Lips makeup 2018 Summer: trendy trends and colors!

Opaque, velvety, luminous or naked, the lips for this too summer 2018 they are the absolute protagonists of our look.

What will be fashionable? What will be the most popular lipsticks? Let’s find out all the season trends dedicated to lip makeup rigorously sensual, feminine and of character.


The 2018 summer make-up is lively, feminine and bold. It shows character and personality.

Seasonal trends require the combination of innovative finish or classics, with original and unusual shades, but always ready to make the difference by making our own avant-garde look and modern. Follow us to discover the trendy makeup lips!

Makeup Lips summer 2018
Summer purple lipstick 2018 – Credit: @nablacosmetics
Makeup Lips summer 2018
Sheer lip makeup – Credit: @emilianummelin
Makeup Lips 2018
Bronze colored metallic lips – Credit: @greta_ag
Red lipstick 2018
Coral red lipstick Kat Von D – Credit: @katvondbeauty
2018 summer lips makeup trends
Lip art candy – Credit: @givenchybeauty


The 2018 summer lips makeup trends see the protagonist as timeless matte finish , for extraordinarily elegant velvet effect lips. They are an example, the beautiful ones Clarins Joli Rouge Velvet Matte Lipstick proposed in elegant and versatile shades suitable for everyday life, but ready to make modern and feminine lips.

Or the beautiful ones L’Oréal Color Riche Matte characterized by original and very special shades, but all unique and ready to satisfy every need.

From nude to red, from rose to mauve, all the opaque shades of liquid lipsticks are perfect for the summer because they have in common a long seal , hot, sweat and high temperatures.

Red summer lipstick
Matte red liquid lipstick – Credit: @lippielust
Dark matte lipstick
Very dark matt lipstick – Credit: @greta_ag


The imminent beautiful season provides an original and unconventional lip make-up, thanks to the endless range of proposals characterized by eccentric shades and not really conventional.

An example is certainly characterized by the new ones lipsticks Sephora Lipstories Lipstick , centered on vibrant and decisive shades ranging from classic, red, nude, rosé and coral tones, up to intense purple, light blue and gray . At the sea we will see each color!

Blue lipstick
Blue liquid lipstick – Credit: @jessicaloves_x
Purple lips makeup
Violet lips with pink reflections – Credit: @kelseyannaf
lipstick gray lip makeup
Gray taupe lipstick – Credit: @jessicahazemua


For all those who appreciate a discreet and natural lip make-up, summer 2018 marks the great return of the lipstick sheer , modular, light and ultra-comfortable.

The bright lipsticks are perfect for those who love the sober and refined looks that give life to a glam lips makeup and feminine, which is noted for its delicacy.

The glossy lip makeup, created with extra bright lip gloss like the Dior Lip Glow or jelly effect balms , is highly recommended for those with thin lips because it creates a volumizing effect .

make up lips sheer
Make up glossy effect lips – Credit: @clinque
lipsticks peach tones
Lip gloss summer 2018 – Credit: @urbandeacay
pink lips makeup
Make up gloss lips – Credit: @givenchybeauty
Lips makeup 2018 summer
Brilliant make up – Credit: @clinique


Brilliance and brightness are certainly the characteristics of the innovative lip effect vinyl effect , destined to become a real trend make up lips summer 2018.

The lips appear dressed in a veil of full-bodied color, intense and bright, consisting of the right compromise between a gloss and a liquid lipstick both in terms of color rendering and duration.

Intense, comfortable and bright, they are an example, the new ones Hi-Fi Shine Urban Decay lip gloss and still the beautiful ones Gloss Interdit Vinyl Givenchy . Both offer one wide chromatic selection that ranges from classic tones to those less usual but very original, suitable for beauty addicts with a strong and decisive personality.

vinyl effect lips
Vinyl teal finish lipstick – Credit: @greta_ag
Vinyl effect lipsticks
Vinyl lips makeup – Credit: @emilianummelin
Lipsticks with a vinyl effect
Make up lips with a vinyl effect – Credit: Givenchybeauty


However, the bright and unusual shades alternate delicate and soft tones , suitable for romantic women who do not give up their style and their femininity.

