Luisa Spagnoli sunglasses collection 2017

We present the collection of sunglasses signed Luisa Spagnoli.

Many models of real diva ready to protect our eyes from the sun and give us a look wanted and elegant.

Luisa Spagnoli sunglasses
New Luisa Spagnoli sunglasses collection


The square sunglasses is the only one able to immediately make a look sophisticated and a little’ back . The shape is classic but firm, not too squared to not weigh down the features of the face. The colors proposed are in line with the footbridges of the moment.

Red, black, light and dark tortoise. Acetate and metal make up this sunglasses evergreen. Yes to sunglasses provided that Luisa Spagnoli is signed.

Luisa Spagnoli sunglasses
Red square sunglasses (cost 160 Euro)

Luisa Spagnoli red glasses

Luisa Spagnoli black glasses
Square glasses in tortoise and black colors (€ 160.00)
Women's sunglasses
Havana women’s sunglasses (price 160 Euro)

Women's sunglasses 2017


The Luisa Spagnoli sunglasses model is perfect for those women who want a sensual look and mysterious. Slightly butterfly this model enhances the face and gives a “cat eye” look.

The frame is made of acetate with golden metal logos, while the lenses are dark. This eyewear is available in three stylish colors: shiny pink, opal and glossy black jeans.

Luisa Spagnoli pink glasses
Cat eye sunglasses in shiny pink (price 155 Euro)

Luisa Spagnoli pink glasses

Luisa Spagnoli big glasses
Cat eye glasses in black and opal jeans (€ 155.00)


The sunglass par excellence is this model by Luisa Spagnoli: thick, slightly rounded and super glamorous . The oval shape takes you back to the 70s a little vintage, but at the same time current thanks to the materials and colors in step with the trends of the moment.

These handmade glasses and 100% Made in Italy they are composed of an acetate frame with temples embellished by the logo of the brand LS in relief.

Luisa Spagnoli tortoise glasses
Rounded tortoise sunglasses (cost 150 Euro)

Luisa Spagnoli round glasses

Luisa Spagnoli dark glasses
Round sunglasses in blue and black (price 150 Euro)


timeless and super icon aviator glasses are a great classic that never goes out of fashion. spirited and timeless are composed of acetate front, transparent nose piece and temples embellished with Luisa Spagnoli gold logo.

This model is available in two colors: the romantic rose with mirrored lenses and the classic tortoise with single color lenses.

Aviator sunglasses
Tortoise aviator sunglasses (price 155 Euro)

Luisa Spagnoli aviator sunglasses

Mirror lenses sunglasses
Aviator model sunglasses in pink with mirrored lenses (€ 155.00)


Luisa Spagnoli’s sunglasses are on sale in all the boutiques of the brand.

Do not forget to also discover the collection Luisa Spagnoli clothing !

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