Luisa Spagnoli Collection fall winter 2017

The Italian fashion brand surprises us with its collection of winter clothing . Dresses, sweaters and cardigans that reflect the refined style is sophisticated by Luisa Spagnoli.

Let’s discover Luisa Spagnoli collection!


Elegant longuette sheath dresses that band the figure alternate with clothes with straight cut or slightly rounded skirt. Merino wool and stretch jersey are the warm fabrics chosen by Luisa Spagnoli, which decorates with tulle, rouche lace and trimmings.

Honorable mention for the elegant long dress in mikado embellished by a colorful fantasy a flowers and an original bow in life.

Luisa Spagnoli Dresses
Dress with knitted macramé lace (280 Euro)
Luspa Spagnoli black dress with buttons
Armored knit dress (290 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli dress
Knitted dress (310 Euro)
Scottish fantasy dress
Wool blend fabric dress with silk organza insert (290 Euro)
Striped Spanish Luisa dress
Jacquard knit dress (265 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli Winter clothes 2018
Stretch wool dress with bell sleeves (cost 315 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli yellow dress
Yellow knit dress (310 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli blue dress
Blue knit dress with trimmings (295 €)
Luisa Spagnoli dressed in winter 2018
Green knit dress with rouches (298 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli dress in lace
Gray jacquard dress with lace effect decoration (290 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli two-colored dress
Two-colored knit dress (295 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli patterned print dress
Printed viscose dress (290 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli fancy dress
Printed viscose dress (320 Euro)
Patterned velvet dress
Printed devorè velvet dress (440 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli clothes fall winter
Gray dress (298 euros)
Spanish luisa pied de poule dress
Pied de poule jacquard design dress (298 Euro)


In the catalog Luisa Spagnoli winter clothing la bell silhouette It dominates. Ribbed profiles and wool for those who want a warm, close-fitting garment or regular cut and high collar in the cold season.

A decoration of the sweaters lace is striped patterns , buttons on the wrists for the navy style garments. The sophisticated touch? The initials of the brand ‘LS’ in golden metal sewn on the side.

Luisa Spagnoli sweaters
Pullover with shoulder in macramé lace and knit (cost 168 Euro)
Striped pullover
Luisa Spagnoli Striped pullover (198 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli sweater and stripes
Striped wool sweater (160 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli winter sweater
Jacquard pullover with geometric print (cost 225 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli red pullover
Luisa Spagnoli Red pullover with bell sleeves (198 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli wool sweaters
Blue pullover in pure extra-fine merino wool with gold buttons (188 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli turtleneck
Luisa Spagnoli gray wool sweater (139 Euro)
turtleneck Luisa Spagnoli
Luisa Spagnoli bordeaux pierced turtleneck (220 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli two-colored sweater
Pullover with belt included (225 Euro)
Sweater with puff sleeves
Pullover (185 Euro)
Sweater luisa spangoli yellow
Pullover with big buttons (175 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli sweater
Pullover with bow (178 Euro)


Large waistcoats with pockets, knitted jackets or hoods with fringes. The proposals of the Italian fashion brand are sober and without too many frills. Disconnects of color, warm fabrics that accept zip or zip as the only tinsel romantic macramé .

For the coldest temperatures Luisa Spagnoli offers a jacket from trapezium line , closed by a buckle and with fur collar . The new clothing line makes us think already of the coldest climate!

