Liu Jo 2018 costumes: full collection with photos and prices


Rows marinière, exotic flowers and 60s prints make hyper feminine i whole costumes and i bikini of the Made in Italy brand. Sequins and metallic details will make it shine beachwear collection on the sunny beaches of our holidays.

Are you curious to find out what the Liu Jo 2018 costume collection has in store for us? Let’s find out the new one together Liu Jo sea fashion catalog with pictures and prices!

Liu Jo 2018 costumes
Portofino push up bra (59 €) and Portofino briefs (price 35 €), beach towel (65 €)
Liu Jo 2018 costumes
Liu Jo costumes 2018, Riccione bandeau bikini (cost € 49) and Riccione briefs (€ 35)
Liu Jo full costumes 2018
Alghero swimsuit (99 €)
Liu Jo 2018 costumes
Liu Jo swimwear, Goa bra (52 €) and Goa culotte (39 euro)


The python prints and i lurex details of the triangle costumes will give us one bold and sensual charm . Brazilian bikinis with exotic accents and bright colors will add a sparkling mood to our beach look.

The model that will drive fashion addicts crazy? The push up with bow on the front and rope details of the Liu Jo swimwear collection.

Liu Jo summer costumes 2018
Goa triangle bikini (55 €)
Liu Jo summer costumes 2018
Triangle bikini Riccione (price € 45) and briefs Riccione (39 €)
bikini Liu Jo 2018
Liu Jo bikini, Goa Bra (59 €)


Elegant and refined the swimwear line Liu Jo 2018 can not do without the band model . Liu Jo bikinis with clean lines, tropical prints and laces are also ideal for the most prosperous women, to feel glamorous and feminine.

The must have of the Liu Jo mare collection? The Alghero model with sequins is tulle inserts perfect with matching sea accessories, for a cover look.

Liu Jo bikini 2018
Palau bra (49 €) and Palau briefs (cost 37 €)
bikini Liu Jo summer 2018
Portofino bandeau bra (price € 52) and Portofino culotte (€ 39)
costumes for the band Liu Jo 2018
Alghro bandeau bra (59 €)



The entire costumes Liu Jo with draping effect is lurex details enhance our silhouette giving us a hyper feminine allure.

The inclination of the women’s swimwear of the Italian brand is lo deep neckline . The Palau model enriched with golden weaves will make us sensual and elegant even on the water’s edge.

full costumes Liu Jo summer 2018
Liu Jo full costumes, Palau model (cost € 79)
Liu Jo full costumes
Palau swimsuit (79 euros)
whole costumes Liu Jo
Riccione swimsuit (79 €)


Wide design is sparkling prints suitable for a real it girl triumph in the sea fashion of the Italian brand. The effect I see I can not see, the ultra light textures and the tropical prints of the beach robes will make us have one irresistible look.

Passe-par-tout to wear on the costume Liu Jo is the “Smile” T-shirt to combine with shorts and flip-flops for a perfect aperitif with friends.

beachwear Liu Jo summer 2018
Top Tahiti (55 €)
Liu Jo beach fashion summer 2018
Top Tavolara (69 euros)
Liu Jo beach fashion summer 2018
Riccione t-shirt (cost € 49)
Liu Jo beachwear
Shirt Tropea (€ 85)
Liu Jo beachwear summer 2018
Riccione T-shirt (price € 59)
Liu Jo top sea summer 2018
Top Portofino (65 €)
Liu Jo t-shirt
Smile T-shirt (cost € 49)
top sea Liu Jo summer 2018
Top Palau (55 €)
Liu Jo summer clothing 2018
Top Riccione (price € 55)
Liu Jo beach cover summer 2018
Tropea Top (69 euros)


For the walks on the shore, Liu Jo clothes for the sea are for us. Lace inserts, asymmetrical cut or neckline bardot , with the beachwear of the Italian brand we will have the same allure of Brigitte Bardot , the iconic diva of the 60s!

For a sophisticated and elegant look empire-cut dresses with fluid textures are ideal for beach parties after dark.

Liu Jo sea fashion
Tropea short dress (85 €)
Liu Jo dresses summer sea 2018
Riccione dress (€ 89)
Liu Jo beach cover
Tavolara short dress (79 €)
Liu Jo sundress
Short dress Taormina (85 €)
sundress Liu Jo
Tahiti dress (89 €)
Summer dress 2018
Liu Jo long dress Riccione (115 €)
Summer sea dress 2018
Tropea long dress (109 €)


For irresistible and fashionable silhouette the jumpsuits from the Liu Jo 2018 collection are inevitable in our suitcase. fantasies abstract, jewel details is deep necks they will make us feel feminine and sensual.

THE trousers from the bright floral prints and the wide ones skirts from the ethereal style they will conquer us thanks to their holiday appeal. Pareos and beach garments are a pendant with the costumes of the collection.

The must have of the brand is the kaftano Alghero with perforated workmanship . To wear on the costumes or combined with shorts.

Liu Jo short summer outfits 2018
Riccione suit (€ 89)
Liu Jo summer outfits 2018
Tuta Palau (79 euros)
Liu Jo long suits
Portofino suit (cost € 115)
shorts Liu Jo summer 2018
Shorts Palau (45 €)
Liu Jo shorts summer 2018
Tropea shorts (price 65 €)
Liu Jo skirts summer 2018
Tavolara long skirt (79 €)
skirts Liu Jo
Tropea skirt (cost € 89)
Liu Jo trousers summer 2018
Riccione trousers (€ 89)
Liu Jo trousers summer 2018
Palau trousers (59 €)
Liu Jo kaftani summer 2018
Katfano Alghero (price € 59)
kaftani Liu Jo summer 2018
Kaftan Tahiti (79 €)
kaftani Liu Jo
Kaftano Riccione (89 euros)
pareu Liu Jo summer 2018
Pareo Portofino (49 €)


Liu Jo was born in Carpi in 1995, from the happy idea of ​​two brothers, Marco and Vannis Marchi. Parties that year with Liu Jo and Liu Jeans collections, over time they added the production of accessories, handbags and wallets, clothing, baby and junior, jewelry and watches, up to fully cover the fashion market in all its facets . The Made in Italy brand has used the collaboration of important women of the show over the years have worn garments and accessories Liu Jo, as the glamorous icon Kate Moss and the gorgeous super model Karlie Kloss.


The entire collection of costumes and beachwear Liu Jo summer 2018 will soon be on sale in all the stores of the brand and in the online shop on the official website .


For summer oufits in the city, take a peek at the latest in the collection Liu Jo clothing !

What do you think of the Liu Jo costume collection? Do you prefer bikinis or whole swimsuits? Let us know in the comments!



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