MAC Jeremy Scott: spring 2018 makeup collection

MAC Cosmetics prepares for the launch of one limited edition lively and sparkling dedicated to the known designer Jeremy Scott , with a dynamic and unconventional character.

We show you the new MAC Cosmetics collection Jeremy Scott in preview , certain that you will literally lose your mind!

MAC Mac Jeremy Scott collection


Defined as the last of the fashion rebels Jeremy Scott , known American fashion designer as well artistic director of Moschino signs his collaboration with MAC Cosmetics through a decidedly glam capsules.

The new limited edition Spring 2018 MAC X Jeremy Scott , promises to be lively, irreverent and out of the box, just like the designer who relaunched Moschino , making the brand young and dynamic.

Jeremy himself conceived together with the famous Canadian brand, a capsule focused on what are the icons of hip hop music , funky and street, typically American.

Jeremy Scott Mac is a collection with character and personality: centered on a lively color range, it takes on the peculiarities that make it street style . A appealing packaging shaped mixtape , of compact discs and of boomboxes contributes to make the new collection signed by MAC Cosmetics, among the most original ever seen.

MAC Jeremy Scott limited edition

Within the collection MAC X Jeremy Scott we find Acoustica , a trio of face designed to implement the contouring technique, with a musical cd-shaped pack. Future Emotion , one lip palettes in the shape of a mixtape that contains inside 9 lively shades all to wear.

And still the fulcrum of the collection, Lo-Fi Eyeshadow , the maxi eye palette in the form of a stereo system, which encloses inside it 29 shades of eye shadows .

Beauty addicts who live with music will go crazy in front of these wonderful creations MAC Cosmetics !

MAC Jeremy Scott makeup collection


The collection MAC X Jeremy Scott opens with Acoustica , one face palette which contains everything necessary to achieve an impeccable contouring.

In fact we find in fact the three basic products to complete our face base: an iridescent illuminant, a delicate blush and a perfect bronzer to sculpt the facial features we wish to enhance.

To make the difference packaging , decidedly original in the form of a compact disc which includes respectively:

  • Heaven In Your Smile : iridescent highlighter champagne (Frost);
  • Acoustica: hot brown bronzer (Matte);
  • Wall Of Desire : medium pinkish blush (Satin).

MAC Jeremy Scott face palette


MAC Cosmetics seals its collaboration with Jeremy Scott through Future Emotion, a lip palette characterized by 9 cast lipsticks , always a strong point of the brand.

Enclosed within a packaging in the form of a cassette that takes us back in time, in the glorious 80s, 9 intense shades among the best known and loved of the brand and some exclusive :

  • Living In Stereo: hot nude (Matte);
  • Violet: intense intense purple (Amplified);
  • Wild Memories: bright red hot (Matte);
  • Breathing Fire: bright hot pink (Matte);
  • Night Club School: intense and saturated wine (Amplified);
  • Carmine Rouge: intense red cold (Matte);
  • Diggin It: intense brown (Matte);
  • Morange: intense rust orange (Amplified);
  • Happy Song: pink cyclamen saturated (Matte).

MAC lips Jeremy Scott


The highlight of the MAC collection Jeremy Scott It is without a doubt Lo-Fi Eyeshadow , the eye-shaped maxi-palette that encloses well 29 shades of eye shadows .

Characterized by a vibrant color range and colorful, the MAC Cosmetics eye palette ensures high pigmentation and long hold, for 29 shades differentiated by finish .

Ideal for creating any kind of look, it is the maximum expression of the brio, of modernity and of the dynamism which characterizes the artist he directs Moschino .

The 29 shades inserted in the palette are:

  • Lo-Fi: delicate beige with gold satin finish (Satin);
  • Creative Copper: peach with gold satin finish (Luster);
  • Bite The Beat: medium warm brown (Matte);
  • Endless Frequency: medium fishing (Matte);
  • Disco Therapy: bright orange (Matte);
  • Superior Sound: pastel pink (Frost);
  • Happy Song : pink bubblegum (Satin);
  • Bird’s Eye View: bright fuchsia (Satin);
  • Heartbeats Walkings: medium red (Matte);
  • Vacation Speed ​​Zone: intense plum with red satin finish (Veluxe Pearl);
  • Ghost Story: cream white with ice glitter (Frost);
  • Morning Ticket: Metallic silver (Veluxe Pearl);
  • Us Dance Remix: gunmetal gray (Veluxe Pearl);
  • Subtly Elegant: light gray (Matte);
  • Bonus Track: warm brown with silver sparkles (Frost);
  • Beatifully Charred: medium brown with gold glitter (Frost);
  • Raven Eyed: intense black (Matte);
  • Video Emotions: purple black (Matte);
  • Memories Of Space: intense yellow (Matte);
  • Remixology: lime green (Matte);
  • Beatallica: dark forest green (Matte);
  • Syntheseyes: mint green (Satin);
  • Oldie But Goodie: light blue (Matte);
  • Powerful Performance : aquamarine (Satin);
  • At The Turntable: sky blue (Matte);
  • Elecrtic Eel: blue on shimmer (Frost);
  • She’s A Machine: lavandaxshimmer (Frost);
  • Jam Session : lilac a cceso (Satin);
  • New Wave Mix: intense violet (Matte).

MAC Jeremy Scott eye palette


The makeup collection in MAC limited edition Jeremy Scott for spring 2018, the 8 February 2018 internationally.

There capsule collection it should come out in Europe too, so we can only hope that it will arrive in Italy at i Mac Cosmetics stores , or online, on official website of the brand .

And what do you think of this lively MAC Cosmetics collection? Have you already fallen in love too?


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