Luisa Spagnoli waistcoat
Long black knit waistcoat (270 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli jackets
Double knitted jacket (299 Euro)
Spanish Luisa knit jacket
Embroidered knitted emerald jacket with grosgrain belt (260 Euro)
Spanish Luisa hood
Double knit wool cape with fringes (315 Euro)
Mantella Luisa Spagnoli
Knitted cape
Spanish Luisa bordeaux cardigan
Jacket with knitted macramé lace inserts (340 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli jacket in jeans
Vintage wash stretch denim jacket with jacquard inserts (280 Euro)
Spanish luisa sports jacket
Nappa leather jacket (480 Euro)
Checked jacket
Plaid patterned wool jacket with brooch included (315 Euro)
Luisa spangles wool jacket
Fancy wool jacket (335 Euro)
Spanish luisa jacket
Spun wool jacket with inserts in georgette and embroidery (365 Euro)
Damask jacket
Damask stretch fabric jacket (380 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli jacket with lace inserts
Jacket in enver satin fabric with lace inserts (370 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli embroidery jacket
Viscose tuxedo with embroidered collar (510 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli velvet jacket
Comfort smooth velvet jacket (325 Euro)
Luisa Spaniards outerwear
Knitted redingote (460 Euro)
Spanish Luisa jacket with fur
Knitted jacket with Mourmasky collar (460 Euro)


Coats from pastel shades is sport duvets softened by soft fur. For the winter Luisa Spagnoli reserves us short coats and long, more suitable for cold temperatures. THE screwed coats they have a bon ton style, while the soft and warm ones fur in lapin they maintain a more classical allure with modern touches such as the drawstring at the waist.

Luisa Spagnoli fur 3/4 sleeves
Lapin leather (830 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli fur
Red fur coat with fox collar (870 Euro)
Spanish luisa coat
Pink boucle effect mohair wool coat with printed lining (490 Euro)
Spanish luisa down jacket
Iridescent down jacket with mourmasky collar (430 Euro)
Spanish Luisa down jacket
Quilted jacket with knitted band and detachable hood edged with mourmasky (398 Euro)
Spanish Luisa long down jacket
Quilted down jacket with detachable mourmasky collar (570 Euro)
Coat with inserts in Spanish luisa leather
Wool coat with rex rabbit inserts (630 Euro)
luisa spagnoli long red coat
Double wool blend coat (520 Euro)
Coat with jewel buttons
Double crepe coat with jeweled buttons (495 Euro)


An extensive collection of elegant trousers that adapt to formal ceremonies and free time. One refined sartorial style which keeps the fame of the Italian brand high, known for chic and sought-after collections that, however, shake the eye to modernity.

Here is therefore that i best wool yarns give life to shorts pants , pantapalazzo , leg or cigarette models, regular or skinny jeans.

Luisa Spagnoli pants
Black trousers in comfort crepe (cost 170 Euro)
Checked trousers
Square patterned wool blend trousers (prices 170 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli trousers
Honeycomb trousers (149 Euro)
Velvet trousers
Comfort velvet trousers (170 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli black pants
Luisa Spagnoli black trousers (158 Euro)
Flared pants
Stretch paw stretch trousers (170 Euro)
Luisa spangles autumn trousers
Skinny trousers in nappa and jersey (298 Euro)
Pleated trousers
Trousers in pleated gerogette (225 Euro)
Jeans luisa spangoli
Gaucho trousers in stretch jeans (175 Euro)
Spanish Luisa jeans
Skinny trousers in gray stretch denim with side band (165 Euro)
Jeans with chain
Stretch regular jeans trousers with chain included (168 Euro)


Among the novelties of the Luisa Spagnoli winter line we find the long skirt in pleated knit with striped pattern and elastic waistband. For a perfect fashion outfit you can combine suede boots.

Luisa Spagnoli lace skirt
Lace skirt (220 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli knit skirt
Reversible jacquard knit skirt (180 Euro)
Spanish luisa jacquard skirt
Jacqaurd knitted skirt (180 Euro)
Spanish luisa wool skirt
Armored wool skirt with trimmings and lurex inserts (170 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli skirts
Lace skirt with satin insert (220 Euro)
Gonna Luisa Spagnoli
Stretch wool skirt (180 Euro)
Long lace skirt
Lace skirt and designs (320 Euro)
Long wool skirt
Skirt in wool blend and pleated lurex (298 Euro)
Luisa Spagnoli winter 2018 pleated skirt
Striped pleated knit skirt (190 Euro)


The Luisa Spagnoli fashion line is on sale on the site and in all the boutiques of the brand.

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