Lookingforpupa: Pupa 2013 event

Lookingforpupa Pupa A day full of color and beauty that passed to Milan last May 25th as part of the wonderful Pupa event #lookingforpupa , to which we have had the opportunity to take part with the beauty blogger and the most famous vlogger in Italy.

Despite the rain that characterizes this period, the Team Pupa managed to color the day thanks to the beautiful novelties signed Pupa for summer 2013 .

In fact, together with the other bloggers, we have been judged by the International make up artist Giorgio Forgani , and from all the team Pupa , discovering the new products that will soon be released in the perfumeries: a rainbow of cosmetics innovative for textures, formulas and naturally color !

The Pupa 2013 event #lookingforpupa moreover, he made sure that we tried a funny treasure hunt through the streets of Milan in search of the beauty secrets signed by Pupa, seeing us running at breakneck speed for Corso Vittorio Emanuele, where a surprise awaited us from Sephora up to the beautiful Triennial of Milan , emblem of design, elegance and beauty, exactly as it is Pupa for make-up .

The Pupa news for the summer they are really innumerable! During the Pupa Web Makeup Session 2013 we had a lot of fun to try super pigmented eyeshadows, mascara from fluorescent colors , wonderful enamels, very fine pigments and much more, of course, documenting every moment to take you with us in the colorful and fun world Pupa . Would you like to know more?

Come with us to discover Pupa and you will not regret it!

Pupa 2013 event lookingforpupa



Pupa it takes Vamp , beautiful and colorful, and to realize our cosmetic dreams for the summer 2013 has developed three different lines of mono eye shadows with very high pigmentation : eye shadows in the wake of the famous mascara from which the name derives, Vamp , in fact, they are announced as must have of the beautiful 2013 season .

eyeshadow pupa vamp

Twenty-four eye shadows from absolute writing to the finish matte, satin or metallic , perfect for playing with shades and creating contrasting day or evening looks. The formula of the new Vamp Compact Eyeshadow by Pupa it is enriched with silica for a “high definition” effect that stretches to perfection, favoring its nuance.

Furthermore, the interational make up artist Giorgio Forgani he advised us to swatchare without delay black, blue and hazel eyeshadows of this series: the first two are pigmented, very difficult to find in the common eye shadows of these colors, while the color variant hazelnut It is a nuance strongly desired by the make up artist as it is essential to make perfect eye make up of any kind.

eyeshadow pupa vamp

eyeshadow pupa vamp

Pupa vamp eyeshadows

swatches Pupa vamp eyeshadows

swatches Pupa vamp eyeshadows

The classic Pupa Luminys eyeshadows change their look summer 2013 and they come back to amaze us with a brand new formulation and a slightly smaller packaging. Available in twenty-four colors, the newest Vamp Wet & Dry Eyeshadow that we discovered at the wonderful Pupa 2013 event #lookingforpupa they have a pearled and satin finish, and they are obviously perfect for wet application with the small applicator supplied: the perfect tool according to the great make up artist Pupa Giorgio Forgani to get an impeccable result with this product. The price of all the new Pupa eye shadows should be of about 13.50 euros .

Absolute innovation at Pupa for the summer 2013 they are beautiful “Vamp Cream Eyeshadow” cream eyeshadows , products that have met with huge success among all those present at the exclusive 2013 event #lookingforpupa .

Available in twelve color variations , these new eyeshadows have a creamy gel consistency, made unique by silicones and silicone elastomers as well as silica, which make the product very easy to blend and with long hold. The colors are trendy, ranging from elegant taupe , to cream color passing to a ultra dark black , but also a splendid one electric blue it’s a intense emerald green that, I reveal a secret to you, has conquered the heart of our Erika! They will be on sale for the price of 11.00 euros about.

Pupa eyeshadows in cream Vamp

Pupa Vamp eyeshadows in cream

Pupa eyeshadows in cream Vamp

Pupa Vamp cream eyeshadows

Swatches eyeshadows in cream Pupa Vamp

The series Vamp does not stop with the “classic” eyeshadows, but it makes us fall in love even with good 5 new Vamp Fluo pigments , perfect for coloring the summer 2013 ! These special pigments boast absolute pigmentation and maximum blendability , to create an impact look. Obviously the special powder formula allows us to use these five Pupa pigments both dry and wet , making them the ideal choice for those who want rows of eyeliner from fluorescent shades! The colors available are purple, fuchsia, green, blue and orange : the must-have nuances for the summer! They will be on sale from June at the recommended price of 13.50 euros.

Pigments Pupa Vamp Fluo

Pigments Pupa Vamp Fluo

Swatches Pigmenti Pupa Vamp Fluo

Here is the cute Michela, better known as Mikeligna , which shows us its favorite pigment, the green one, that the very good Giorgio Forgani has already used a preview on her for her new make up program on the Real Time channel dedicated to nail art!

Mickeligna Pupa pigments MASCARA PUPA VAMP FLUO
Pupa you know, is a young, fun and innovative brand, always attentive to the trends and desires of make-up addicted like us, and for this reason, for the summer 2013 has launched a new line of products on the market mascara Vamp , the best seller product of this brand.

The formulation that made the mascara Pupa Vamp remains unchanged and even the brush, to change is the color , which is declined in ben five new fluorescent variants: green, fuchsia, turquoise, orange and purple . The pigmentation of these mascaras is unbelievable : after having swatchati on one arm, it took at least a couple of showers and a lot of elbow grease to remove the traces! Furthermore, as for mascara Pupa Vamp classic, the volume on the eyelashes is remarkable, something really difficult to find in the classic colored mascaras (recommended price 13,50 Euro).