There Chanel Neapolis New City collection offers different rosy nuances delicate and versatile, suitable for everyday life and characterized by a soft and rich creamy but opaque finish , which ensures a full and intense color.

Also Estee Lauder offers a wide range of elegant shades with pink undertones. Coral, peach, pastel orange red, are just some examples of colors ready to enhance and enhance the typical summer complexion.

makeup lips pink tones
Summer pink lips 2018 – Credit: @esteelauder
make up naked lips
Rosy nude lipstick – Credit: @esteelauder
make up lips creamy lipstick
Nude cream lipstick – Credit: @nevecosmetics
nude pink make up
Pink make up summer 2018 – Credit: @esteelauder


Among the new trends summer lips makeup 2018 can not miss a hint of clamor given by an original lip makeup and perhaps less versatile than the previous ones, but strong aesthetic impact .

Among the new seasonal make up, the new ones are included Everlasting Glimmer Veil Kat Von D characterized by an unusual metallic finish for extra-sparkling lips on every occasion!

Make up metallic lips
Metallic lipstick – Credit: @greta_ag
metallic lips makeup
Make up pink metal lips – Credit: @emilianummelin


Not always beautiful season is synonymous with bright colors and vitamin. Class and style are perfectly represented also by intense dark lipsticks , in which burgundy, wine and red blood certainly make the difference.

A sophisticated summer lips makeup , refined and intense, to combine with light and nude eyes make up for a feminine and extremely chic total look. Towards the end of the summer we will see the return of dark and dark lips but elegant and refined, perfect for real dark souls and for those who do not like to get a tan!

dark lips makeup
Dark burgundy lipstick – Credit: @emilianummelin
Rossetti 2018
Red lips makeup – Credit: @givenchybeauty
Lip makeup 2018
Plum colored lipstick – Credit: @givenchybeauty


Also timeless typically summer shades such as peach and coral, expertly combined with a creamy and intense finish and with opaque textures that guarantee optimal color saturation.

The liquid lipstick it is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated product types because it ensures a better seal. Peach, coral , but also delicate reds, soft orange, all to wear with a summer tan. They look great on dark skin!

lips finish cream
Peach-colored lips glossy – Credit: @ jadeywadey180
Pink lips makeup on dark skin
Pink lips makeup on dark skin – Credit: @narsissist
Make up lips shine
Naked nude lipstick – Credit: @narsissist


THE creamy lipsticks never tire: suitable for every season characterize an always intense lips makeup where a saturated, full and long lasting color prevails. No matter the chosen shade, it is fundamental to ensure lips plumping effect saturated and intense, enhanced by bright and purely summer shades.

The new ones Collistar single lipstick combine all these features, making the lipstick, the essential complement for a make-up that is always perfect and in step with the times!

coral lips makeup
Bright nude lips – Credit: @greta_ag
Lip makeup sheer
Nude lipstick sheer – Credit: @clinque


Great return also marked by the shave lips makeup , which sees lips shaded according to delicate and vibrating complementary tones depending on personal taste.

Estée Lauder proposes the new ones Pure Color Love lipsticks presenting on the stick one double gradient tone on tone that recreates on the lips an elegant and original nuanced effect.

Perfect for those who have full lips naturally, make up eyeshadow it is also feasible on thin lips thanks to plumping optical effect able to volumize them making them absolutely trendy!

shadows effect lips
Ombrè lips – Credit: @greta_ag
shadows lips
Lip makeup with shading – Credit: @givenchybeauty
Makeup lips shadows
Light blue and blue ombre make-up – Credit: @emilianummelin

And which of your favorite lipsticks and which ones will you take on a holiday at the seaside or in the mountains? Opaque or super bright ? Let us know your opinion on the summer 2018 lip makeup news through the comments!


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