MAC Supernatural Dazzle, gloss and sparkling eye shadows

Do you love making sparkling and nuanced make-up? MAC Cosmetics presents the Supernatural Dazzle line. A spring collection that launches new shades both as regards the known lipgloss Dazzeglass that for the Dazzleshadows eye shadows .

Both perfect to make the make up eyes and lips : Let’s discover them in preview!

Mac Cosmetics Supernatural Dazzle


luxurious lipgloss characterized by an intense sparkling finish and eye shadow made up of pure pressing pigments, they promise a bright eye and lip makeup, in line with the summer.

Sparkling, luminous and of enormous aesthetic impact, all the new Dazzleglass and Dazzleshadows MAC Cosmetics are infusions of glitter that give make-up dimensionality, making it vibrating and magnetic.

All new shades are ready to become part of the permanent line MAC and to give our make-up an intense, decisive and fabulously shimmer character!

Mac Supernatural Dazzle collection


Introducing new intense shades of lip gloss Dazzleglass MAC marks the great comeback of one of the gods best seller of the brand.

The MAC Dazzleglass are indeed lipgloss vinyl effect , infusions of super-bright micro-glitter offering a creamy but not tacky texture and an extremely bright and multi-dimensional finish.

The Canadian cosmetic brand for 2018 renews the formula that characterizes the Dazzleglass lip glosses, confirming once again the absolute comfort and the optimal hydration that confer to the lips.

MAC lipgloss are proposed in 14 new shades suitable to satisfy every need and to make the lips shine like diamonds.

Here are all the shades proposed by the brand and suitable to be used both alone lip gloss , both as bright topper to be applied over our favorite lipstick:

  • Babysparks : pink baby shimmer;
  • Dressed to Dazzle : pearly light pink shimmer;
  • Funtabulous : bright purple;
  • Get Rich Quick: brown plum sparkle;
  • Go for Gold: sparkle caramel;
  • Goldyrocks: bright lemon yellow;
  • Jingle Jangle: bright bubblegum rose;
  • Pleasure Principl is : silver shimmer;
  • Prancin ‘Dancin’: bronze fishing shimmer;
  • Rags to Riches : soft pink sparkle;
  • Rollergirl: purple taupe sparkle;
  • Stop! Look !: intense sparkle plum;
  • Tangerine Tropica: sparkle coral;
  • Via Veneto : lilac sparkle.

macamel dazzleglass lip gloss


The Supernatural Dazzle collection proposed by MAC also boasts a series of new shades of mono eye shadows Dazzleshadow that will be introduced in the permanent line.

The brand is preparing to launch new sparkling shades that promise to make multi-dimensional and multi-faceted eyes make up.

Characterized by one high pigmentation formula it’s at long seal , MAC Dazzleshadows are silky and easy to blend, modular and characterized by a immediate color release and intense.

Designed to make a strong, elegant and refined eye makeup, they are proposed in 14 color variations , suitable to satisfy every kind of need, united by an intense sparkle finish .

Here are all the Dazzleshadows shades in detail:

  • Dazzle Style: golden bronze sparkle;
  • Dreamy Beams: chocolate;
  • I Like 2 Watch : medium intensity brown with gold sparkles;
  • It’s All About Shine : sparkle ice;
  • Last Dance: beige peach with pink sparkles;
  • Let’s Roll: coppery bronze sparkle;
  • Midnight Shine: intense and saturated plum;
  • Oh So Gilty: Golden yellow;
  • Say It Is not So : dark gray with pink sparkles;
  • She Sparkles: light gray with silver sparkles;
  • Shine De-light: v light lavender iola;
  • Slow / Fast / Slow : bronze with red sparkles.

eye shadows dazzleshadow mac


The new Dazzeglass and Dazzleshadows that characterize the collection MAC Cosmetics Supernatural Dazzle the US will be officially launched March 8, 2018 .

We do not have a certain date yet about the European launch but we will keep you updated as usual.

All Supernatural Dazzle MAC products can be purchased at all store and Pro Mac Store present on the national territory.

As all the references proposed by the brand, they will also be available online on official website MAC .

Do you love the sparkle finish on eyes and lips? Which product and favorite shades among those proposed by Mac for the new Supernatural Dazzle range? We await your comments!


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