Mascara Pupa Vamp Fluo

Mascara Pupa Vamp Fluo

Mascara Pupa Vamp Fluo

swatches Pupa mascara vamp fluo

After the extraordinary success of the eyeliner in glitter launched in the Christmas period by Pupa, with the Decò collection, the Milanese brand has decided to do it literally go crazy all lovers of glitter eyeliner with a collection of bright lights Diamond Eyeliner for summer 2013 .

It is well 10 shades variations , some multicolor, other mono nuances with colored base studded with sparkling mircoglitters , perfect to illuminate the look. The advice of the make up artist Pupa Giorgio Forgani ? Apply the Diamond Eyeliner as light point at the inner corner of the eye to have an alarm clock and super glamor! Moreover, for those who had searched without finding it, the number 003 of this collection, a beautiful multicolor variant, is exactly the same nuance output with the Christmas collection Decò 2012, the one so loved by make up guru Clio Zammatteo !
eyeliner glitter pupa diamond

eyeliner pupa diamond

eyeliner pupa diamond PUPA PROFESSIONAL POWDER
Powder “top coat “, Already present in the best perfumeries, which fixes the make up and makes the skin smooth by clearly erasing lines of expression, imperfections and enlarged pores. This revolutionary powder Pupa is transparent and from the impalpable texture, and allows to absorb the sebum giving a matte look but at the same time bright to the face and to the make up. The composition of the Pupa Professional Powder it is based on natural silica, a precious element that makes this new face powder a product must have for summer 2013 . Go here to know more.

Pupa transparent powder

For a few weeks already available in the best perfumeries, the line of Pupa Multifunctional products for summer 2013 It is characterized by melting textures, delicious aromas, practical maxi sizes suitable to perform various functions and really affordable prices. This line was in fact developed to meet the needs of women who they love practicality and I’m always on the run, obviously giving an eye to the convenience of the price , given the difficult moment of economic crisis.

The creams Pupa Multifunction can be used on body, face, hands and hair: a real beauty revolution! Among these we try Perfect in a minute , Velvet face , Concentrated SOS and the multifunctional moisturizing creams . The innovative is also part of this line “photo retouch” cream , one special CC cream for the body that minimizes imperfections and gives a beautiful healthy glow to the skin of the body: ideal for this time of year in which we are not tanned but we love to discover a little ‘!

Pupa multifunctional creams

Pupa concentrated sos

Pupa moisturizing cream

Maxi pennellin or, optimal drafting and extra glossy gel finish and full-bodied, they are the newest Pupa nail polish Lasting Color Gel for the summer 2013 that we were able to discover at the Pupa 2013 event #lookingforpup a dedicated to beauty blogger and vlogger.

This brand new line of Pupa nail polishes goes to join the beloved line of glazes Pupa Lasting Color proposing well 49 different colors and a new fixing top coat , always gel effect. The true innovation lies in the fact that these glazes create a gel effect (like semi-opaque glazes) but they do not need a lamp ! They are spread like a classic glaze and are eliminated with a classic solvent.

The formula of these glazes is enriched by one special resin which makes the enamel very glossy, full-bodied and durable for one gel effect without long manicure sessions and UV lamps. The range of colors of the new line of gel-effect glazes Pupa Lasting Color Gel is really interesting, especially as regards the reds, to which Pupa has given greater importance by proposing many nuances to please the beauty addicted more scrupulous looking for the perfect red nail polish! For us it was love at first draft! Gel Pupa glazes will be available in perfumery from June at the recommended price of 6.50 euros each.

Pupa gel glazes

Pupa gel glazes

Lasting gel-colored Pupa nail polishes

Pupa gel glazes



After the colorful presentation of the Pupa products, we ventured on board elegant black vans towards surprising destinations where riddles and tests of skills awaited us to discover the Pupa universe! We moved on the means made available by Pupa, but also kicking up and down the center of Milan divided into teams laughing and challenging the bad weather that did not give us respite. Our adventure, as already anticipated, ended at Triennial of Milan , where we enjoyed playing one eye chart with the new products of the Vamp Fluo line , mascara and pigments, to then have lunch with the other bloggers and al fabulous Pupa team .

Pupa web session 2013

Pupa web session 2013 lookingforpupa

Pupa event 2013

Of course the “treasure hunt” #lookingforpupa expected that we would challenge each other in teams, and here is the team that has triumphed even receiving a custom cup Pupa! Following also, a roundup of nice photos taken with friends met gradually over the course of beautiful day spent with the Pupa team and the beauty bloggers.

Babe lookingforpupa

Here you can see Erika and me with the girls of our group, all very expert nail and nail art dream: the girls of the very special Nail Academy of Pupa: Astasia, Martina, Roberta, Maddalena e Mikeligna.

Beautydea with Astasia, Martina, Roberta, Maddalena and Mikeligna

Here we are with the official Pupa make up artist , Giorgio Forgani , a very competent person, solar and fun: talking with him about make up is a real pleasure!

Erika, Giorgio Forgani, Serena

Here is the photo together with Lavinia Fazio , the backbone of the communication of Pupa Make Up Milan: knowing it was beautiful!

Serena, Lavinia Fazio, Erika Beautydea

And finally, the two of us together in a very troubled (we have tried dozens of times: P) self-timer during the special lunch #lookingforpupa .

Erika and Serena lookingorpupa

And here is also the video story to relive this wonderful day with us:

What do you think of this “lookingforpupa” event in which they showed us all Pupa news for summer 2013 ? We are very enthusiastic about it, above all because we can show you preview all these beautiful and colorful products and soon we will make reviews dedicated to help you choose your top make up for the holidays! Meanwhile, let us know what are the products that intrigue you the most!

Special thanks to Lavina Fazio , Giorgio Forgani , Federica Gatti and all the team Pupa for the kind invitation and for the beautiful day spent together.
Below is the gallery with many other photos of the event:

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