MAC Girls Palette make up: 3 new types!


After launching the last year MAC Girls Collection , the well-known Canadian brand introduces a selection of brand new eye palette to represent an emblematic female personality.

Lively, lively, unconventional, we present you in preview all the new MAC Girls Palette, designed for young women outside the box, but who like to look absolutely glam!

New MAC Cosmetics Girls Collection palette


After the huge success of the Girls Collection, characterized by six eye blades, each with one personality and a diametrically different character, MAC Cosmetics implements the range with three innovations.

They go out three brand new color variations ready to unleash the imagination of every beauty addict.

MAC Cosmetics Girls Collection eye palette

Each Mac palette contains 8 eye shadows and an illuminant with a common characteristic: the pressed powders in fact offer a very high pigmentation and an immediate and saturated color release.

In Girl Risk Taker Palette dominate warm shades and enveloping bronze, combined with the intensity of the berry and the delicacy of mauve and rosé that lend themselves to infinite combinations of colors and different looks .

There Classic Cutie Palette it is instead made up of romantic and feminine shades, where pastel shades of lilac, rose, violet and pomace dominate.

Finally the most gritty Qween Supreme Palette , focused on warm tones bronze and gold, accompanied by silver, dedicated to lovers of luxury and opulence as true queens, even when it comes to make-up.


Let’s find out closely all shades that characterize these amazing new entries.

MAC Cosmetics Girls Collection eye palette


The new MAC Cosmetics Girl Risk Taker Palette presents 8 shades of eye shadows differentiated by finish and an illuminant also usable as all-over . Eight versatile and intense shades that offer infinite possibilities and combinations for looks that are more complex and built for the evening, that are simple and easy for the day.

Made up of one silky texture and impalpable, almost creamy, all eyeshadows promise one optimal color rendering and a long estate, peculiar characteristics of the brand.

Here then all the nuances proposals in detail:

  • Risky Business: dark purple-gray with green and magenta pearlescence;
  • Dangerously Elegant: dark brown with green and gold pearlescence;
  • Fashion Fanatic: intense opaque fuchsia;
  • outfitted: light peach with silver pearlescence;
  • Bossing It: opaque warm bronze;
  • Totally Fierce: opaque peach pink;
  • Free Ride: matte rosy mauve;
  • Totally Obsessed : matte neutral light beige;
  • Highlighter in Let It Rock: light gold illuminating.

MAC Cosmetics Girl Risk Taker Palette


Overview also on swatches of all shades that make the new MAC Girl Risk Taker Palette unique:

MAC Cosmetics Girl Risk Taker Palette swatches


The new Classic Cutie Palette MAC ready to become part of the famous Girls Collection, it is inspired by a romantic-glam kawaii style.

Characterized by 8 delicate shades in shades of pink, purple is purple, offers a mix of silky, almost buttery and easily shaded textures, suitable for making romantic eyes but with a striking aesthetic effect.

Designed for young romantic and dreamy women, here are all the shades that make the Classic Cutie Palette unique:

  • In My Genes: dark brown with gold and red pearlescence;
  • Maybe So Darkened: intense purple satin;
  • On the Hip Side: light beige, opaque cold;
  • Wide Eyed Wonder: very light beige, opaque warm;
  • Good Karma: light pink satin lavender;
  • Style & Influence: light lilac opaque;
  • Mad Mod: pink with silver satin finish;
  • Cuteness: deep gray satin taupe;
  • Heart Melte: highlighter pink satin lavender.

MAC Cosmetics Classic Cutie Palette


We show you also all the swatches related to the Classic Cutie Palette so that you too can admire the wonderful color selection that makes up this new MAC eye palette:

MAC Cosmetics Classic Cutie Palette swatches


Concludes the selection of new MAC Cosmetics, the Qween Supreme Palette , also characterized by 8 decisive and luxurious eyeshadows and a precious illuminant.

Focused on the warm tones of gold and bronze, combined with the brightness of silver, the new MAC eye palette is designed for career women decided and of a character that loves to show luxury and wealth even in make-up.

Silky, precious and enveloping shades ready to give eye make-up, a sophisticated allure but always very elegant.

Here all shades included in detail:

  • Posh As You Want: satin mustard;
  • Fire Starter: satin copper satin marrrone;
  • Long, Live, Luster: satin milk chocolate;
  • Magic Dust: clear satin silver;
  • Call Me Queenie: satin platinum;
  • Tit-For-Tat: matt brick;
  • About To Reign: dark gray satin;
  • Royal Caper: intense violet with silver pearlescence;
  • Insta Queen: highlighter beige satin gold.

MAC Cosmetics Qweenie Supreme Palette



We obviously take a look at the swatches of the new Palette Mac Qween Supreme belonging to the Girls Collection:

MAC Cosmetics Qweenie Supreme Palette swatches


All the new eye pallets introduced in the Girls Collection from MAC Cosmetics, will be available for purchase from March 15, 2018 at all store and Pro Mac Store present on the national territory.

You can also buy them online on official website MAC at the price of € 39.50 .

And what do you think of these new MAC palettes? Let us know your opinion in the comments!



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