Letters tattoos: 100 beautiful photos and ideas

A tattoo it is forever: it represents a memory, an event or simply a distinctive trait that speaks of us, impressed on the skin as if it were one canvas to paint .

We show you a selection of images of tattoos with letters from which you can draw inspiration if you decide to indelibly stamp a memory that represents your life!


Very loved, tattoos with initials of intertwined names they are suitable for those who wish to impress a trace of their loved person on their bodies and in an indelible way.

It is the tattoos with intertwined letters that often represent a choice of couple to be shared together for a special occasion.

There are many options for the tattoos with letters of the alphabet . We must choose the calligraphy that best represents the symbolic message, then sift through the different fonts. From those minimal stylized to the most baroque with graces, consider whether to favor the tattoo with uppercase characters or tattoos letters in italics .

tattoos with intertwined letters
Tattoos alphabet letters
intertwined tattoo letters
Initial tattoos intertwined names


There are many tattoo lovers with Gothic letters. The ideal tool to make an inscription in gothic alphabet and the nib , but the skilled hand of a trusted tattoo artist will be able to reproduce with a tattoo needle.

THE characters of this spelling are thick , full and intense that’s why very often the colored letters are preferred that find full expression in the tattoos with Gothic letters or Celtic letters.

A decoration can be added to the monogram drawings is embellishments imitating the miniatures made by the scribes who copied religious manuscripts in the Middle Ages.

tattoos Gothic letters
Gothic letters tattoo
Gothic letters tattoo
Medieval letters tattoos


They have populated the childhood of those who grew up among Manga comics is Anime cartoons . The oriental letters are the ideal choice for those who want to impress on the skin a message that only a few can encode.

The ideograms Japanese and i Kanji they are not letters, but gods graphic symbols that represent an idea. This leaves ample room for imagination, but also wide margin of error.

So if you want tattoos with Japanese letters make sure you choose the image corresponding to the original message . Better if you have the possibility to ask directly someone who knows the culture of the country of the Rising Sun.

tattoos Japanese letters
Japanese tattoos
Japanese tattoo letters
Japanese letters tattoos


If we look for tattoos with Chinese letters we must remember that the country of the Great Wall has a language based not on a Latin alphabet like ours, but on characters.

THE Chinese characters they occupy a square area and develop vertically, so they are perfect for tattoos in certain areas of the body like the back, behind the neck , the arm or the calf .

As for Japanese characters it is very important to know the meaning of the ideogram . It can symbolically represent the translation a thought, a motto or simply a reference to a loved one who is no longer alive.

A fancy variant is the tattoo with letters and flowers that it has petals and buds of Asian plants like i Lotus flowers you hate peach (Sakura).

Chinese letters tattoos
Chinese letters tattoos
Chinese letters tattoo
Chinese letters for tattoos


THE’ calligraphy art has the opportunity to express himself best in tattoos with letters stylized elegant . The many examples of lettering that we find on the web can be an excellent source of inspiration for the choice of letters for tattoos or, in general, of the typeface more suitable for our taste.

There are so many characters for tattoos that we can range from basic fonts with or without Serif (thank you), up complex square letters, in elvish or medieval style. There is also the most childlike genre like doodles and graffiti. The simplicity of the stylized letter can also be opposed to particular drawings like a heart or specific symbols, as in the case of gods infinite tattoos with letters.

tattoos stylized letters
Cursive letters tattoos
stylized tattoo letters
Letters characters for tattoos


Timeless tattoos with initials of names. Moms and dads very often celebrate the birth of a new family member with initial tattoos names of the sons. The letters of each member of the family unit can be intertwined with each other adding the dates of birth.

If instead you are looking for ideas for couple tattoos we have selected many tattoos photos with initials and hearts , universal symbol of love that seals a union. Not necessarily both tattoos must be identical. It is possible to vary letter, size and position according to who is tattooed, if a man or a woman. Look how beautiful the letter S and the letter C joined together.

initial tattoos names
Tattoos alphabet letters, couple feel
initial tattoo names
Initial tattoos intertwined names


In line with the 90s fashion – recently back in vogue – it is possible to merge tattoos with letters of the alphabet with the traditional ones of the Maori, Pacific Islands or Native Americans tribes. All populations where the tattoo he had one specific cultural meaning which went far beyond the purely aesthetic aspect. It is the case of the Maori tattoos symbol of transition to adulthood.

We can therefore take inspiration from these exotic peoples and decorate the body with tribal letters overlaid with other designs like shamrocks, hearts, wings, stars is plumage .

tattoos letters
Tattoos alphabet letters
tattoo letters
Tatto with alphabet letters


Letters tattoos, where to get them? Once you have decided the type of letter, alphabet and font you just have to think about which part of the body tattooed. An original idea is that of tattoos on fingers .

In fact, those who choose to tattoo the inner phalanx of the index or middle will get a tattoo much less visible than those who opt for the front. Lot of married in fact they decide to tattoo the partner’s initial on the annular instead of the classic wedding ring.

For the dimensions ? In this case we recommend small tattoos with non-colored letters.

tattoos letters on the fingers
Tattoos letters on the fingers
letters on the tattoo fingers
Tattoos letters fingers


A valid alternative for those who prefer a less conspicuous solution is represented by tattoo with letters on the wrist , always pretty and easily camouflaged under clothes, at least in winter!

The most common choice is that of letters in italics for tattoos on the wrist, but they are also fine cubitial characters if you choose the right font. Look at the images of the letter R with the crown, the letter B as a pendant or the letter M simple and graphic.

tattoos letters on the wrist
Wrist letters tattoo
letters on the tattoo wrist
Wrist letters tattoos


Tattoos of letters on the body certainly leave a considerably wider margin to the tattoo artist, allowing him to make a larger and more detailed drawing.

The most indicated areas of the body are the chest , the side , the foot , the shoulder or behind the neck where the tattoo can be easily hidden from the hair.

tattoos letters on the body
Body letters tattoo
letters on the tattoo body
Body letters tattoos


Let’s not stop at the Latin alphabet or the oriental symbols, the semantics gives us many other options. Greek, Arabic, Russian, Egyptian, Celtic, Hebrew letters until to runes , the sign alphabet of the Germanic peoples.

Letters of foreign languages ​​such as those of Arabic he was born in Cyrillic they are also beautiful and disturbing designs and graphics. They are aesthetically beautiful and at the same time full of meaning that can easily be concealed.

tattoos foreign languages
Tattoo in a foreign language
foreign languages ​​tattoo
Tattoos of foreign letters

THE tattoos with letters they allow us to represent a memory, a thought or even a loved one in a symbolic way. A valid alternative to the classic drawings articulated and wide, suitable for those who love discretion and do not want a showy or flashy subject while still indelible.

Do you appreciate tattoos with letters? Do you have anyone? We are curious to know your experience too!


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