have sparkling : give that extra touch that awakens the look in simple make-up by day and makes sophisticated those evening, more intense. The available variants are the number 25 Gold Metal and 26 Gold Glitter , respectively a dark chrome-plated gold tending towards bronze and a gold in glitter.
glitter eyeliner collistar

As already mentioned, these eyeliner are very versatile: i strong colors give character and light to every look, the application is simple and last for the whole day! Note that compared to the chrome version, the one in glitter requires a slightly more careful application for optimal results and at that point the make up will be really fabulous!
collistar eyeliner glitter

Here is the number 26 Gold Glitter with relative swatch: do not you find yourself falling in love?
glitter eyeliner collistar
eyeliner collistar gold glitter

And also the magnificent 25 Gold Metal:
glitter eyeliner collistar
eyeliner collistar gold metal

The metallic eye shadows with rhinestones effect part of the make up line Collistar summer 2013 are of the light eye shadows in gel with very bright glitter.

To obtain a lasting effect it is necessary to apply a primer eyes : with this little trick the duration is really good! The best way to apply these eyeshadows is with the fingertips, tapping them gently on the eyelids for a more intense and “concentrated” effect, while “pulling” more the product you get a more diffuse light effect.
jewel eyeshadow strass effect collistar

Collistar recommends its application as top coat over another eye shadow and I must say that the sparkling result is really very visible, given that the two variants number 1 Copper and number 2 Gold have a semitransparent finish. Obviously in this case it is necessary to tap very small quantities of product very well to prevent the two eyeshadows to mix and irreparably ruin the make up!
jewel eyeshadow with rhinestones effect

Strass effect jewel eyeshadow 1 Copper , with swatch:
eyeshadow strass effect collistar
eyeshadow jewel collistar copper

And here is also the variant 2 Gold:
eyeshadow jewel collistar
gold eyeshadow collistar gold
gloss collistar

The Glossy Balms of the Collistar summer 2013 make up collection Bronze Look they are gods very soft gloss with SFP 15 sunscreen that moisturize and color the lips gently.

The nuances available, 23 caramel and 24 peach , they are very delicate, light in color. The formula is comfortable and not sticky, also they have a delicious scent of caramel : hard not to love them madly! The duration on the lips is not extreme, being gloss, but I really appreciate the fact that they are not sticky and give a nice effect of brightness and softness to the lips.
glossy balm collistar

Below you can see the swatches of the 24 peach color :
glossy balm collistar
gloss collistar fishing

And also the 23 caramel , always with the relative swatch:
glossy balm collistar
caramel collistar gloss

These enamels are the real gem of the Collistar summer 2013 make up collection: made of glitter super sparkling , they are really perfect for the summer. Allegri and at the same time a lot stylish , I am already covering from the first pass for a glittery and luminous effect.

These glazes from the Bronze Look collection can be easily applied they are removed placing a ball soaked in solvent on the nails. After a few minutes of laying the glitter tend to “melt” and you can remove any residues with the help of a wooden orange manicure. The removal is not very simple but their resistance on the nails is remarkable: they remain intact for almost a week, if they do not particularly stress the nails.
collistar polish strass effect

The new Collistar nail polishes have really impressed me: it is difficult to find glittery glazes a lot bright, easy to apply and especially so covering . Here are the swatches on tip of Collistar’s rhinestones jewel enamel, in order: 620 Acquamarina Strass, 602 Fuchsia Strass and 621 Platinum Strass :

enamel jewel collistar rhinestone effect
enamel jewel collistar
polish collistar summer 2013
enamel jewel collistar rhinestone effect

We hope this article dedicated to the new make up line Collistar summer 2013 Bronze Look may be useful to guide you in choosing the most suitable products for your needs. All the cosmetics in the collection are really special and unique in their kind and for us of Beautydea I’m really very approved!
collistar make up summer 2013
make up summer 2013 collistar
collistar make up summer 2013

You have already tried some of these Collistar products ? Let us know with a comment, we are curious to know your opinions and impressions!

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